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Celebrity Theater: Paul Plans a Party

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Paul aka Stefan, might be my favorite. In that, when I write for him, I imagine him to be the best little brother ever. (I always wanted a little brother) Is he really like the way picture him? Probably not. But enjoy this little story of Paul planning a party for his friends…

P.S…This isn’t at all,not even a little bit real. Just in case you were confused.

"To create the perfect party, you'll need a few things: Martha Stewart Entertaining, a signature fruity cocktail and tapas! It's going to be legendary!"

Neil: That guy seriously needs to step away from my catch phrase!

"Shh...Don't forget the flower arrangements, Nina. Orchids and Gerber Daisies. They'll be the hit of the party!"

"Dude,don't forget to put out the recycling bins! I don't care if the blue clashes with your color scheme. Ohh...I'll bring some organic hummus, pita chips and fine honeys."

"Another Paul party? Please don't tell me it's another Murder Mystery Weekend. He threw a hissy fit when all the guys decided to watch the Celtics play the Lakers instead."

"Oh yeah! I love going to a fly party! I'll bring the wine coolers! This is so exciting! I am totally Team Edward!"

That's Twilight! I don't sparkle and drive a Volvo. What the he...

"Don't worry mates,I'll be there! Can't have a party without the Brit Pack! Aziz, let's do some karaoke of Jay Z!"

"That'll be dope!"

"100 Monkey's will totally play your party, Paul!"

"Wait...what...I was just going to put a Dave Matthews playlist on my IPod!"

"Come on, Paul! Dave has nothing on us. We played the same song for 45 minutes. With a bongo. Now that's what I call music!"

"I tried to tell him no, Paul! Jackson looked so sad. Like I kicked his puppy. Just let them play one song...45 minutes? You have to be kidding me!"

"Paul's having a party? I didn't get invited again! These guys have a bias against guys playing wolves. I'll call Taylor and see if he wants to meet me at the arcade."

" did tell everybody that this is a costume party? Right? Paul?"


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Vampire Diaries Recap: Dinner Party

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That's the total 11 year old boy that glimpsed his first Victoria's Secret catalog look.

SPOILERS… You Know It!

Stefan:I think someone’s been reading our blog! Firstly, the hoodies are zipped and layered, and a few weeks ago I said, “Let there be … athletic grey thermals” and voila: Also, I was most impressed with Stefans rock skipping skills.

Like a cake, all the best outfits have layers.

EC: I’m liking this new look! Thank heavens. Actually…I might miss the OLD look. Honestly, this show can get intense and THIS girl needs her comic relief. His old clothing was like my laughing at Mike Newton’s doughy puppy dog faces at Bella and Eric Yorkie’s Flock of Seagulls hairdo in Twilight. Things that make me strangely happy.

A crewneck is painful for Stefan. Elena wonders if it will last.

The Flashback Scenes. I love the flashbacks. The brother’s role reversal is interesting. Stefan goes all Lestat and Damon’s the whiny Louis. I forgot which “Founder” this was, but I’m all confused ’cause he just looks like a hipster in an indie folk band (not complaining) #CivilWarFacialHairIsTheNewBlack

EC: I was waiting for Damon to stomp his feet and have a temper tantrum. For example, “Stefan! Stefan! Stop it! That’s just nasty! Stefan! Stop it! I don’t like you! Blah, blah, blah…”

Also, I had forgotten that I missed Lexie! She was fun. Plus I just loved her dresses in the flashbacks #theatermajormemories

I think that guy was Jonathan Gilbert, aka the new Vampire diarist. Since, they completely dropped Elena’s diary writing on season one. You know who he looked like to me? A singer named Ray LaMontagne. I just saw him perform on Conan and was really good. He had some alt country vibe, but also reminded me of Band of Horses or Iron & Wine…wait what are we talking about? Oh yeah, looks like Jonathan Gilbert.

Can I pass for an Avett brother?

Wolves: What was missing in theis epi? The wolves. Did you miss them? Me either. But Caroline and Matt were also absentee characters. boo. Caroline’s jackets make me happy.

