Because I can’t resist a kilt op…

posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ West Coast Stacey)

SWD: You know what, I have always wanted Kurt from Glee to be on Vampire Diaries. He is so enjoyable, sassy, and could give Katherine a run for her money. Plus you know he and Caroline would be BFF’s and he’d be a terrific wing man for Damon, not that Damon needs it… but their banter would be EPIC!

EC: Damon needs a sassy gay best friend! I mean sure he has Alaric, but…oh wait…they aren’t the Kurt and Blaine of Mystic Falls. (But wouldn’t it be magical?)

SWD:Which brings me to last nights Glee! episode. I love Prom stuff, movies about Proms, Prom dresses, big pouffy hair dos and date angst… all of it. So what melted my heart last night?


Fierce, Kurt!

The hair: perfect.

The Jacket: tailored perfection

 The Sporran: well, missing. Kurt,it’s all in the accessories.

The combat boots w/ kilt: AWESOME! Kurt, you are soo my people!

SWD:Now I love to see pretty boys on dates, so I smiled the whole time Blaine and Kurt were enjoying themselves at the Prom. But I wanted Kurt to sing. I would have chosen Rob Zombie’s “Foxy Foxy” for him, but hey, they didn’t ask.

EC: That boy sure can rock the kilt! When I first saw it, I immediately thought of you, WC! Also, how I returned the second Outlander book after only making it through Chapter 2 and skimming the rest. Do you think they have a cliff notes for it? That way I can skip to book 3.

SWD: skip to book 3.. you’ll get the gist. I’ll fill in the holes

EC: Oops! Lost track there! You know who would have looked lovely in a kilt? Will Shuester. There was definitely not enough Mr. Shue. Which leads me to one of my FAVORITE Sue insults…”I got you some butter to spray on that popcorn on your head.” (Not a direct quote)

Work it, Kurt!

SWD: Initially, I thought it was awesome that Kurt was named Prom Queen, but that’s because I’m a few decadesyears older than Kurt. It would be  traumatic in high school. But in the end, he embraced it, good for you Kurt. But they played, “Dancing Queen”?! C’mon Glee, really?!

EC: Of course, they did Dancing Queen! Plus, Dancing Queen was way better than that craptastic song, FRIDAY. Didn’t the girl who originally sang it get death threats? Those Glee boys didn’t make those lyrics any better. Ugh! Now it’s stuck in my head! Excuse me, as I listen to some good dance songs. Vintage L.L Cool J, here I come! 

Yes, Blaine, we all think this..,

SWD: All in all, cute episode. And Glee’s PROM totally kicked Mystic Falls’ Decades dance in the moonstones. Yes, someday we’ll recap Vampire Diaries… but whatev’s. Prime Time kilts take priority. And just for kicks and giggles… I’ve added my collection of Prom pictures. Ahh the 90’s… If only one of my dates would have worn a kilt…. See Blaine image above. 😉

Yup, a different hair color and date for every season, that’s how I roll
EC: Those are fabulous! I’ll add in my homecoming and Prom pictures too! Oh wait…my bad…the scanner isn’t hooked up. Don’t be sad. Just know that I took my own Kurt to Homecoming in ’93. Except, I had a huge crush on him and he was VERY Kurt like. Hmm… #oblivious #wasattractedtosass 

One Response to “Because I can’t resist a kilt op…”

  1. Tracey R. Says:

    My fave line in the whole episode: “What about prom, Blaine?” God bless John Hughes.

    Also, I so thought someone was going to suggest a sporran when they were talking about how Kurt’s kilt needed to be accessorized. And if they had dropped “Outlander” amongst the various kilt influences Kurt named (can only remember Braveheart), I would have totally lost it.

    Hmmm…methinks Kurt needs to read the Lord John series…

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