A Message From Our Dr. Who Expert, Team Seth!

posted by East Coast Stacey (EC) 

Today’s post comes from our friend Team Seth. Thanks Team Seth for reminding us that one good way to keep our government from taking us deep up our karma is to give back:

 Forget the CPA, I Need A Doctor!

 So, I finally did my taxes last week and I decided that I needed to buy a house, get married, buy a hybrid car, have a kid (or 12, whatever), and donate tons of money to non-profits so I wouldn’t have to pay as much. Then I thought about whether or not the companions of the Doctor would have to pay taxes. I mean, I realize that Rose’s job was kaput after her workplace exploded, and Martha was in medical school so she wasn’t exactly getting paid for her work, and Donna had just been fired… hm, I’m sensing a theme here. But Amy Pond, she was working.  She was a kiss-o-gram.

Kiss-O-Gram procedure for onion breath

 And And technically Rory, Mickey, and Capt’n Jack are all companions, and they all work. Though would Torchwood employees pay taxes? Certainly they must! Anyhow, that was my thought process… if you’re traveling through time, how does that affect your employment status? (Mind you, I know NOTHING about taxes in England, so all of this could be irrelevant). Then I went on to think about what the Doctor could claim. He had a daughter (well, she’s alive, he just doesn’t know) and he’s been married quite a few times, though I’m not sure if you can still be married to deceased people, so I guess it would depend on the date he filed… Then I thought about him giving to non-profits. I guess the Doctor doesn’t do this exactly, not with money anyway, but he definitely works hard to help people in need (whether they know they’re in need or not)

Helping a thing in need. Is it a Twi fan? Cause it bleeds purple and Purples Cool.

  and to bridge cultural barriers. The Doctor likes to bring hope to people (all people, not just the human species of course), and he offers second chances. There’s always a choice. That’s his thing and he instills it in all of his companions and many of the people he meets.

So, this sprung a whole other thought process into effect for me. What if, leading up to the big Series 6 premiere on April 23rd (mark your calendars!), I took a What Would the Doctor Do approach and did what I could to give hope to people in need? Then I thought, what if more than just I did it? Let’s not forget that Doctor Who as a show and franchise participates in at least two major donation-thons with the BBC: Children in Need special and Red Nose Day special (comic relief… get it?). But, that’s in England and we’re not (well, me and the Staceys are not anyway), so any donating and service work I did would have to be on this side of the Atlantic. I mean, I’m sure you can donate to those organizations online, but, it might be easier to donate to places over here given currency conversion and international fees etc.

I should explain that one of my 2011 resolutions was to give back more to the local and global communities, so coming up with my own little Doctor Who donating thing is really just a way to kick my butt into gear to getting this resolution actually started. That said, I kicked off my Doctor Who Countdown this past Friday, April 8th when I began rewatching Series 5. The plan is to manage to fit in all 14 episodes (including the Christmas special) over the next 3 weeks before the big Series 6 premiere. If you don’t own all the seasons of Doctor Who like I do, but you really want to celebrate the season–and possibly your tax refund!–then start watching on April 18th at 5pm ET/PT on BBC America for the first and second episodes of Series 5! The fun continues up until the premiere, including AN ALL DAY MARATHON on April 22nd. No wonder they call it Good Friday, what’s gooder than a full day of Who?! 😉 Put the kettle on and settle in, the marathon begins at 6am.

So how is that relevant to donating? Well, April 18th kicks off the tax season for 2011 (sort of), which means any financial donations you make to accredited non-profits can be tax deductible for next year’s taxes. Yay! Give more, pay less! There’s lots of ways to give back, not just money-wise, and lots of ways to get your kids involved too. After all, Doctor Who began as a children’s programming fill-in show back in 1963. So, I’m turning my countdown into the beginnings of my giveback. I started a blog specifically for this to track my activities and allow others to post their own! Doctor Who Give Back Countdown. I’m going to send in the link to the Doctor Who Online (@drwhoonline) folks as well as Nerdist.com (@nerdist) and maybe they will tweet it out. Who knows, maybe in time Doctor Who Giveback Countdown will be an unofficial “official” thing?

A canned good a day keeps the Doctor away! Or something like that.



3 Responses to “A Message From Our Dr. Who Expert, Team Seth!”

  1. TeamSeth Says:

    Hm, Guess I should’ve left the link to the actual Giveback Countdown blog, eh?


  2. choking on dust Says:

    Brilliant idea!

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