TS Housekeeping…Edward Cullen Style

Goodness gracious, can Isabella ever clean her room?!?

posted by ECS

Well kids, Talk Supe has some important announcements. Okay maybe not IMPORTANT, like saving dolphins or building houses in Africa important. Just some FYI, for ya’ all. Like to keep nice and neat in these parts like Edward Cullen likes his Volvo.

Just look at him eat. Ugh. The mess! I swear if Newton doesn’t close his mouth when he eats…

 First things first…Talk Supe Book Club! 

Get to your local library, bookstore or however you load up the Kindle and start reading this book!  We will be discussing it and enjoying the Yoga stylings of Matthew. (He is somewhat Edward Cullen like. He like to umm…sniff too. Which is kind of creepy, but it supposed to be scary. Soo…) If you like Twilight, you’ll like this one. (Hopefully) It is also not YA, so it for the big girls and boys.

You might be wondering why we aren’t reading the next Outlander yet. Never fear! One of us (EC), still needs to head to the library to pick it up. But, for our Outlander friends, there are visits to SCOTLAND in DoW! Also, a terrific character called Hamish. (Who I imagine should be played by Alan Cummings, when they make the movie. Which you know they will!)

So let’s start reading!

Do you miss me, ladies?

No Vampire Diaries until April! (Darn you American Idol!)

I blame you for this JLO and Stephen Tyler…not to mention Ryan Seacrest. I REALLY blame Seacrest! Sniff, sniff… But until then we are going to attempt to talk more about this…

The originals are back and better than ever!

Being Human…The British Edition and a little of this…

The Yankee Doodle version

Of course, more adventures (completely made up nonsense) about our imaginary buddy…

My hoodie and I know how to throw a kicking party!

That’s right…

More Celebrity Email/Texting/Twitter/Pictorals Theater!

You know you love them.  

So here is your super duper update. Of course, we always have more surprises to come! So pickup Discovery of Witches and get ready to chat!

You're still Team Edward! Admit it! I'm charming, romantic, respectful...maybe a tiny bit intense, but...I will clean your house, just to stay number 1!

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8 Responses to “TS Housekeeping…Edward Cullen Style”

  1. OK, Ladies! I’ve got DoW downloaded on my reader and I’m ready to go. (I think @twilightangel17 is interested in joining in as well, but she may get a later start.) I’ve got a looong drive/ride to Florida this weekend to see family, so I’m hoping for a good start. I look forward to discussing!

    PS: EC can come “clean my house” ANYTIME! 😉

  2. snowwhitedrifted Says:

    *kicks Roomba out the door to make way for Edward Cullen and his Dyson*

    Yay @jedecec! Please join us in reading. It involves a dark haired gentleman trying to get his hands on a magic book and the woman who can get to it…sound familiar? 😉

    I’m super sick with the cough that keeps on giving, seriously, lung bits flew out of me last night and seals are jealous of my bark. I’m swamped at work… but a meadow scene pic makes my day!! #venting

  3. 3hboyshouse Says:

    Got my book ordered and am ready for Supe book club extravaganza! Yay!

  4. FeatLilJ Says:

    The WSJ give this book a great review! And the author is a wine blogger too!! Might read this book. http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2011/02/03/what-would-witches-and-vampires-do-for-a-living/

  5. TeamSeth Says:

    OMG, AMERICAN IDOL is the reason for the CW drought? Are you sirius?! That makes me so mad. I mean, I thought they were giving up new broadcasts for lent, but no, it’s for Steven Tyler and whoever else is on the show now. Uncool. Sooo uncool. For that I’m protesting whatever channel airs American Idol! Unless it’s ABC, then I will protest all but Castle (and DWTS when it comes back on next week once this bachelor take 2 is off the air… “Hey, I’m an asshole, but now I’ve reformed and am ready to stop taking free trips and easy girls then breaking their hearts on public television. Love me! Love me!” Yeah, no.)

    Also, yay for the little email chain things continuing! FAVE THING EVAR!

    I’m considering becoming part of your book club… but I think I’m going to have to wait for next month (quarter?) book because I have too much on my plate (which may or may not involve helping you out with posts, ahem)

    -TS (the other one who isn’t you)

  6. TeamSeth Says:

    Wait, is Adorkable a nurse in the Yankee Doodle Dandy version of BH? And why did Annie steal Annie’s sweater? That’s a little… uncool.

    1 if by land, 2 if by sea. (wait, it does take place in Boston, right?)

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