Rosie the Elephant is Team Jacob! My Water for Elephants Review

I might be having happy flashbacks!

posted by EC Stacey

I have now had two weeks to process my reactions to watching the film, Water for Elephant. I needed to calm myself down to the Robe…I mean visual overload. To give you a truly objective view of this film, not just my making googly eyes at the lead, heroic male. I first want to let you know that I saw this film with fellow members of my book club. A fantastic group of intelligent, classy and funny ladies who are not crazy like me. Honestly, they would be the better people to ask, because they are completely objective. (Unlike me. Pattinson = Pretty.) They all likes it, but pointed out that some parts did deviate from the great book. They, however, are not writing this review. I am. hee hee hee.

Well...hello there, handsome!

  The film’s director knew his target audience. This guy. If you counted the amount of close-ups, he would win. The next most popular…

Friends Forever

Rosie probably was the true heroine of the film!

But…Reese’s costumes were lovely.

Oops! Got distracted by the tux!

I was thinking about this…
I want a horse, so I can wear a cool vintage outfit!
Oscar Winners + Good Script =

Always work with the best!

A win for this guy!
So overall impression…exciting, romantic and a complete movie for older women unrealistically swooning for younger men. (Thanks a bunch, Reese!) 

Not fair.

Or this…
To recap…Pattinson was pretty and Reese had some pretty, cute vintage clothes. Which for me, it always comes back to the clothes. sigh.

3 Responses to “Rosie the Elephant is Team Jacob! My Water for Elephants Review”

  1. TeamJacobEdward Says:

    See? You can be Team Edward and Team Jacob at the same time.

    I saw the movie the day it came out with one of my best friends. We both loved it.

    I had thought about reading the book again right before the movie release, but my sister still had my book so that didn’t happen. I was glad I hadn’t read it again right before, I would have been far too distracted by all the things that were different to enjoy the movie. Instead, it’d been long enough that the finer differences between the book and the movie went unnoticed and the noticed ones didn’t bother me. I loved the movie and really loved the excuse if being able to state at Rob for a couple hours. I actually thought that if my husband could get over being bothered (Bothered!) by Rob enough to watch it, he would like the movie too.

  2. snowwhitedrifted Says:

    Oh, that outfit of Reese’s in the last photo! I love it! I have to see this!

    I may be holding out unitl it’s on Netflix, because Mr. Snow likes him some Reese…. and I can play it off like, “Look, they’re’s a Jack Russell Terrier that looks like our little Liffey.” That’s why I want to see it, yeah.

  3. I liked the book and I did liked the movie, unless one little small detail: how did they train “Rosie”? Now that little small detail made me feel glad I didn’t spend money on the movie (I saw it illegally on the internet). I do like Robert Pattinson’s acting skills but my concern for the elephant goes beyond that. I do find it even sickening that in the movie they are so against a training method when the elephant in real life has been trained somewhat like that. I do not like wild animals in movies, even not in Flicka which is probably my favourite movie of all time. They should belong in the wild, bot on a set. Now, beside that fact I did enjoy the movie and I didn’t even noticed the changes from the book, that is how good is was.

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