posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ west coaast Stacey)

There are magicians and shape shifting, so it’s supe-y.

I’ve been watching Starz’ Camelot series. I like it!


Guinevere: the reason chastity belts were invented.


Dear Guinevere,
Arthur’s great and all, and IF one is single, I am all for fornication under consent of the king, but with the king? On your wedding day? When you’re marrying this:

Really, Guinevere?

All I have to say is:

Oh and one more thing:

Guinevere, I give you the bitchface, you hookah

2 Responses to “Camelot…”

  1. Cant wait to add this series to my Netflix que!

  2. (SWD here) It’s good! I’m #TeamLeontes. But Arthur, Kay, and Merlin, totally rock!@ WIN+win

    It’s a goodie! And Morgan is my new fav supe-bitch.

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