The Most Interesting “Man” in the world

posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/West Coast Stacey)

In honor of my birhtday Cinco De Mayo, I’m cracking open a bottle of Dos Equis, purchased solely because I like their commercials:

So, who in our lil supernatural world could be classified as such? None other than star of the Fever series: Jericho Barrons


So, what qualifies Barrons as the Most Interesting Man in the World? Book 4 Chapter 4. He is responsible for the following:

• Esme has no lines in any of the Twilight movies because he Voiced her silent.

• The Volturi based their color scheme on his tattoos.

• Alice’s visions are actually his afterthoughts.

• Thoughts of him are what make Bella stumble.

• RobWard took a lesson from him on how to make Twi-hards do this:

You don

• Knowing something about sassy Southern blonds, Barrons originated Bill Compton’s catch phrase, “Sookeh is Mahine”

• Damon stole his smirk.

• Barrons turned Stefan emo in response.

• Eric based Fangtasia’s basement on the blue prints of Jericho’s personal lair. Barrons sent the chains as a “You’re Welcome” gift.

*body not included

• He taught the Black Dagger Brotherhood what to do what their daggers.

• He originally invented the Tardis as an Unseelie meatlocker.

• Based on his suggestion, Jamie Fraser put up some stones hoping a hot piece would one day walk through.

If I build it, she will come.

• Mitchell brought a picture of JZB’s hair to his Vamp stylist. He was denied.

Just a little off the back, like Barrons

• He taught Vishous the power of a sink.

I don

Happpy Cinco de Drinko!

Stay thirsty my friends.

And since it’s Cinco De Mayo I’m posting this:



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