EC: Boo hoo. No wolfies. Of course, if this was True Blood and there was no Alcide, well that’s a different story. That man needs to be in every episode with Sookie. Also, if they brought Mason back. He could be in every episode.

Coif Off part I

Alaric: So who saw that coming? I sure didn’t. Too bad it didn’t stick. Oh Rick, you were missinformed on your special Vamp WMD. Also, watch it, Jenna’s slipping, Rick. Step up the game a bit, your touseled ‘do is competing with the JCREW coif, and it seems to be winning. *Wonders* Elijah related to Dorothy Hammill?

EC: Elijah was a great villain, but what was up with his hair? I agree with Dorothy Hammill being part of the inspiration, but it could have been a bowl cut given by his grandma before he was changed. Jenna didn’t mind too much.


BTW…will somebody give poor Jenna a clue about what’s going on. Even drunk journalist knows the deal. (sort of) Is the Damon compelling making her act drunk? It’s annoying me. Also, I know that she needs to wear the scarfs due to her Damon “hickeys”, but wouldn’t Jenna at least mention it? Friends don’t let friends obsessively wear scarfs.

My inner 3rd grader is fangirling.

Jenna: So, the scarf girl says to the men at the dinner table, “Jenna needs help with the wine.” Umm, that’s your distraction scarf girl? Jenna is clutching a wine glass in every episode, girlfriend knows her way around a grape. The only way she’d need help with the wine was if there wasn’t a spiggot on the box and she needed it punctured by a Salvatore fang.

EC: Jenna’s a girl after my own heart. Wine = Yum! Plus, dealing with Elena’s teen angst, Whiney being Whiney and Elena’s crazy daddy wouldn’t you need a drink too?

Jenna's practically a sommelier

Elijah: How many times has he died this season? I’m sure it’s not the last. He keeps coming back, like wedge sandals. Both are original classics, that’s why. Jenna gets all dreamy-eyed around him too, it’s like he’s her personal brand of Louboutin. Something tells me Cinderella is going to be trying on this glass stiletto pretty soon.

EC: The bad guys always come back. Unfortunately, not Mason. Sorry…#beatingadeadhorse and #unabletogetoverit

Pucker Up for the Shooz

Whiny’s candle budget: Did he break into Pier 1 Imports? Rip off a sorority initiation storage closet? How can an unemployed high school kid afford dozens of pillar candles? Those buggers don’t come cheap. Please tell me their unscented otherwise it’s going to smell like a cake factory. That many candles says: cover the smell, I didn’t clean, and I’m trying to get some Romance.

EC: Too many candles = stinky. Have you ever been in Yankee Candle store? The smell alone could knock you unconscious. Obviously, Whiney was not only setting a mood, but covering up his nervousness BO. “I wonder if she’ll let me kiss her…wait I’m getting all sweaty…what’s that smell? Oh no! My armpits! Where’s the candles?!?”

What’s up with Daddy Witch stealing Bonnie’s mojo? We need Gram to be reincarnated. She can come back as her old character, Whitley from A Different World. Bring Dwayne Wayne and Denise Huxtable with her. They can take down Daddy Witch, then talk Bonnie into going to their fictional alma mater… #80’sshowsimiss


Whiney's Fire Hazzard

Katherine’s Free!!: ..and has left Damon speechless. We haven’t seen that since the flashbacks.

EC: I wish those two had switched places. He could have come out of the shower…

Yay! Katherine’s back!

Damon's Graduate moment, "Are you trying to seduce me Ms...wait, what's Katherine's last name?"

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I series hopped…

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I had the 7 month itch...

Dear Outlander,

I’m cheating on you with the Fever series (Karen Marie Moning) and I’m enjoying it. *Said in best “Ross” voice,*We were on a BREAK!!!!”.  I laughed, I “awe’d”, I said huh?/ What the…., I blushed uncomfortably.  But it was a good quick read. 

