This is getting out of hand: Casting Outlander with…..

posted by snowwhitedrifted (West Coast Stacey/ SWD)

…Baseball players.

Yesterday was the season opener, and thanks to Mr. Snow’s domination of the remote control (he was cooking dinner so I couldn’t complain ) passing fancy of sports viewing, I witnessed the LA Dodgers beat (boo, I’m in the OC… Angel fan, here) the SF Giants. Now I don’t care about sports at all… well I was overly engrossed in the England vs. Scotland rugby match, but that’s understandable… however, something caught my eye and attracted my full attention. I usualy tune out, turn off, and drop out into sleep or a wine coma when there are some sort of games being played on my tv. But now I have a new vested interest in our national pasttime: scouring the line-ups for Outlanderness.
I found a new (young) Ian Murray

San Francisco Giants pitcher, Tim Lincecum.

Watch Out Arch, TimIan can really throw!

Fo rthe past few books, I have been nursing an acute fondness for Ian. Something about the buckskins worn with a plaid. Moccasins + kilt= Mmmphm

Tulach Ard!! Oh wait, that’s the Mackenzie war cry. What’s the Mohawk war cry?

I’m like halfway through Echo in the Bone. and I’m loving Ian the Brave!

Yup TimIan, you know you could rock Young Ian's buckskins... kilt...buckskins.....Big #IanCrush. THIS didn't help.

Then later in the game I see this:

Clayton Kershaw is kind of young JAMMFy!

and what about…

…Buster Posey as William?

Ian speaking to William about the colonies best brothels?

Could Pat Burrell be Roger Mac? Nah. Well, maybe 80’s Lallybroch Roger. Nah. #noBlades4aMackenzie

At least I now can appease the husband who says, “Why can’t you be like a normal girl and have crushes on baseball players?”

And Mr. Snow is VERRA suspicious of why I can now name 4 non-Angel baseball players. #HeKnows

Uh oh.. wait until the weekend when I cast Roger Mac with PGA pro Bubba Watson.

Brianna likes my 9 Iron

What, no?


2 Responses to “This is getting out of hand: Casting Outlander with…..”

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  2. Tracey R. Says:

    TimIan = Bloody. AWESOME.

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