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Rob Recaps the Royal Wedding

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Celebrity Fake Email Theater. Again, DISCLAIMER, fake.

Firstly, I just have to say that I take back everything I said in the prior post, Vampire Diaries was on fire this week)

Back to the subject at hand. In a last ditch effort to have “more Pretty at the party,” Rob Patti carpools with the Beckhams to the Royal shindig:

Subject: Beautiful! That dress!! Those hats!!!


Good morning, mates!

You won’t believe this, I’m sending this from Westminster Abbey! Kate just walked in! Well now, dude she’s smokin hot she looks quite fetching.

Your mate,

Subject: Beautiful! That dress!! Those hats!!!

To: (The Guys)


Tell us about the dress, Rob! Is it a ball gown?  Is it a Reem Acra? How’s her crinoline?How long is the train? And the veil? Oh please tell me there’s a veil.

Your friend,

Subject: Beautiful! That dress!! Those hats!!!




It’s fabulous! The train is Cathedral length and she has on this adorable lace jacket which emphasizes her slendor arms. And don’t get me started on the tiara.

Your mate,

Subject: Beautiful! That dress!! Those hats!!!

To: (The Guys)


Stop right there, man,… there’s a tiara! *dies* But in her case it’s an actual crown! With real diamonds! SQUEE!! How exquisite.

Your friend,

Subject: Beautiful! That dress!! Those hats!!!,,



It really is. The whole package is just so lovely. I litrally shed tears.

Your mate,

Subject: Beautiful! That dress!! Those hats!!!

To: (The Guys)


*sighs* I do love weddings. You lucky dog, you!

Your friend,

Subject: Beautiful! That dress!! Those hats!!!

To:; (The Guys)


Gawd you Queens! We’re men, the only thing we care about in regards to the wedding dress is how to get around all the stupid layers.

They’re not throwing rice are they? They know it’s bad for the birds, when they eat it their stomachs explode.

Bubbles are better.


Reuse, Renew, Recycle! Doin’ it Vamp Style in GA

Subject: Beautiful! That dress!! Those hats!!!




Oh bubbles would be a dream! It’d be like an Ibiza club scene but with proper English decorum!

Your mate,

Subject: Thanks!


Hey ‘Son’! I’m so glad you are having a great time!


*thinks* I need to take him hunting.

Subject: RE: Thanks!



Oh hey, Steve’s here!



Subject: English Countryside Trip



Hey Guys,

 I was surprised to get an invite, but turns out the Queen is a huge True Blood fan!

Subject: English Countryside Trip



And I’m here too, becuase Pippa is #TeamEric


Subject: Book Club



Who performed the ceremony? Was it the pope?!! *Fangirls*


Find the Path

Subject: Beautiful! That dress!! Those hats!!!




Nina is here! She is.. uh oh… she is…  I don’t know if I should be the one to tell you this…. She just slipped her number to Prince Harry.

Your mate,

Subject: Beautiful! That dress!! Those hats!!!

To: (The Guys)



Your friend,

Subject: Beautiful! That dress!! Those hats!!!



Well, he is Prince Hot Ginge after all…

Your mate,

Subject: Concert on January 7

How are the bridesmaids man? Any easy pickens?

-Jack, the monkey man

Subject: Beautiful! That dress!! Those hats!!!



Jax, so crass. They’re totally DTF I’m not going to dignify that with a response. I …uh-oh.. Kate just looked at me. You know, THAT look. The one that I get from every female and some dudes on the planet Twilight set stalkers. She’s, uh, hitching up her dress! She’s pulling off her garter! She’s waving it over her head and pointing at me. She just nailed me with it and moaned “elephants!!!!!!!!”.  Oh no, Oh God,  the royal guard is getting ready to tackle me, got to run! Later chaps

Your mate,

Subject: Beautiful! That dress!! Those hats!!!



From Tower of London.

I didn’t make it out.

It is nice to have a little peace though. I’m quite safe. My cell mate is Team Jacob. Oh sh*t, he just said he meant Jankowski.

Rememebr Me,


Vampire Diaries: What *should* be happening.

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SWD:Neither of us have started finished watching last weeks Vampire Diaries. We’ve watched most of the prior weeks ( the Peace, Love and Fangs 60’s dance party episode) but it left us both uninspired and snarkless. (SWD update: I watched last weeks epi. And I have to take back a lot of what I say in the following post. There’s Salvatore angst, more weird witch chants, and an entire post could be written about the faux Elizabethan flashback wigs.) . EC: Well, it made me cranky…does that count?

