Questions re: Outlander series

posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ WEest Coast Stacey)

 or people in the 18th century were dumb.

 Or I’m the dumb one (the likely). Some of these questions may have been answered in the books and I forgot, again, I drink whenever when I read. I’m about 150 pages into “Echo in The Bone”, so maybe some of this will get straightened out in the future. Or maybe it’s answered in the Outlander companion. But it’s like Twilight and wondering about periods… sometimes we just have to ask:

Wooooooohooooo! Muskets up!


• No one questions the fact that Brianna is American.. .but Claire supposedly fled to France before Culloden? How did she end up in America… then back to Scotland… then back to America? It’s not a hop on Virgin Atalantic flight. Boat passage was rough. Did people do it much more than once in a lifetime?

•How do they explain that Brianna grew up in Boston? Wouldn’t people have asked she and Claire about living in Boston? If she knew of Samuel Adams and his beer skills?

An American, a Sassenach, and two Scots walk into a bar... no really, and none of us think it's strange.

•How does Jocasta overlook the fact that Roger is supposed to be a Mackenzie from Inverness, but not related to her, Dougal or Column? Or know anything about him and his family?

I didna see this Mackenzie lad at the last gathering... Did you, Dougal?

....and I would have definitely noticed that "black devil" at our last gathering. How about you Hector?

•Brianna, an engineer, can get consulting jobs back in the 80’s? Where did she hone her modern day engineering knowledge? Things would have changed since she got out of college.  Industries change. Trust me. I’m a graphic designer, if I spent 10 years absent, and then dropped back into it, do you know how far design software would have advanced? It’d be best to go BACK in time and help Fergus out w/ L’Oignon’s printing press. He’d be lucky to have me and my useless vast knowledge of fonts.

Show me your "Helvetica" and I'll show YOU a "Good Times"

•Why does Roger Mac have to cut his hair when they go back? It’s the late 70’s early eh-ies. Long hair was the style!  ALL the musicians had long hair! Why is he struggling to find an occupation when he could just pick up a guitar and start a band? Write a book? Be a minister? No, Rog, be a rockstar. Oh wait, you’re roughly in your mid-thirties, rockstar start-up days have passed. *Thinks* SH*T! I’m the same age as Roger Mac, my rockstar days never had a chance either… never mind the fact that I can’t sing, dance, or play a musical instrument.

but I bet Brianna dinna like #DiscoFan

• Roger’s a historian, fer feck’s sake. He goes back to find Brianna. He gets all his shots and stuff… doesn’t he google (or whatever the means of research was in the seventies) himself, see if he does anything cool? See if there’s a record of he and Brianna and co.?

•Who in the world was the foot massaging mystery man? Or was it even a man? Maybe Phaedra was gettin’ friendly.

Uh oh, Claire's a light sleeper.

And most importantly…

•Who was Laoghaire boning?

That's not the arse d'Jaimie


One Response to “Questions re: Outlander series”

  1. Laurastarra Says:

    Weeel, maybe just ignore that stuff. Ok yes, I have thought about these issues (and more) without end, ever since I started the series 7 years ago. Here’s what I tell myself in order to sleep at night:

    Everyone thought Claire was weird, so they’d probably think Brianna’s weirdness was just inherited. They stuck close to the homestead and didn’t know what folks from other lands sounded like anyway, and since C & B were kinda weird and kinda intimidating, they prob didn’t ask.

    There were a LOT of MacKenzies.

    Brianna just irritates me in general, so clearly she was hired based on looks, then winged it. (Wung it?)

    Roger is sort of a preacher, so he shouldn’t bop around town looking like a dirty hippy.

    He was in a hurry.

    Totally Phaedre.

    I think the question is, who WASN’T she boning??? AmIright?? No I have no idea. I think we find out but it was not interesting enough to remember.

    Tada! You’re WELCOME

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