Vampire Diaries Recap: Dinner Party

Posted by West Coast Stacey (SWD)

That's the total 11 year old boy that glimpsed his first Victoria's Secret catalog look.

SPOILERS… You Know It!

Stefan:I think someone’s been reading our blog! Firstly, the hoodies are zipped and layered, and a few weeks ago I said, “Let there be … athletic grey thermals” and voila: Also, I was most impressed with Stefans rock skipping skills.

Like a cake, all the best outfits have layers.

EC: I’m liking this new look! Thank heavens. Actually…I might miss the OLD look. Honestly, this show can get intense and THIS girl needs her comic relief. His old clothing was like my laughing at Mike Newton’s doughy puppy dog faces at Bella and Eric Yorkie’s Flock of Seagulls hairdo in Twilight. Things that make me strangely happy.

A crewneck is painful for Stefan. Elena wonders if it will last.

The Flashback Scenes. I love the flashbacks. The brother’s role reversal is interesting. Stefan goes all Lestat and Damon’s the whiny Louis. I forgot which “Founder” this was, but I’m all confused ’cause he just looks like a hipster in an indie folk band (not complaining) #CivilWarFacialHairIsTheNewBlack

EC: I was waiting for Damon to stomp his feet and have a temper tantrum. For example, “Stefan! Stefan! Stop it! That’s just nasty! Stefan! Stop it! I don’t like you! Blah, blah, blah…”

Also, I had forgotten that I missed Lexie! She was fun. Plus I just loved her dresses in the flashbacks #theatermajormemories

I think that guy was Jonathan Gilbert, aka the new Vampire diarist. Since, they completely dropped Elena’s diary writing on season one. You know who he looked like to me? A singer named Ray LaMontagne. I just saw him perform on Conan and was really good. He had some alt country vibe, but also reminded me of Band of Horses or Iron & Wine…wait what are we talking about? Oh yeah, looks like Jonathan Gilbert.

Can I pass for an Avett brother?

Wolves: What was missing in theis epi? The wolves. Did you miss them? Me either. But Caroline and Matt were also absentee characters. boo. Caroline’s jackets make me happy.

EC: Boo hoo. No wolfies. Of course, if this was True Blood and there was no Alcide, well that’s a different story. That man needs to be in every episode with Sookie. Also, if they brought Mason back. He could be in every episode.

Coif Off part I

Alaric: So who saw that coming? I sure didn’t. Too bad it didn’t stick. Oh Rick, you were missinformed on your special Vamp WMD. Also, watch it, Jenna’s slipping, Rick. Step up the game a bit, your touseled ‘do is competing with the JCREW coif, and it seems to be winning. *Wonders* Elijah related to Dorothy Hammill?

EC: Elijah was a great villain, but what was up with his hair? I agree with Dorothy Hammill being part of the inspiration, but it could have been a bowl cut given by his grandma before he was changed. Jenna didn’t mind too much.


BTW…will somebody give poor Jenna a clue about what’s going on. Even drunk journalist knows the deal. (sort of) Is the Damon compelling making her act drunk? It’s annoying me. Also, I know that she needs to wear the scarfs due to her Damon “hickeys”, but wouldn’t Jenna at least mention it? Friends don’t let friends obsessively wear scarfs.

My inner 3rd grader is fangirling.

Jenna: So, the scarf girl says to the men at the dinner table, “Jenna needs help with the wine.” Umm, that’s your distraction scarf girl? Jenna is clutching a wine glass in every episode, girlfriend knows her way around a grape. The only way she’d need help with the wine was if there wasn’t a spiggot on the box and she needed it punctured by a Salvatore fang.

EC: Jenna’s a girl after my own heart. Wine = Yum! Plus, dealing with Elena’s teen angst, Whiney being Whiney and Elena’s crazy daddy wouldn’t you need a drink too?

Jenna's practically a sommelier

Elijah: How many times has he died this season? I’m sure it’s not the last. He keeps coming back, like wedge sandals. Both are original classics, that’s why. Jenna gets all dreamy-eyed around him too, it’s like he’s her personal brand of Louboutin. Something tells me Cinderella is going to be trying on this glass stiletto pretty soon.

EC: The bad guys always come back. Unfortunately, not Mason. Sorry…#beatingadeadhorse and #unabletogetoverit

Pucker Up for the Shooz

Whiny’s candle budget: Did he break into Pier 1 Imports? Rip off a sorority initiation storage closet? How can an unemployed high school kid afford dozens of pillar candles? Those buggers don’t come cheap. Please tell me their unscented otherwise it’s going to smell like a cake factory. That many candles says: cover the smell, I didn’t clean, and I’m trying to get some Romance.

EC: Too many candles = stinky. Have you ever been in Yankee Candle store? The smell alone could knock you unconscious. Obviously, Whiney was not only setting a mood, but covering up his nervousness BO. “I wonder if she’ll let me kiss her…wait I’m getting all sweaty…what’s that smell? Oh no! My armpits! Where’s the candles?!?”

What’s up with Daddy Witch stealing Bonnie’s mojo? We need Gram to be reincarnated. She can come back as her old character, Whitley from A Different World. Bring Dwayne Wayne and Denise Huxtable with her. They can take down Daddy Witch, then talk Bonnie into going to their fictional alma mater… #80’sshowsimiss


Whiney's Fire Hazzard

Katherine’s Free!!: ..and has left Damon speechless. We haven’t seen that since the flashbacks.

EC: I wish those two had switched places. He could have come out of the shower…

Yay! Katherine’s back!

Damon's Graduate moment, "Are you trying to seduce me Ms...wait, what's Katherine's last name?"

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