Pattinson Bday Boys Night Out… by Paul

posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ west coast Stacey)

Because (to quote EC) Stefan is Edward’s slutty soulmate, Paul takes Rob out to celebrate his quarter of a centur mortal existance.

Our lil boy's all growsd up!...


What does one do one their 25th? Go to Lenscrafters or Red Robin? I'm old....


Get ready for a night on the town, "Hangover" style, man!

*sighs* 25. I'm over the hill. They're not cougars anymore, they're peers.

QUit your bitching or I'm making you wear this.

PAUL: First, we;re going to see these guys in concert. I’m recruiting them for our season 3 soundtrack.

Such a peppy band, perfect for emo vamp actors.

PAUL: Then we’ll meet up the True Blood ladies.

I'm wearing glitter lip gloss just to mess with him.

PAUL: Then back to my pad for refreshments:

with True Blood filling

And if we have too much tequila cake, I have decorated the bathroom IHO.

Watch for the fangs!



One Response to “Pattinson Bday Boys Night Out… by Paul”

  1. robsfuturemate Says:

    How many times can one wish a happy birthday and on how many sites before you become Not Normal? Well, I’ll just do say it on my fave ones!!

    Happy Birthday Rob! Instead of working I reecommend hitting Paul up on his offer. It sounds brilliant! Can I come along?

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