Miss Me yet? No.

SWD:I think it all started going downhill with Elena’s mommy’s reappearance. I have already forgotten what her significance was on there, except that it got Katherine in a house where she could witness Klaus entering Alaric… which is not nearly as homoerotic as that sounds. That scene could have happened anywhere. The witch burial ground, the woods, the bathroom of Arbys. So why again was Elena’s mom there? Who knows. EC: I might disagree a bit here. I think Mommy Vamp should have been the big bad! How twisted would it be that Elena’s mommy was trying to be here undoing the WHOLE time? It would give the term “Mommy Issues” a whole other dimension. Doncha think? Plus that actress plays a great bad person character. The just wasted wonderful pontential by making her into flambe.

SWD:Which brings up the point, I have been totally unengrossed in the past few epi’s of this show. We had 2 very long breaks this season, and this return was starting off well, but now … well, here’s what we think SHOULD be happening:

1. Bonnie and Damon should hook up: Vampire knowledge + Witch skills= well, I don’t know, but I think Bonnie could do some cool stuff with her candles in Damon’s bedroom. EC: The dancing between the two of them were the BEST part of Disco Night in Mystic Falls. The both radiate oodles of more heat, then either of them with Elena or Whiny. Also, just a quick question, if public schools are losing funding for programs how the heck can Mystic Falls budget afford all those fancy lighting for the school dances. I know, I know, it’s a television show. Sometimes, I like a little true life to trickle in my supernatural show about vampires, werewolves and witches. Makes me feel a tad bit more normal for liking this stuff. :0)

Do it!

2. KlausRick should be sinister and have his OWN body: Not just Alaric complaining about his wardrobe and shaking in a classroom, looking constipated, while he “kills” Bonnie. EC: Bad Alaric had so much wasted potential. That seems to be the overriding theme of this post. You know what would be great? If they were going to make Klaus all cheesy, they should hire someone hilarious to play him. For instance, Paul Rudd, Aziz Ansari (yep, I’m a huge fan), or Jack Black ! Even better, the king of the one man Wolfpack, Zack Galifianakis! Surprise the audience by putting a funny guy in the role. That really shakes thing up! SWD: KlausZack for the MF WIN!!

3. Stefan gets in tune with flashback “Lestat” Stefan: He had feeding oragies and was killing people left and right. That’s what we need to keep Elena alive. I don’t think his inner- Cullen can do the job. EC: One Edward is truly enough. Actually, one Robert Pattinson playing Jacob in Water for Elephants is…yum…ohh sorry lost track there. You mentioned Cullen and I immediately thought of the brilliant Patti…Water for Elephants. Right, bad Stefan. I like him better a little bad. We need him to find his inner Damon!SWD: Can we always refer to Rob as Patti, pretty please? 😉

Team YOU

4. Damon and Stefan team-ups: They’re doing this, in theory, but let’s see them snap some heads off together in a team effort. Remember the dead wolves in the woods? Yeah, me too. That was good. EC: And add in Alaric without the added Klaus. These three could make a great buddy movie! Hangover, Salvatore Brother style!

5. Elena gets pregnant: Just because it’d be funny. EC: Isn’t one demon baby enough? Oh wait, maybe Tyler can come back and imprint on it? Ugh and gross.

A gift from Uncle Day-Day

6. The girls wear flats: I know they all have supernatural strength, and calf muscles, but I want to see them in flip flops or Chucks, just for one week so I don’t have shoe envy. EC: I like flats because, like Bella, I’m clumsy. Those shoes the ladies of Mystic Falls like to wear make me thinkl of tripping and ultimately breaking my arm.

7.Elijah and Jenna make-out: He nuzzles up to her uber-glossy lips and she runs her fingers through his good boy hair. Pretty kissing pretty: WIN. EC: I would LOVE this. (SWD Update: Ummmm, after last weeks epi, *mumbles* I think I’m changing Jenna to Elena. Elijah is smitten with her. AND they put some product in his hair, no longer rendering him floppy!) 