Having a fling with the Fever series.. before I read Echo in the Bone

My brain did hurt in some places in a “Twin Peaks” sort of way (hey there’s even a white mansion/ black corridor like the white lodge/ black lodge in Twin Peaks., but there weren’t any owls). I half expected the Seelie queen to be Laura Palmer. Speaking of which, I couldn’t get a visual for the Seelie Queen, they just said, “long silver hair and the size of an underdeveloped child.” Like a primordial dwarf with Treacher Collins? (*wonders* how many people did I offend with THAT statement). 

There are similarities between the Fever series and the Outlander series: magic stones, fae stuff and some Scots.

I’m about 85 % finished with the last book. Here are my speculations:

SPOILER SPECULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***************************************

• Mac is… the sinsar dubh.

• The book is…Cruce

•V’lane is… the Unseelie king (He’s such a Northman)

Towards the end, I guess he got lazy about the whole name thing.

• Barrons is… no clue. Doesn’t matter. Barrons is Barrons. (Aidan from Being Human mixed with the dark haired dude on Spartacus… Manu…something or other)

Mac and Barrons? Hey, she has smiley faces on her shirt, she qualifies as a Rainbow Girl

• Christian MacKeltar is …someone who needs his own book series. I’ll write it. I have plans for the Druids.

 •Dani is… a future super hero. I want her to team up with Young Ian Murray and fight crime and ensue in general badassery. Like Wonderwoman and…er… Tonto?

• The Unseelie court…:

Death, Pestilence, and Famine... What, no???

 I recommend this series if you like the Sookie books and have the ability to just go with it and don’t ask questions. It was a fun little fling, but I’m ready to settle back down with Echo…

uh oh the “Black Dagger Brotherhood” just winked at me. Nooooo!

And if you’re a mom with samll children whose read this:

*sings* "Mack"ie and the Ferocious Beast in Nowhere Land.

Track Suit Throwdown

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Featuring Eric Northman and  Sue Sylvester

Tall, blond, and fierce, both Eric and Sue love themselves the warm-ups.

Human, you think you can compare to my velour?

Zip it, Northman. I'm looking for an endorsement deal.

Your feeble attempt to surpass me as a spokesmodel amuses me, human.

Bring it, Blondie!

Adidias is all over us, Cheerio!

That's what I think of your meager Adidas. *answers phone* Hello, Nike.

Both were dropped. However, an endorsemenmt offer was extended, by:

The one who accepted:

If I wear this, maybe Sookie will bite ME for a change.

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Vampire Diaries Recap: Crying Wolf

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Or the one where Tyler is redeemed, cause he’s gone.


Cozy weekend get-a-way, with fabulous footwear

SWD: Firstly, lets give credit where credit is due: A+ for Stefans wardrobe! The hoodies were properly zipped. The black shirt was properly fitted. The wife beater made it’s appearance again. There was a properly buttoned henley then later it was adorned with a woodsy chic flannel jacket. Good job Steffy. *sends mufffin basket to the wardrobe department*.

EC: They should send muffin baskets to us! Finally, listening to the wardrobe experts…US! Just kidding! (SWD: *points to diploma* my degree is in this shizz #ButNeverWorkedaDayinHollywood)  I still am on the fence about the wife beater. Maybe if Damon wore it…hmm…


SWD:You even got a reward for good wardrobe behavior with a big kiss from Elena. And her fantastic boots!! iWANT!! Where would I wear them? I don’t have frolicking at a lake house with immortals on my agenda, but if something comes up, I’m getting those boots.

EC: I liked those boots too! And her hair!!! Wait…is this a fashion inspired post? Let’s talk all about cute boots!

SWD: They’re all fashion posts #priorities I agree. Elena/ Nina/ Katherine is always a walking Pantene commercial.

Proper hoodage gets nookie

•Tyler: Stuff happens and there are more reason to dislike Tyler. Yay he goes! Finally.

EC: I was…kind of…umm…liking him. Don’t say a word.

