Embracing the Guilty Pleasure…Another Vampire Diaries Convert

Hey pretty lady! We can rock historical costumes like that Jasper can. Who's the real confederate now?


What’s Happens When You Leave Forks? Head Right Over to Mystic Falls!

EC: We love talking to you all about our favorite shows, books and movies! We REALLY love when you send us posts about them! One of our favorite people, Team Jacob Edward writes to tell us about her new found enjoyment of our friends from Mystic Falls! (Just wait until she watches, Season 2! Actually, she needs to catch up now! We need her to watch Season 3 in real time with us!)

Dear Talk Supe…. do you guys do entries in letter form?  Or is that weird?  Oh well, I’m going with it.
I finally lost my VD/VampDi/Vampire Diaries/Whatever virginity last week.
Per the prompting of many, but mostly from the enthusiasm from EC Stacey, I purchased the first season of Vampire Diaries some time ago.  I almost immediately watched about ½ the first episode, but I wasn’t sucked (ha) into it immediately and that was it for awhile, as it then sat collecting dust—until late last week that is.

Silly girl! This guy can never collect dust!

My husband went on a hunting trip (you know, the non-vampire kind of hunting) and I wasn’t in the reading or writing mood that first night he was gone.  The kids were in bed, and I decided that meant I should watch something that my husband would surely not ever want to watch with me.  Immediately I thought of watching the A&E version of Pride & Prejudice or running the gamut of the three Twilight movies.  But then I remembered the Vampire Diaries DVDs of the first season that I’d purchased and decided to at least get my money’s worth by watching the dang thing.
I can’t tell you the exact moment I was hooked, but what I can tell you is that for the entirety of those days, I got WAY too little sleep, my kids received too little interaction with their mother (they did a lot of playing outside (thank goodness it was nice out)… and were allowed to watch an extra movie or two… bad mom) and I was actually glad I am not working at the present moment because it meant more VD watching opportunities.  (Shame.  Oh, the shame.)

Distracting mommies since 2009

I still can’t say that I love VD more than Twilight.  Twilight, I think will always be in its own special place that nothing else will ever really touch.  But VD definitely contained some of the same crack that Twilight has, as I kept watching “just one more” episode until they were gone.
The thing that makes this important is:  I AM NOT A VAMPIRE PERSON!
I hear your disbelief, because (despite my love-split name) I love Twilight and Edward and, well, Edward is a vampire.  Yes, yes, I know that’s true but really I’m not a vampire person.  When I was told by a friend that I just HAVE to read Twilight, as soon as I heard it was a love story between a human girl and a vampire, my nose crinkled and I stopped listening.  If it weren’t for feeling obligated to at least give the story a shot since that friend had loaned the book to me by practically shoving it into my arms insisting I read the thing, I would have missed out on my favorite (albeit, irrationally favorite) story.

Do you really still love me more? I might be...BOTHERED!


You stole my line...BOTHERED!

So, after I devoured the Twilight series, I tried to put aside my prejudice and be more open about other books involving vampires.  I read the Almost Human series that had been described as “an adult Twilight.”  To my credit, I read the entire Trilogy.  It was okay, I’d recommend it to someone who’s into vampire books, but I found myself cheering for the girl to end up with the human guy over the vampire guy.
Not giving up, I borrowed Interview with a Vampire, by Anne Rice.  I think that was probably two years ago now…. I still haven’t been able to find it in me to read past the first page, it’s still on my bookshelf, and I’ve actually forgotten who I’ve borrowed it from.
Then, I broke down and watched the first season of True Blood after many recommendations to watch it.  I liked it.  It was okay.  But again, I found myself disappointed as I was unable to “fall” for Bill, the vampire that Sookie found so irresistible.  Again, it was okay, but the vampires were altogether too creepy to me to be desirable.  That being said, I did like it enough that I wouldn’t be opposed to watching the next season. (So, kind of progress, right?)

Oh Sookie! Why do they not love me as much as Edward, Stefan and mostly Damon?

I’ve read other books with vampires in them too, like the Mortal Instruments series.  Which although it’s about Nephellim, it has vampires in it.  The vampires in the Mortal Instruments books just mostly weirded me out.  (Though, the book that just came out did warm me up to one a bit.  So a bit more progress, maybe?)
I also read A Discovery of Witches (recommended by none other than EC Stacey, herself).  Again, I liked it.  Actually, I liked it a LOT.  And I was ticked off where the book ended, knowing that I’m going to have to wait an entire YEAR until the next one comes out. But the reason I liked the book so much, was not because of the vampire guy in it.  It was because of the main character, her powers and her discovery of her powers in the 2nd half of the book.  I was enchanted by all the things that witches in general could do.  But the main vampire guy/love interest, Matthew?  Eh, he was okay.   I liked him well enough and all.  Actually better than any of the other vampires in the other failed attempts I’d had, but I still didn’t feel that draw to him.  (Again, progress, but not quite there.)

Hey Luca…Forks needs some witches! Wait a minute, they have Rosalie! Actually, she’s a ‘B’ word that rhymes with witch.

Oh no, you didn't!


