Update on previous post

posted by snowwhitedrifted (West Coast Stacey/ SWD)

Well this is new… April Fools on me!

Manip face tattoos on me, SWD, and I'll cutta bitch

Mr. Snow isn’ here this evening, which usually means I’d be watching Spartacus “What Not to Wear” or the “Real Bitches of Somewhere.” But I’m not. I’m watching a SF Giants game waiting for Tim to pitch (I know a pitchers name???!! WTF?)! Sports?!!! *Gasp*

I blame my earlier post

and my Ian fondness.

OMG TimIan and ROLLO!!!!! *Dies* #doglover

Damn you Outlander (well, Echo in he Bone), wine, Ian the Brave, and Tim Lincecum!! Bring me back my girliness!! It’s Friday night fer feck’s sake!

That’s it, I’m adding highlights, painting my toes pink and listening to Sia.





2 Responses to “Update on previous post”

  1. Wow. He’d be a perfect Ian! Nice job!

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