Oscars Tweet off

posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ West coast Stacey)

Everyone seemed to be tweeting during the Oscars, some of our favorite Supe actors included.  #sourGrapes

**Fake fake fake fake, like L.A….tans

@theStewinator KStew

I’m glad we didn’t get nominated for anything. I didn’t want 2 go 2 that dumb awards show anyway. #OscarH8

@NotJustJessica Anna K-


You were there last year, it looked like you were having fun. *snickers* I was. #Clooney

@theStewinator KStew

@NotJustJessica Those interviewers. Gawd! And they put me in a stuffy dress with stupid shoes, I need comfort! #converse #stefanHoodieEnvy

@TeamEdward Paul-Stefan

-@theStewinator You were at the Oscars last year & you’re complaining about coutoure? Trade you my hoodie collection for your Jimmy Choos… 4 @Doppleganger of course
@girlWithaPearlNecklace Ashley G

-@theStewinator How can you complain? You were in the same room w/ Hollywoods elite #mancandy

@Nicorette Nikki R

I agree w/@theStewinator Award shows are just a bunch of hippocrytes doing a bunch of preening and ass kissing. #InviteMePlease

@theStewinator KStew

WORD, girlfriend! RT: Award shows are just a bunch of hippocrytes doing a bunch of preening and ass kissing. @Nicorette

@Doppleganger Nina Dob

-@theStewinator The Oscars are a great way to pay respect to the hard work #cakewalk that we actors pour into our craft.

@theStewinator KStew

-@Doppleganger  Craft my $#%%! Easy for you to say you play 2 people at once. That IS work #JealousDamonIs1OfYourOptions

@Doppleganger Nina Dob

-@theStewinator It IS hard to make it look convincing that I like Damon. #sarcasm. I ALWAYS prefer @TeamEdward. *Thinks* That doesn’t look right. Hmmm.

@NotJustJessica Anna K

-@theStewinator It’s all in the attitude. If you embrace the fans and media, it’s a truly enriching experience.

@FierceShooz Candice “Caroline” Acc

-@NotJustJessica I agree. I’d be happy to be your wing man on the Red Carpet, my friend #IntroduceMe2ClooneyOh&Rob2

@theStewinator KStew

I’ve had it. They never give those things to actors in supernatural Franchises anyway #impressedIknewaDifferentFword

@SookehIsMahine Anna PaqMoy

-Ahem: #JustSayin

@BigInJapan Just Rob

I’d be so grateful if you all could convince @theStewinator to just suck it up for 1 night. Plus I like to wear tuxes. Maybe one year I’ll be nom’d.

Hey, there @BigInJapan. Maybe an Oscar would occur if  THIS: became a reality….#grungeplaidLUV4Evah


One Response to “Oscars Tweet off”

  1. FeatLilJ Says:

    Luv the shout out to our generation’s icon! Stace – I meant Kurt Cobain not RobP!!!

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