Vampire Diaries Recap: Know Thy Enemy!

posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ West coast Stacey) and a surprise visit from East Coast Stacey (it’s been crazy busy, kids!)

or… “Alaric! Who knew? And he’s got a great right cross!” 



First off, thanks for the recap, CW. I was very lost since it’s been so long.

SWD:Notice how good it’s been lately? #noWolves
So Elena’s mom. She gave birth at, like, 4? She’s a vamp right? Oh it says 1978-2007 on the gravestone. Ahh to be forever 29. Nice. Also, monotone-trance-zombie-mom, whose earrings are a bit large I must say, I think I saw her at a “Cult” concert in 1992.
EC: Vamp Mommy’s outfits were just yuck in this. Is it because she’s in mourning for double crossing everyone? Was there a sale at Claire’s (a cheap lead filled jewelry store, the teens used to like to shop at) where she found those ginormous hoop earrings? I remember seeing them in 1993 on the $0.99 table.
SWD: Ahhh, Claire’s! Where you could get your ears pierced for free with purchase of said infection causing earrings.
So, Katherine says to Stefan and Damon, “I’m on TeamYou.” I think she’s on to something here. Separately they each have their pros and cons, but together, it’s like the Reeses peanut butter cup of awesome duos! So yes, I agree with Katherine, “Team You” it is!
EC: So much better togetherness. Stefan is less Edward Cullen emo, Damon is at his best snarky goodness, and wee Elena is surprisingly a bit sassy. Throw in Bonnie without the newly wet blanket Whiny and we have a good magical time!

"You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!"

SWD: (I forgot who) says to Alaric, “Your wife just showed up on your girlfriends door step.” Oh Rick, you devil. Lit-rally. 😉
EC: I heart Alaric. I really do. Mostly when throws out that happy snark.
SWD: Stefan shirtWIN! and then later there’s a peacoat! Stefan, good boy. You have really been upping your wardrobe game. You look so vamp-y cute! *pats head and tweaks cheek*
EC: It’s like the show disappears for a few weeks and the wardrobe department regroups and…Bam! An adorable Stefan. Hooray and congrats wardrobe department!

Oh, snap! This shirt IS fabulous!

SWD: Bonnie pulls a Diana. Witch book movings. Has anyone besides us read, “A Discovery of Witches” yet? Do it. Smart heroine! 

 EC: Witches are awesome. Except with wet blanket boyfriends. You know what would be fun times? Discussing Chapter 2 of DoW and have the rest if you join in! Yay! Let’s do this!

SWD: *adds to list* ahhh DOW ch.2… Matthew enters.

OK, back to Vamp Di. Katherine and Elena’s mom are drinking red beverages on a white sofa?! Oh yeah, it’s a foreclosure. Like a rental car… kill it. I did like they’re ‘whole bottle” huge wine glasses. They could fit an entire family in them..
EC: They probably did. That house was “foreclosed” and that isn’t really umm…wine. Eww.
SWD: So Caroline’s looking for mad Matt. Why can’t she track him? Didn’t she drink him? That’s like vamp GPS. Or is that just on True Blood? #mixingUpMyVampShows. Anyway. Oh Matt get over it. We all come with baggage.

I have taken over the pissiness of Tyler


EC: We have a new Pissy! Why Matt? I just got rid of the other one!
 SWD: I think Whiny (Jeremy) is back to looking like a little brother. What happened?
 EC: You see, Williamson couldn’t let me be happy. His vampDi equalibrium was all wrong. You need equal parts Pissy and Whiny to make the audience (me) insane.

EC: May I point out the most epic/infuriating scene? I was so annoyed with the hiding of the moonstone in a SOAPDISH, that I could barely enjoy shirtless Damon. Couldn’t you drive it out of state? Who would look in West Virginia or Kansas? Katherine is too lazy to drive around like that. Or at least bury it in the yard! Ugh.
SWD:Klaus hijacks entranced Alaric. So how many times did they do that “pardax retour” scene before they could keep a straight face? I’m guessing 17. I’m still smirking and saying it to my dogs to see if I can entrance them to stop shedding.
Well, my my my KlausRick!!!
EC: I am so excited about evil Alaric! This is going to be good!

Maybe it's the backpack. "Excuse me mam, can you help me find the bus?"

I miss rose and Elijah #wanderingMind

6 Responses to “Vampire Diaries Recap: Know Thy Enemy!”

  1. Drats! Totally missed the first run last week – tax season and all… It’s crunch time in my world & still haven’t seen the epi- till next week 😦

  2. TeamSeth Says:

    I know what happened to Jere… he inherited Stefan’s hoodies. BOOO!!!! But you have to see it from his POV, either his sister dies or his girlfriend dies…not quite the fairy tale ending for the kid.

    So, do you think Sheriff and Uncle Daddy Jon will reteam up for some vamp destruction? Or will we FINALLY get sheriff to “get on board”? And matt–ugh–what a wanker! And Caroline’s mom–BIOTCH. Hrmph.

    So, question on the Alaric Klaus thing: How did he become Klaus? They showed those viles of blood (?) adn that rope or something when Katherine “came to”… was that Klaus’ blood and he’s just not had a body all of this time (hence no one’s seen him in age)? Like Voldemort when he’s drinking unicorn blood and living off of Professor Quibble?

    • (SWD here) I can’t wait to see where this is going!
      I’m curious on the whole Alaric Klaus thing. I read where they were casting Klaus… with an actor, not a dissembodied spirit. BUTTTT I’m not complaining, KlausRick, iLikey.

    • (SWD) When I first saw your avi, I thought, “no way, we have a dude reader?!” And he’s commenting on a Vamp Di post?! Do we have our own “Facepunch” or “Bobby Gee”?

  3. robsfuturemate Says:

    I too was confused with the whole KlausRick thing. And immediately thought Voldey! Where do these things dwell before they find the first body?! Watched this week’s episode (can’t wait for your recap) and they didn’t really explain. Plus the soapdish thing was soooo distracting from the man in the towel. I was so irritated with the hiding place!

    • LOL @ “Plus the soapdish thing was soooo distracting from the man in the towel. I was so irritated with the hiding place!”

      Bad hiding place! Dear Damon, chicks, even undead ones, spend tons of time primping in the bathroom. If you really wanted to hide it, put in a tackle box or something smelly.

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