Vampire Diaries Recap: The House Guest

posted by snowwhitedrifted (west coast stacey/ SWD)

or Damon gets a Blowtorch

…if Damon owned Hooters

Last Sunday, I was doing a little on-line shopping to balance out the testosterone infused activity I was engaging in: drinking beer, eating wings and watching the Daytona 500 with Mr. Snow. I ordered this cute little top and some jeans from Mecca Anthropologie, sighed and waited.

Nothing compliments a February pallor like a red halter, no?

EC: I was watching the Daytona 500 too! Well sort of. Instead, I was reading Entertainment Weekly and swoo… no… respecting the work of Michael Fassbender. How did I not know about this Irishman?

Anyhow, I love that shirt! You and Caroline have great taste. I am rocking some adorable JCrew Sam’s shirts and daydreaming about hanging out with Alcide at Merlotte’s and watching Dale Earnhardt Jr. Racing. See how I just tied that all together. Yep, I am ready for summer and the new season of True Blood!

Flash forward to later that week, and my viewing of Vampire Diaries, when Caroline shows up in the top that was en route to me! And look what it got her… mil bessos from Matt! Now, I know, I know I’m the only one who doesn’t want him killed off #shoulders and he may just be… But let’s review this good dose of Matt and Caroline.

EC: You mean talk about the part I was napping during their scenes, until Caroline freaked him out with her new ‘lifestyle’. Then Matt got all like the scared girl in a horror movie. Then I laughed. Matt went on to mention old Vicki and I had to try to remember her. Which when I did remember Vicki, I was reminded that she annoyed me. That led me to want Caroline to eat Matt and run away with Stefan. After all that, back to napping.

Hey costumers, stay nice to me.. DO NOT pair this shirt with the bassists pants just because both are red and neither will stain if I drain MAtt

Matt and Caroline: Caroline Compels the band to let her sing. And what does my wardrobe twin choose? A Bangles song, “Eternal Flame” ! Oh how it put me right back to my jr. high Valentine’s dance, gazing longingly at Keith Maddison, even his name is dreamy, still, *le sigh*… of course I was dancing with Seth Woodcock instead. But anyway, I digress. So Caroline’s rockin’ the tunes and Matt pulls a “Never Been Kissed move and jumps on stage and dip kisses her. Being #Team Matt, I swooned right along with Caroline. See, that shirt means business. Apparantly it has more draw than a Sam shirt. And that’s saying something. *wonders* So, when I put on MY version of that shirt, will Mr. Snow and I make out in the men’s room of our local Chili’s?

EC: See this is why I don’t like using restrooms in eating establishments. You never know what people are doing in there. That’s why my purse is packed with sanitizing wipes and Purell. #channelingmyinnerEdwardCullen

I am feeling kind of…well…not quite my sweet self lately, so I might have started rolling my eyes at this ode to 80’s music wooing. Which reminded me of my high school dances, which I imagine if the DJ would try to play The Bangles instead of Snoop Dog there would be a riot. #notMysticFalls

That shirt is lower than Stefan's

I got it, I got it! Buttoned, Ok?!!!*StefanPout*

Truce, we are both persecuted by the wardrobe department. I'm 2 episodes away from pegged white jeans and British Knights hi-tops

Other: Okay, I admit that it’s Monday. I watched this episode on Friday night. And I typed my notes on my iPhone, with auto eff it up correct, in the dark, after a bottle of wine. Can anyone tell me what I could have possibly meant by, “Enemas mothtmas matt” means? Or “Batts jugular”? Anyway, everything but the Caroline and Matt parts are a blur. I’ll need EC’s help on this one.

EC: I am here to help! Matt and Caroline was all you got? Silly, WC! No more drinking the vino and watching VampDi for you. This episode was action packed! Probably due to being on break until mid April. #tospreadoutthejoy, more likely #towaitouttheAmericanIdolfinale

 Alaric: Was Alaric wearing guy-liner in this epi?

EC: It looked like he was. Maybe he was trying to win her back with his Cure impression. That should have been the musical interlude this episode. Instead of Caroline and The Bangles, Alaric performing ‘Friday I’m In Love’.

Don't look at me, Jenna. My "Bad Gal" kohl eyeliner smudged. I can't pull off a smokey eye.

Damon: Trys to play crispy critter with Elijah’s corpse.

