Fake Celebrity Theater-Here Comes Paul Cottontail, Or…

posted by East Coast Stacey (EC)

Where oh where, should I hide all of these eggs?

Paul Throws an Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter is on the way, dear friends, and I for one have A LOT to do! Dyeing eggs, getting Easter basket goodies and trying to prep myself for all the Easter egg hunts with the wee ones. So I was thinking to myself…what if my favorite celebrities were going to have one of the celebrity charity egg hunts for little children? The sentiment is great…BUT how well would it actually go? Let’s see shall we? (Oh BTW…THIS IS COMPLETELY NOT REAL! Just in case you were confused by this.)

Our buddy,Paul handles all aspects of party planning…

Aren’t they pretty when you have your assistants helping!
A word of advice…
“Umm…the eggs look pretty, but shouldn’t you have cooked them first?”

Party Music? The Wiggles? The Laurie Berkner Band? How about…

We work cheap...and maybe they will finally let us on Yo Gabba Gabba

SWD: *wonders* Will 100 Monkeys do a cover of The Jump Arounds, “Let’s Go Bananas!!?”

You’ve got to feed those hungry kiddies more than chocolate, right?

Looks yummy!

Except THIS guy made it (Not really…remember…PRETEND) …

No sugar, no flour, no eggs. But sweetened with a bit of organic apple sauce...

SWD: Smolderholder is Gluten’s worst nightmare.
Some people are not so happy about this…


Ill bring the beers!

Its a Childrens party! Whats wrong with you??!!

Mr. Northman has the right idea.

Were eating the teacup humans afterward, right?

Whoops, maybe not.

Happy Easter, everyone!

One Response to “Fake Celebrity Theater-Here Comes Paul Cottontail, Or…”

  1. Oh, you know how much I love it when the boys plan a party! Please consider this my RSVP. 🙂

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