BBC Being Human, full of “…awe”

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Uh oh, Annie ditched the sweater, looks like Mitchell approves.

So, this post originated from East Coast Stacey and my tweet conversation the other day.

SWD: Watching Brit BH while eating a leftover chicken thigh was a BAD idea.

EC: I should have warned you! #zombiefun

SWD: #gagged #toenail

EC: BH was funny, but very disgusting

…and that pretty much sums up the gist of BBC Being Human, “funny but very disgusting.” And that’s why we love it.

EC: I am not really into ‘disgusting’ on shows, which is kind of hilarious, since I like watching supernatural shows. Once, I spent a whole episode of True Blood hidden behind a pillow. True story! For some unknown reason I have been able to watch all of Being Human (still wincing and gagging though). Must be the power of the British accent!

So far this season we’ve had:

Uh oh, is that Stefan's shirt?

•a greasy teen vamp that gets befriended by a middle aged, saggy and gaggy S&M vampire couple.

EC: He was a randy, greasy little guy wasn’t he? That young man needed his dirty mouth washed out with soap and some classes to learn sensitivity to women. He turned out pretty cool though. So cool, that there seems to be some special Internet episodes about him on the BBC website. It’s called Becoming Human. I’ll do some research about it and let you know! #thingsdiscoveredontheTwitter

No. I need a safe word to release this image from my brain.

EC: Oh boy, I wanted to bleach my retinas out after watching those two! Plus that human ‘dog/walking snack pack. Twisted.

•More highlights fromt the train car carnage.

EC: That was interesting twist bringing back his train victim as his purgatory guide. It gave some poignancy to his Annie rescue. Plus, now we know what the big plot line is going to be!

• Wolf cage fighting with dismemberment.

EC: Let’s bring on the vampire vs. wolves. Only in this edition, the great actor from Wire in the Blood (fantastic show!) is after our Mitchell. With a wolf shaped bullet! Yikes!

But this weeks epi takes the cake…

EC: I am gagging just thinking about it!

•the decomposing dead girl,

EC: I like how Annie attempted to try to use wall compound and makeup to try and make her face look not so umm…decomposing. It was like AMC’s Walking Dead only with a funny zombie who left the brains alone! (I won’t watch Walking Dead. Zombies are too scary!)

• Mitchell’s creepy fanboy w/eyeliner and too many zippers on his little jacket.

EC: Mitchell and his crazy stalker. At first, I thought, more comedy in this episode! But…fat stalker was a bad dude! I got nervous for the little girl, luckily Mitchell to the rescue!

But then we discussed the fun and funny: Nina being pregnant #wolfbaby :

EC: Wolf baby has got to better than Twilight’s demon baby, Rese… Whatever Jacob’s future lovah is named. (gross)


Zombie girls “Monsters Nigh Out” dress would be a cute nightie, Mitchell and George getting “pissed” on red wine #chicks.

EC: It was a funny episode, but how sad for poor, drunk zombie girl! Also, Mitchell and George talking about Annie was so 13 year old girl! #teenagechicks

But it all led up to this… what we have all been waiting for. The “leg hitch” of BBC Being Human…

EC: About time! Yay! Plus, it was adorable how she tried to help get Mitchell a job. That boy cannot be interviewed to save his ‘un’dead life!

*A collective* Awe!!!!!!!!!!

And I have no idea why this came up in my google image search. But I’m including it.

EC: That is such an Annie type pet! But, a Mitchell/George lunch! Oops! Roommate pet drama!

Maybe this could be their house pet?


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  1. I concur – hate the pic of the S&M couple. GROSS. Post more pics of Ben Barnes stat!

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