EC: That scene was fun. Katherine in the rare position of being in danger. Wait…isn’t this the same episode that Damon pushed her off the bed? That was funny. I imagined that book he was reading was A Purpose Driven Life and he ‘purposely’ pushed her onto the floor. Ha!

Witch Projection: Luka sizzles Russell Eddington style.

EC: Poor Luka. I wanted more of a torn Bonnie between Luka and Whiny. I guess I should go back to my original idea, Bonnie and Damon. (Even though, Whiny is still growing on me.)

And I don’t even remember this scene of Vamp Lit 101:

EC: Me neither. I think Elena is reading Judy Blume. Stefan reading Twilight. (You know he identifies with his boy Edward) and Damon secretly sneaking Playboys in between his Encyclopedia Britannica.

Elena's pokerface tells me she's reading a Black Dagger Brotherhood book. Stefan is too, picking up tips. Damonn's looking for "The Giving Tree."

Evil Witch Dad: said something about Elijah being dead and, “is he really?” Which called to mind the Jerricho Barrons (Fever series) words of wisdom, “…You can never be sure it’s dead until you’ve killed it, burned it, poked around and scattered the ashes, then wait a few days to make sure it doesn’t come back.” Along with this, in reference to answering a question about how you can’t kill a vampire, “You better hope (he’s) not a vampire.” Which makes me think Elijah’s coming back.

EC: He’s so coming back! You can’t take down Mr. Floppy Hair with a silly stake.

Daddy Witch went completely Carrie on the gang’s favorite bar and grill. The only thing missing was the prom dress and buckets o’blood. It was intense. What was more intense? Jenna coming face to face with Elena’s Mommy Vamp, Isobel! This is going to be good! Unfortunately, we must wait. Darn you JLO and American Idol!

*Please note* I blatently stole almost all of these pictures from . I was too lazy busy to screen cap.

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SWD update: Look what just got delivered to my office:

It's pink, though. Hmmmmmmm....


3 Responses to “Vampire Diaries Recap: The House Guest”

  1. This epi had me on the edge of my seat the whole hour! I’ve been pretty ambivilant about Matt, but when he rushed the stage, I admit, I clutched my chest and had an AAAWWWW moment….then his freakout after Caroline saved him? I suppose I can understand that. I was a little worried that Caroline was going to change him…I was thinking, ‘Dayum. Now EVERYONE but Elena is going to be a vamp!’

    Anyway, I loved this recap. As always. Countdown to April 7!!

    PS: Cute top, SWD!

  2. TeamSeth Says:

    I agree with jeDeCe!!! I was nail bitin’ galore. And likely drinking vino since I gave it up for lent last week (yes, it’s been hard so far… and no, I’m not an alcoholic!) Anyway, I understand WCS, that’s all I’m sayin’. Though I find watching shows the first time around to be better w/out influence and the second to be superbly amazing with the influence. Nothing like tannins to tantalize and exemplify emotion! Oh, Amy Pond, let’s cry together–nothing says I love you and your sexy boots like Van Gogh hand holding in the meadow of wheat. “I’ve seen many things, but nothing quite as wonderful as you, Vincent.” Oh my. (My girls and Mr. Matthew Smith return April! Right in time to slam me with all my other shows’ big returns. Thanks, Moffat, truly, great timing.)

    Hm, what was I saying? Oh yes, the singing was a bit cheesy, agreed. But it made me glad that Mr. Seth is still hanging with Isobel Season 1 and doesn’t like Caroline yet (‘cuz she’s still a human). Remember the Gilbert device? That’s where we’re at watching season 1. Awww… Mr. Seth’s so far behind. God, I just remember the epi where she’s tortured… I cried so hard on that one, thank you Mr. BV Coastal Estates Cabaret — you’ll be getting my therapy bill in the mail!

  3. TeamSeth Says:

    Also, isn’t that Katherine reading in that pic you posted? Wearing a Stefan Wardrobe Update style shirt?

    As mentioned above comment, Mr. Seth and I are still in Season 1, and Stefan just got all “I love me HUMAN blood nom nom nom!” and he’s all exciting and fun and sexy times (and totally better muscles than Damon–why did we never notice this before?). And Mr. Seth is like “Wow, Stefan being like that really emphasizes how extraordinarily boring Elena is.” Yeah. Basically. All I could think was “I want Katherine!!!! Hurry up April!” 😥

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