8. Caroline gets fed up with Matt: I know I was a big Matt advocate, but that was a few episodes ago, when he wasn’t the new “Mr. Pissy.” Speaking of the “Advocate”, this is how Caroline could get her revenge: Compel Matt to make out with Whiny (Jeremy). Bonnie catches them and has an emotional freak out, which turns into a wind storm, then an actual tornado that sucks them both off the show. And then that would make an opening for point #1. See full circle! EC: I’ll say it, I never liked Matt to begin with. Never saw the attraction and was never cared about him being on the show. Now that he has become “Pissy” and is messing with Caroline who I do like, I want him gone. I really like your idea, SWD! Now let’s talk about Whiny. He had gotten better and cuter! Why, oh why, did he have to get annoying again? This is really bothering me. Here’s a novel idea…new cute boys on this show STAT! New boys that won’t be killed off in the very next episode, either. That’s getting on my nerves, too. SWD: Yes! *suggests* reincarnate the 2 dead wolves, Mason and…. that other one that was cute, Brady, as vampires!

Bonnie’s elemental control gets out of hand

Maybe some of this happened last week, maybe some will happen Thursday. Who knows, eventually we’ll get all caught up on our VD… that sounds so wrong! EC: That really does sound bad. hee hee. Let’s think of it this way. We still love this show, but right now we are having some issues with our love. All television love, has it’s ups and downs. I even had some issues with Gilmore Girls, back in the day. Which is really painful for me to say! So, we will keep with it until the story picks up or Somerhalder takes off his shirt. Which ever comes first. (Fingers crossed, for the shirt.) …and what came up when I googled, “Big Gay Tornado”? THIS:


Oh That Dress!

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An Ode to a Very Pretty Dress…

I want THIS dress!!

The Water for Elephants premiere made me want this dress, more than anything! It was the best part of all the pictures! The guy with her isn’t too shabby either!

He's pretty cute, but not as much as that dress.

Heard people were going crazy over these two, BUT…

Important things people…

Ignore the guy…those shoes with that dress!!! Ahhh!!! I need the shoes, too!

What lesson we’ve learned here today…I love clothes more than celebrities.

Fake Celebrity Theater-Here Comes Paul Cottontail, Or…

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Where oh where, should I hide all of these eggs?

Paul Throws an Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter is on the way, dear friends, and I for one have A LOT to do! Dyeing eggs, getting Easter basket goodies and trying to prep myself for all the Easter egg hunts with the wee ones. So I was thinking to myself…what if my favorite celebrities were going to have one of the celebrity charity egg hunts for little children? The sentiment is great…BUT how well would it actually go? Let’s see shall we? (Oh BTW…THIS IS COMPLETELY NOT REAL! Just in case you were confused by this.)

Our buddy,Paul handles all aspects of party planning…

Aren’t they pretty when you have your assistants helping!
A word of advice…
“Umm…the eggs look pretty, but shouldn’t you have cooked them first?”

Party Music? The Wiggles? The Laurie Berkner Band? How about…

We work cheap...and maybe they will finally let us on Yo Gabba Gabba

SWD: *wonders* Will 100 Monkeys do a cover of The Jump Arounds, “Let’s Go Bananas!!?”

You’ve got to feed those hungry kiddies more than chocolate, right?

Looks yummy!

Except THIS guy made it (Not really…remember…PRETEND) …

No sugar, no flour, no eggs. But sweetened with a bit of organic apple sauce...

SWD: Smolderholder is Gluten’s worst nightmare.
Some people are not so happy about this…


Ill bring the beers!

Its a Childrens party! Whats wrong with you??!!

Mr. Northman has the right idea.

Were eating the teacup humans afterward, right?

Whoops, maybe not.

Happy Easter, everyone!

A Message From Our Dr. Who Expert, Team Seth!

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Today’s post comes from our friend Team Seth. Thanks Team Seth for reminding us that one good way to keep our government from taking us deep up our karma is to give back:

 Forget the CPA, I Need A Doctor!

 So, I finally did my taxes last week and I decided that I needed to buy a house, get married, buy a hybrid car, have a kid (or 12, whatever), and donate tons of money to non-profits so I wouldn’t have to pay as much. Then I thought about whether or not the companions of the Doctor would have to pay taxes. I mean, I realize that Rose’s job was kaput after her workplace exploded, and Martha was in medical school so she wasn’t exactly getting paid for her work, and Donna had just been fired… hm, I’m sensing a theme here. But Amy Pond, she was working.  She was a kiss-o-gram.

