Stupid Rocks!

posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ west coast stacey)


Flying to Scotland to give these a good swift kick in the stones.

Picture it: A cold and stormy April (?!) night. A young (??!!) woman sits alone in front of her fireplace finishing, “An Echo in the Bone.” A clap of thunder rings out (thunder, it’s SoCal, we don’t really get thunder, weird) making her small dogs bark as she reads, “…but you’re my wolf.”
…and that’s it!!!


Another year until #8, eh?!!!! No, I canna take it! Damn you, stupid rocks for being just too good to put down! Rocks, and by rocks I mean JAMMF you have OWNED me since Sept!

I am missing my Frasers, Murrays, Mackenzies, Greys, and Hunters already… it’s been a day.

I couldn’t have managed w/ out MOP Echo posts and comments.

…and as for Claire and LJ…

...During...Was LJG really thinking THIS?

Haven’t we all been a little curious to make our gays change teams? Even temporarily? I enjoyed LJ and Herself, and I’m ashamed, me with my Ian, uh, I mean Jamie uh I mean both crush.

Some thoughts:

– Whenever I read, “Rachel Hunter” I thought of the actual, “Rachel Hunter” model and ultimate non Quaker.

THIS is her modest dress. Thee has got to be kidding me.

– What happened to William’s fondness for Rachel?
– I feel gipped out of an Ian and Rachel reunion scene
– Since they took the ship back to France together, I’m thinking a Michael and Joanie hook up?
– And, surprisingly, Rollo made it out of this?!


7 Responses to “Stupid Rocks!”

  1. Oh. My. GAWD.

    I love every word of this post.

    Seriously, that was too funny. And thanks for the MOP lurve, y’all!

    • (@snowwhitedriftd here) You know I lurve me the MOP! Seriously, you and Carol are spot on and hilarious!! Never did the statement, “My thoughts exactly” ring more truly!

      I get so tired of reading Amazon/ mainstream, “Outlander” reviews where there like, “Diana’s amorous scenes are too much, can’t we get on with the plot?” Ummm, no, that IS the plot. It’s Jamie!!! Anyway, You guys embrace this aspect of monsieur Fraser, and I wholeheartedly applaud! Me too! If I still had a Trapper Keeper, I’d write “JamieLuv4Ever” on it. Wow, I am 14.

  2. Great post! I found your site from a link on MOP. As one OUTLANDER-addict to another :-), I’d like to invite you to check out my blog, Outlandish Observations (, for the latest news and information about Diana Gabaldon’s books. And if you have a comment or a question for Diana, feel free to post on the Compuserve Books and Writers Community, which is the online forum where Diana hangs out. She’s always happy to hear from her readers, and we like to see new people over there.


    • (West coast Stacey here)
      *right clicks, and adds Outlandishobservations to favorites bar*
      Karen, your blog is great!! WOW!!!!!

      This section: Thursday Thirteen: Things I like about Lord John makes me so excited to read the LJ books!

      Your reasons why these books are so addictive: perfectly stated!

      The kilt Weds: Simon Fraser is so cute young!

      Plants: My husband is going to give me a big *eye roll* when I come home asking him to plant Mullein leaves .

      I took the quiz, but “frolicking in the woods with young Ian” wasn’t on there. Lucky Rollo!

  3. Oops, forgot to include the link to the Compuserve forum, which is here:


  4. Yay!! You are all caught up now!!

    – I totally laughed and squeed and said (outloud) “Yeah! you are!” when Ian covered for William by saying they are cousins. I was sooooooo excited that he is now in the story line and that he has met his family and really got along with Ian and stormed off in true Frasier fashion at the end when he found out about it. I LOVED it!

    – Also, super excited for Ian to finally find a lady love. I thought for a long time that he and Lizzy might have a go at it, but nope, Lizzy has her twins instead (weird, but not weird at the same time! How is that possible?)

    – As far as the Claire-John marriage, I couldn’t help but think that with all they’ve been through, she should hold out hope that Jamie lives! A stupid ship wouldn’t be the end of him, plus he still has how many lives left according to that fortune-teller in Paris? Claire should know better. 😉

    – Talk about a cliff-hanger ending. None of the other books were like that! What a tease! It was almost cruel! But it was an excellent way to ensure readers will tune in to the next book – although she should have known that we would be there anyway!

    – Now, I haven’t checked in here for awhile, so I missed your recap of A Breath of Snow and Ashes. I would just like to say that I was soooo mad when Claire got kidnapped and then raped. I was like, “WHAT?! Do these men have a death wish?!?!? Are they really THAT stupid?! They KNOW who Jamie Frasier is and that Claire is his wife and they still took her?!?!? They are all going to die, and I am going to laugh when they do.”
    And they did, and I did.

    Ok that’s all I can think of for now. Off to read posts I have missed!

    • Aghhh!! @ Luludee, yes!! How could Claire REALLY think Jamie was dead? And she didn’t even mention going back to the stones, to go back to Bree Bree instead of staying in the good ol 18th century Revolutionary War? Shocka and grief will do that to you.
      So right about the men w/ the death wish in BoSaA!

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