I series hopped…

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I had the 7 month itch...

Dear Outlander,

I’m cheating on you with the Fever series (Karen Marie Moning) and I’m enjoying it. *Said in best “Ross” voice,*We were on a BREAK!!!!”.  I laughed, I “awe’d”, I said huh?/ What the…., I blushed uncomfortably.  But it was a good quick read. 

Having a fling with the Fever series.. before I read Echo in the Bone

My brain did hurt in some places in a “Twin Peaks” sort of way (hey there’s even a white mansion/ black corridor like the white lodge/ black lodge in Twin Peaks., but there weren’t any owls). I half expected the Seelie queen to be Laura Palmer. Speaking of which, I couldn’t get a visual for the Seelie Queen, they just said, “long silver hair and the size of an underdeveloped child.” Like a primordial dwarf with Treacher Collins? (*wonders* how many people did I offend with THAT statement). 

There are similarities between the Fever series and the Outlander series: magic stones, fae stuff and some Scots.

I’m about 85 % finished with the last book. Here are my speculations:

SPOILER SPECULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***************************************

• Mac is… the sinsar dubh.

• The book is…Cruce

•V’lane is… the Unseelie king (He’s such a Northman)

Towards the end, I guess he got lazy about the whole name thing.

• Barrons is… no clue. Doesn’t matter. Barrons is Barrons. (Aidan from Being Human mixed with the dark haired dude on Spartacus… Manu…something or other)

Mac and Barrons? Hey, she has smiley faces on her shirt, she qualifies as a Rainbow Girl

• Christian MacKeltar is …someone who needs his own book series. I’ll write it. I have plans for the Druids.

 •Dani is… a future super hero. I want her to team up with Young Ian Murray and fight crime and ensue in general badassery. Like Wonderwoman and…er… Tonto?

• The Unseelie court…:

Death, Pestilence, and Famine... What, no???

 I recommend this series if you like the Sookie books and have the ability to just go with it and don’t ask questions. It was a fun little fling, but I’m ready to settle back down with Echo…

uh oh the “Black Dagger Brotherhood” just winked at me. Nooooo!

And if you’re a mom with samll children whose read this:

*sings* "Mack"ie and the Ferocious Beast in Nowhere Land.

4 Responses to “I series hopped…”

  1. 3hboyshouse Says:

    Yeah! I just finished the fever series! Don’t forget to read Moning’s Highlander series. It explains a bit more about the Druids and is super smexy times. I am a bored housewife, so I know these things. You gotta read the Black Dagger Bros! Smexy vamp porn is always good! Love the post!

    • (SWD) I’m starting BDB now. RE: the Highlander series, I’m not sure. I’ve read that if you like Outlander you won’t like the Highlander series.

      I read some of the Fever books on Mr. Snow’s Kindle and now all the Highlander books are rec’d for “him”. He is not pleased. 😉
      But I liked Christian MAcKeltar…is he in the Highlander books?

      • 3hboyshouse Says:

        Christian is not in the Highlander books, but Dageus, Drustan, and Cian are in them along with some other smexy characters. Moning says she has plans to write more about Christian in the future though. At least that is what her website says. I have just started on the Outlander stuff so I don’t know if you have to like Outlander and not Highlander. I like True Blood and Twilight and Vamp Diaries so guess I just like everything! I am easy to please (TWSS)!

  2. […] about Elijah being dead and, “is he really?” Which called to mind the Jerricho Barrons (Fever series) words of wisdom, “…You can never be sure it’s dead until you’ve killed it, […]

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