Twilight in Pawnee- Parks and Recreation Recap


You can tell I’m a Unicorn…
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I have an important admission…I DVR Vampire Diaries. It’s true I watch Damon and Stefan either late at night or early in the morning while the family is asleep. What I do like to watch to unwind on Thursday nights is the NBC comedy block. Well, not the two new ones. I’m not impressed with them, but the originals. Community, The Office, 30 Rock and most importantly, Parks and Recreation. How much do I love Parks and Recreation? See the guy above, his name is Aziz Ansari and I just saw his stand up show this past weekend. Hilarious, I tell you, absolutely hilarious!
What does this have to do with supernatural shows and Twilight?  Well, Aziz tweeted about the Twilight movies before hosting the MTV Movie awards last year…AND I am sure he met Pattinson and the other two at the awards. It’s the 6 degrees of separation, Twilight style. The question is: How does Kevin Bacon fit into this? Never mind, you may ponder this on your own time.  Also, last night’s Parks and Recreation was all about a Twi Dad(!) wanting to put copies of the Twilight into the Pawnee time capsule.   

Observe…the mysterious Twi Dad. Can be spotted by the Forks approved plaid shirt

 Why was this episode so funny? Well, the good writers knew their material. The battle in the city council meeting between the religious right (Quivering!) and the anti religion people (The book is full of religious metaphors!) is exactly what has been the debate for this book series for the longest time. We also had how the books related to poor Tom’ s love life. (Just in case you wondered…he’s Team Edward.)

The book club with Twi Dad chained up in Leslie’s office, describing the books? I snickered.  Plus…this revelation…

Donna wants to teach...

...this guy, to be a man. hee hee

And calls this one "Skinny Legs McGee" hee hee

Overall, the episode also had plenty of my favorite character…


So thank you Parks and Recreation for cheering up my day!

Kudos to you!

Oh wait…

Stop giving me dirty looks, boys! I adore you guys, too. (They are so sensitive!)

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2 Responses to “Twilight in Pawnee- Parks and Recreation Recap”

  1. SWD here…wait a minute EC, I haven’t seen Parks and Rec. Stace, would I fangirl crush on Andy? I think so… tall, large and plaid clad. I’m including a full size Andy… What a cute little pouty pout. Much better than Stews.

  2. sweetinator88 Says:

    haha! this episode was hilariouss!
    and i love Aziz Ansari, just the face that he makes in the opening credits makes me crack up

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