SyFy Being Human

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I love having both the BBC and SyFy Being Human shows running at the same time. They’re based on the same characters, in the same predicament, but they’re differences allow them to co-exist in peaceful supernatural harmony without causing dischord in the …what am I talking about? I must have had too much green tea while reading vamp/witch/daemon yoga in Discovery of Witches. Anywho, bottom line. Both shows are good.

• Josh let’s his wolf out. We get to see him, ehrm, go “wolfstyle”. Is blondie (sorry, I forgot her name) going to be the Nina? That means she’ll become a wolf too. She’s a bit of a h00r now. Will that cramp or add to her wolfiness? Will she be Josh’s den buddy?


EC: Josh’s sweater vest! How is that the only man to be able to pull that off is Glee’s Matthew Morrison? (And that’s a stretch) Plus, Nora makes me miss British BH’s Nina. There’s just something…maybe she’ll grow on me. Wait! I felt the same way about Nina! I’ll probably like NORA by season two.

SWD: Nora! That’s her name. I feel exactly the same. But I do dig her apartment.

• Sally watches Josh change. She feels badly for complaining. She complains a lot.

EC: Annie likes complaining, but she means well. Plus, Josh is always kvetching about something. So to put it perspective Josh is worse. Hey even Aidan does whiny brooding. These kids need some group therapy!

• Aidan finds a park buddy, and it’s Dino Dan!

EC: Dino Dan is big in my house! I kept looking around Aidan’s house for a Brachiosaurus or a Velociraptor. Then when he was picking up the notebooks that were thrown on the ground by the bullies, I thought to myself, “Is that his Dino Field Guide?” I am such a mom.

*note* Dino Dan is a Canadian kids show aboot Dinosaurs

• Single mama flirts with Aidan, let’s her 10 year old son hang out at his house, he goes to the park with Aidan and gets to see Aidan get the moves put on him by his former chew toy, Dino Dan comes home with Aidan’s vamp p0rn. #GoodParenting

I want to see Josh fight a Stegosaurus


EC: Oh yeah, that happened too. I remembered that from the original. Instead, of concentrating on what I was watching on the show, I was imagining Dino Dan lecturing Annie on fossils, because she’s dead. Aidan guest lecturing about carnivores at Dino Dan’s school with a puppet. Finally, Josh getting eaten by a T-Rex. Seriously, you learn a lot of stuff watching Dino Dan, while getting annoyed by his know-it-all attitude.

SWD: Seriously. Some of those kids are… well, some of them have the annoying gene that qualifies them to be on Barney. I totally root for the dinsaurs to take out that one kid…you know which one I mean. He would have been shoved in a locker on Degrassi. Do you think Dino Dan asked Aidan if he ever rode a T-REX? You know, ’cause Aidan is old, and rides things. I did like Aidan’s flashback, him as a dad. And he’s in Revolutionary War era garb…which makes me think of Outlander and wonderd if Jamie ever bumped muskets with Aidan.

ANNOUNCEMENT! Tomorrow (or the next day) we will be discussing Chapter 1 of … read up on your Diana

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  1. FeatLilJ Says:

    Hulu hasn’t added new epi’s in awhile:(

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