Kiss-O-Gram procedure for onion breath

 And And technically Rory, Mickey, and Capt’n Jack are all companions, and they all work. Though would Torchwood employees pay taxes? Certainly they must! Anyhow, that was my thought process… if you’re traveling through time, how does that affect your employment status? (Mind you, I know NOTHING about taxes in England, so all of this could be irrelevant). Then I went on to think about what the Doctor could claim. He had a daughter (well, she’s alive, he just doesn’t know) and he’s been married quite a few times, though I’m not sure if you can still be married to deceased people, so I guess it would depend on the date he filed… Then I thought about him giving to non-profits. I guess the Doctor doesn’t do this exactly, not with money anyway, but he definitely works hard to help people in need (whether they know they’re in need or not)

Helping a thing in need. Is it a Twi fan? Cause it bleeds purple and Purples Cool.

  and to bridge cultural barriers. The Doctor likes to bring hope to people (all people, not just the human species of course), and he offers second chances. There’s always a choice. That’s his thing and he instills it in all of his companions and many of the people he meets.

So, this sprung a whole other thought process into effect for me. What if, leading up to the big Series 6 premiere on April 23rd (mark your calendars!), I took a What Would the Doctor Do approach and did what I could to give hope to people in need? Then I thought, what if more than just I did it? Let’s not forget that Doctor Who as a show and franchise participates in at least two major donation-thons with the BBC: Children in Need special and Red Nose Day special (comic relief… get it?). But, that’s in England and we’re not (well, me and the Staceys are not anyway), so any donating and service work I did would have to be on this side of the Atlantic. I mean, I’m sure you can donate to those organizations online, but, it might be easier to donate to places over here given currency conversion and international fees etc.

I should explain that one of my 2011 resolutions was to give back more to the local and global communities, so coming up with my own little Doctor Who donating thing is really just a way to kick my butt into gear to getting this resolution actually started. That said, I kicked off my Doctor Who Countdown this past Friday, April 8th when I began rewatching Series 5. The plan is to manage to fit in all 14 episodes (including the Christmas special) over the next 3 weeks before the big Series 6 premiere. If you don’t own all the seasons of Doctor Who like I do, but you really want to celebrate the season–and possibly your tax refund!–then start watching on April 18th at 5pm ET/PT on BBC America for the first and second episodes of Series 5! The fun continues up until the premiere, including AN ALL DAY MARATHON on April 22nd. No wonder they call it Good Friday, what’s gooder than a full day of Who?! 😉 Put the kettle on and settle in, the marathon begins at 6am.

So how is that relevant to donating? Well, April 18th kicks off the tax season for 2011 (sort of), which means any financial donations you make to accredited non-profits can be tax deductible for next year’s taxes. Yay! Give more, pay less! There’s lots of ways to give back, not just money-wise, and lots of ways to get your kids involved too. After all, Doctor Who began as a children’s programming fill-in show back in 1963. So, I’m turning my countdown into the beginnings of my giveback. I started a blog specifically for this to track my activities and allow others to post their own! Doctor Who Give Back Countdown. I’m going to send in the link to the Doctor Who Online (@drwhoonline) folks as well as (@nerdist) and maybe they will tweet it out. Who knows, maybe in time Doctor Who Giveback Countdown will be an unofficial “official” thing?

A canned good a day keeps the Doctor away! Or something like that.


Vampire Diaries Recap: Know Thy Enemy!

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or… “Alaric! Who knew? And he’s got a great right cross!” 



First off, thanks for the recap, CW. I was very lost since it’s been so long.

SWD:Notice how good it’s been lately? #noWolves
So Elena’s mom. She gave birth at, like, 4? She’s a vamp right? Oh it says 1978-2007 on the gravestone. Ahh to be forever 29. Nice. Also, monotone-trance-zombie-mom, whose earrings are a bit large I must say, I think I saw her at a “Cult” concert in 1992.
EC: Vamp Mommy’s outfits were just yuck in this. Is it because she’s in mourning for double crossing everyone? Was there a sale at Claire’s (a cheap lead filled jewelry store, the teens used to like to shop at) where she found those ginormous hoop earrings? I remember seeing them in 1993 on the $0.99 table.
SWD: Ahhh, Claire’s! Where you could get your ears pierced for free with purchase of said infection causing earrings.
So, Katherine says to Stefan and Damon, “I’m on TeamYou.” I think she’s on to something here. Separately they each have their pros and cons, but together, it’s like the Reeses peanut butter cup of awesome duos! So yes, I agree with Katherine, “Team You” it is!
EC: So much better togetherness. Stefan is less Edward Cullen emo, Damon is at his best snarky goodness, and wee Elena is surprisingly a bit sassy. Throw in Bonnie without the newly wet blanket Whiny and we have a good magical time!

