Vampire Diaries Recap: Crying Wolf

Posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ West coast Stacey)

Or the one where Tyler is redeemed, cause he’s gone.


Cozy weekend get-a-way, with fabulous footwear

SWD: Firstly, lets give credit where credit is due: A+ for Stefans wardrobe! The hoodies were properly zipped. The black shirt was properly fitted. The wife beater made it’s appearance again. There was a properly buttoned henley then later it was adorned with a woodsy chic flannel jacket. Good job Steffy. *sends mufffin basket to the wardrobe department*.

EC: They should send muffin baskets to us! Finally, listening to the wardrobe experts…US! Just kidding! (SWD: *points to diploma* my degree is in this shizz #ButNeverWorkedaDayinHollywood)  I still am on the fence about the wife beater. Maybe if Damon wore it…hmm…


SWD:You even got a reward for good wardrobe behavior with a big kiss from Elena. And her fantastic boots!! iWANT!! Where would I wear them? I don’t have frolicking at a lake house with immortals on my agenda, but if something comes up, I’m getting those boots.

EC: I liked those boots too! And her hair!!! Wait…is this a fashion inspired post? Let’s talk all about cute boots!

SWD: They’re all fashion posts #priorities I agree. Elena/ Nina/ Katherine is always a walking Pantene commercial.

Proper hoodage gets nookie

•Tyler: Stuff happens and there are more reason to dislike Tyler. Yay he goes! Finally.

EC: I was…kind of…umm…liking him. Don’t say a word.

SWD: *Backs WTH truck up* Really? Because he grew a soul? No, Stace, noooo!! He did save Stefan, I’ll give him that. But because of him uncle Mason is dead.

The Wolf Candy: 2 episodes. We get Brady for 2 episodes. You’re on the list Williamson.

EC: Williamson has a love of killing off pretty…I mean cast members.

Yup, went down the same road as Mason. Tyler, please, TYLER! Follow suit!

Elijah: He comes back and the group realizes he and Elena agreed that her dying is part of their pact. That sucks and all, but if she dies, will she leave me her boyfriend boots?

EC: The boots, please.

SWD: Then there’s this:

... and rewind. play. and rewind. play. and rewind. play

SWD: Damon and Elijah in the chain chair. What the heck? That’s like the “very bad doggie” choke collar from PetCo. I’m liking Elijah more, his badness is surpassing his good boy hair.

EC: A cool bad guy is definitely a must for this type of television program.

And that collar? Ouch! Also, good thing Alaric had that ring! Bad thing, bad daddy Jonathan putting questioning thoughts into Jenna’s head. Fun fact, Alaric originally was romantically paired with one of his high school students on the books. They definitely skipped that part/scandal when creating the show.

These follicles saved the day!

•Bonnie and (not so)Whiny (Jeremy) hook up. She called him hot. It was cute.

EC: It was! What is this show doing to me redeeming Whiny and Pissy! Argh!

•Lots of Matt. Yay! He and caroline will make up next week and I will be happy #TeamMatt

EC: You do like your Matt. * yawn * Did I just yawn? #TeamCarolineandStefan

SWD: I know, why is that? I never like the nice ones. How can I like Evil Elijah AND Mild Matt? #iblametheJamiepost

•Alaric’s crazy awesome hair is taking on a life of it’s own. How did he not die?

EC: The magical ring! Do I win a prize?

SWD: Oh yeah, I forgot he is well endowed with some anti-death family jewels

Back up, John. Guy must have stock in Altoids.

•I forgot, why don’t they kill John? Is he going to replace Tyler for receiving my angst vibes? He is icky. And dude, back up when you talk to people. Personal space invader.

EC: Cause he was Sark on Alias! Oh and Elena’s daddy.

Random: is Tyler’s mom Dolores? If so, then she should go with close talker John #Seinfeldreferences

EC: Ha! * doing the Elaine dance *

In conclusion: Everyones lips were very glossy and I once again had shoe envy.

EC: Nice shoes for the win!

Zipped, bitches!!!!


2 Responses to “Vampire Diaries Recap: Crying Wolf”

  1. “I’m liking Elijah more, his badness is surpassing his good boy hair.”
    YES! He’s like Dean meets Jess minus the brooding and disrespect to Luke. Even if Elijah is the one to kill Elena, I will still have a crush on him.

    “Cause he was Sark on Alias!”
    THIS. I don’t even mind the close talkin’ ‘cuz I just put myself in their place. David Anders you will always be the most beautiful bad guy who might be good to me–keep that Beaver State pride alive, baby!
    Uncle Daddy John is naughty–I’ll say it. I bet he’s slept with Katherine too–frankly, who hasn’t? But I digress. He’s the best and I hate him.

    And I really want those boots. Also, how long do these death rings take? They’ve always had a shorter interlude in the other instances. Alaric is fabulous… swoon.

  2. Do you know what the boots are that she’s wearing??!! I noticed them too and really wanna know what they are.
    Any help would be awesome 🙂

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