So I was shocked when I realized that I was a little obsessed with the Vampire Diaries.  Let’s just say this up front, I still don’t feel about Stefan or Damon the way I feel about Edward, but I do like them a lot (breakthrough!).  And I’m ALL for (haha, I almost wrote Katherine) Elena becoming a vampire (like I was for Bella in Twilight = another breakthrough!). I’m actually rooting for it. (Woah!)  And I’m so full of questions and I have so many things I could discuss; like Bonnie and the huge chip on her shoulder she acquired after she came back from the funeral or Caroline making all us blondes seem shallow and airheaded (I may have dark hair at the moment, but I am a natural blonde) or WHEN DID I START ROUTING FOR DAMON INSTEAD OF AGAINST HIM?????  How the HELL did that happen?!?!  Maybe I’ll write about that some time… there are so many things I could say about Damon and Stefan… and Damon.  🙂

Look into our eyes...you want to be our biggest fan. Oh...and buy EC Stacey that purple dress. (EC: Just kidding! But, no I really do want that dress!)

But, after many failed attempts with finding love for non-Twilight vampires, I find myself kind of there again.  (And it feels great!)  Now I’m just impatiently waiting for season 2 to come out on DVD, to catch up to the rest of you and then be rationed out episodes on a weekly basis too.  (It’s better that way for me… String along the hits so I don’t OD on the VD crack).  What I don’t understand is; what is it about this TV series captured my interest about vampires when so many other shows and books failed?  I have some thoughts, and I think I know what my husband would say, but I’d like to hear your theories.

But Breaking Dawn is coming! Darn television and it's multiple seasons!

But our season starts in September! People have to wait for November for you!

Longwindedly Befuddled,

A big thank you, to Team Jacob Edward! We can’t wait for her to write more for us! Let her know in the comments what a great letter she wrote and YOUR feeling about Vampire Diaries and Twilight. Oh and to make things even more interesting for your DVR’s…

True Blood starts in June!


10 Responses to “Embracing the Guilty Pleasure…Another Vampire Diaries Convert”

  1. TeamJacobEdward Says:

    I love the photos and captions Stacey! You crack me up. 🙂

  2. Twi Mom(not like on O) Says:

    While I cannot speak for you, I myself am drawn to the show for DAMON and Kathrine. I can remember saying to my sis after teh 1st few episodes, “I know that I am supposed to want her with Stephan but I like Damon so much better!!” and Kathrine has a much more fun personality that Elena.

    • EC: I agree with you! My enjoyment of the Somer…I mean Damon is well known, but Nina’s portrayal of Katherine is a wonderful surprise. If you just watch her as Elena, you just think she can play a often boring heroine. Then she morphs into a truly twisted Katherine and you can tell what a good actress she is. Now all we need is for Elena to channel at least a little of her inner bad girl.

      I also don’t want to forget to mention Alaric. Even though I wasn’t too fond of his channeling of Klaus, I really like the character on it’s own. Mostly in his epic bromance with Damon!

      • TeamJacobEdward Says:

        Lalalala! I can’t hear you talking about some Klaus character that must be in season 2. 😉

      • TeamSeth Says:

        While watching this past season of VampDi, I actually wouldn’t think about Katherine and Elena as the same person. Like I would not think the same actress played them or try to decide how they shot the scene or how many takes they had to do a certain way in order to get them both into the shot etc.

        It was like… Dobrev just became 2 people. Sigh. So amazing. ❤ Nina!

    • TeamJacobEdward Says:

      Yeah. I know what you mean. I wanted Elena to kiss Damon on the last rosier of season 1. I felt really guilty about being about it. Then felt relieved of my guilt when out showed it was actually Katherine.

      Not that I don’t like slutty Edward that is Stefan. (as EC Stacey said it best) It’s just… you know what, I’m not going to even trey to explain. 🙂

  3. snowwhitedrifted Says:

    Great Post Team Jacob Edward!!!!
    EC- Your captions are hilarious!

    Initially, I didn’t want to read Twilight, or watch vampire Diaries, and the first episode of True Blood skeeved me out when I watched it years ago. And I am a vampire person! I just thought it was all too commercail. Yeah, I was wrong. And True Blood doesn’t really get good until season 2. Season 3 is awesome!

    I fell into VampDi much the same way (EC’s encouragement) and I watched them every morning before work.
    Just wait until season 2! Caroline gets awesome, as does Bonnie. Alaric, Stefan, Damon… they just get better!
    They all come into their own.

    Keep watching TJE 😉

  4. sweetinator88 Says:

    i have been watching the Vampire Diaries, even though i promised myself i would never lol
    i just now realized that i should probably come here because you guys are always talking about it and i will finally understand what you’re talking about!
    i am currently watching season 2 episode 10
    i always thought it looked SO GAY, i would watch a couple minutes of it while i was channel surfing and be like ….who could watch this is soo ridiculous!
    and yet, here i am, addicted. *sigh*
    i also thought Stefan and Damon were not good looking AT ALL. especially Stefan, which i still think is not really attractive, but Damons icy blue eyes and curly 1800s hair has won me over lol
    also he’s all mushy and he loves Elena and he’s all cute and stuff
    after they thought they killed Elijah and she came down the stairs looking like she was going to give Damon a hug and then Stefan popped out of nowhere and Damon got that look on his face, AWWW i just wanted to hug him! and when he told her he loved her and then erased her memory 😦 he just breaks my little heart

    yes, i am another convert 🙂

  5. sweetinator88 Says:

    oh yeah and I CAN’T wait for True Blood!!!!!!! yaaaaaayyyy! 30 days!

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