"You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!"

SWD: (I forgot who) says to Alaric, “Your wife just showed up on your girlfriends door step.” Oh Rick, you devil. Lit-rally. 😉
EC: I heart Alaric. I really do. Mostly when throws out that happy snark.
SWD: Stefan shirtWIN! and then later there’s a peacoat! Stefan, good boy. You have really been upping your wardrobe game. You look so vamp-y cute! *pats head and tweaks cheek*
EC: It’s like the show disappears for a few weeks and the wardrobe department regroups and…Bam! An adorable Stefan. Hooray and congrats wardrobe department!

Oh, snap! This shirt IS fabulous!

SWD: Bonnie pulls a Diana. Witch book movings. Has anyone besides us read, “A Discovery of Witches” yet? Do it. Smart heroine! 

 EC: Witches are awesome. Except with wet blanket boyfriends. You know what would be fun times? Discussing Chapter 2 of DoW and have the rest if you join in! Yay! Let’s do this!

SWD: *adds to list* ahhh DOW ch.2… Matthew enters.

OK, back to Vamp Di. Katherine and Elena’s mom are drinking red beverages on a white sofa?! Oh yeah, it’s a foreclosure. Like a rental car… kill it. I did like they’re ‘whole bottle” huge wine glasses. They could fit an entire family in them..
EC: They probably did. That house was “foreclosed” and that isn’t really umm…wine. Eww.
SWD: So Caroline’s looking for mad Matt. Why can’t she track him? Didn’t she drink him? That’s like vamp GPS. Or is that just on True Blood? #mixingUpMyVampShows. Anyway. Oh Matt get over it. We all come with baggage.

I have taken over the pissiness of Tyler


EC: We have a new Pissy! Why Matt? I just got rid of the other one!
 SWD: I think Whiny (Jeremy) is back to looking like a little brother. What happened?
 EC: You see, Williamson couldn’t let me be happy. His vampDi equalibrium was all wrong. You need equal parts Pissy and Whiny to make the audience (me) insane.

EC: May I point out the most epic/infuriating scene? I was so annoyed with the hiding of the moonstone in a SOAPDISH, that I could barely enjoy shirtless Damon. Couldn’t you drive it out of state? Who would look in West Virginia or Kansas? Katherine is too lazy to drive around like that. Or at least bury it in the yard! Ugh.
SWD:Klaus hijacks entranced Alaric. So how many times did they do that “pardax retour” scene before they could keep a straight face? I’m guessing 17. I’m still smirking and saying it to my dogs to see if I can entrance them to stop shedding.
Well, my my my KlausRick!!!
EC: I am so excited about evil Alaric! This is going to be good!

Maybe it's the backpack. "Excuse me mam, can you help me find the bus?"

I miss rose and Elijah #wanderingMind

Stupid Rocks!

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Flying to Scotland to give these a good swift kick in the stones.

Picture it: A cold and stormy April (?!) night. A young (??!!) woman sits alone in front of her fireplace finishing, “An Echo in the Bone.” A clap of thunder rings out (thunder, it’s SoCal, we don’t really get thunder, weird) making her small dogs bark as she reads, “…but you’re my wolf.”
…and that’s it!!!


Another year until #8, eh?!!!! No, I canna take it! Damn you, stupid rocks for being just too good to put down! Rocks, and by rocks I mean JAMMF you have OWNED me since Sept!

I am missing my Frasers, Murrays, Mackenzies, Greys, and Hunters already… it’s been a day.

I couldn’t have managed w/ out MOP Echo posts and comments.

…and as for Claire and LJ…

...During...Was LJG really thinking THIS?

Haven’t we all been a little curious to make our gays change teams? Even temporarily? I enjoyed LJ and Herself, and I’m ashamed, me with my Ian, uh, I mean Jamie uh I mean both crush.

Some thoughts:

– Whenever I read, “Rachel Hunter” I thought of the actual, “Rachel Hunter” model and ultimate non Quaker.

THIS is her modest dress. Thee has got to be kidding me.

– What happened to William’s fondness for Rachel?
– I feel gipped out of an Ian and Rachel reunion scene
– Since they took the ship back to France together, I’m thinking a Michael and Joanie hook up?
– And, surprisingly, Rollo made it out of this?!