SWD: *Backs WTH truck up* Really? Because he grew a soul? No, Stace, noooo!! He did save Stefan, I’ll give him that. But because of him uncle Mason is dead.

The Wolf Candy: 2 episodes. We get Brady for 2 episodes. You’re on the list Williamson.

EC: Williamson has a love of killing off pretty…I mean cast members.

Yup, went down the same road as Mason. Tyler, please, TYLER! Follow suit!

Elijah: He comes back and the group realizes he and Elena agreed that her dying is part of their pact. That sucks and all, but if she dies, will she leave me her boyfriend boots?

EC: The boots, please.

SWD: Then there’s this:

... and rewind. play. and rewind. play. and rewind. play

SWD: Damon and Elijah in the chain chair. What the heck? That’s like the “very bad doggie” choke collar from PetCo. I’m liking Elijah more, his badness is surpassing his good boy hair.

EC: A cool bad guy is definitely a must for this type of television program.

And that collar? Ouch! Also, good thing Alaric had that ring! Bad thing, bad daddy Jonathan putting questioning thoughts into Jenna’s head. Fun fact, Alaric originally was romantically paired with one of his high school students on the books. They definitely skipped that part/scandal when creating the show.

These follicles saved the day!

•Bonnie and (not so)Whiny (Jeremy) hook up. She called him hot. It was cute.

EC: It was! What is this show doing to me redeeming Whiny and Pissy! Argh!

•Lots of Matt. Yay! He and caroline will make up next week and I will be happy #TeamMatt

EC: You do like your Matt. * yawn * Did I just yawn? #TeamCarolineandStefan

SWD: I know, why is that? I never like the nice ones. How can I like Evil Elijah AND Mild Matt? #iblametheJamiepost

•Alaric’s crazy awesome hair is taking on a life of it’s own. How did he not die?

EC: The magical ring! Do I win a prize?

SWD: Oh yeah, I forgot he is well endowed with some anti-death family jewels

Back up, John. Guy must have stock in Altoids.

•I forgot, why don’t they kill John? Is he going to replace Tyler for receiving my angst vibes? He is icky. And dude, back up when you talk to people. Personal space invader.

EC: Cause he was Sark on Alias! Oh and Elena’s daddy.

Random: is Tyler’s mom Dolores? If so, then she should go with close talker John #Seinfeldreferences

EC: Ha! * doing the Elaine dance *

In conclusion: Everyones lips were very glossy and I once again had shoe envy.

EC: Nice shoes for the win!

Zipped, bitches!!!!

A very JORT post

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It’s warm here in the OC. You know what that means? Time to break out the JORTS.

Which got me wondering. Since Jacob imprints (eww) on Renesmeee. To show his creepiness devotion, do you think for a baby gift he brings her these:

Huggies Jorts: for when wolves imprint on infants

Will we soon find this, wandering around the pre schools of La Push?

Where are their mothers?

And all of this makes this sooooo much creepier. That’s Quil!

Eww, that's even what they call the non Quiluetes

I’ll leave you with this blog. Just Jorts . It’ll make your mullet stand on end.

Outlander update

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..It’s been finished by both of us (yay!)


Back in September, we started this book. I’ve (SWD) now read all but the last book (Echo in the Bone), and I am fangirling all over this series. EC is ready for book 2 (maytheforcebewithyou, Stace). EC Stace and I need to discuss it, since we didn’t while we were reading it.

EC: I did it! I read the whole thing! I know it took me a LONG time, but if you are reading at night and are extremely tired sometimes you have to reread the Scottish dialogue several times. That or I might be a bit dense. Probably the second.

OK, this post will need some visuals. Sooo, ladies, choose your weapon Jamie. I did 10 minutes googling and visiting my outlander purgatory
massive amounts of research finding all of the popular Young Jamie options:

Andy Whitfield, Channing Tatum, Chris Hemsworth, Gabriel Aubry, Jensen Ackles, Josh Holloway, Sean Bean, David Wenham, Max Martini, Gerard Butler, Prince Harry, artistic rendition, Zach Roering (yes, that

SWD: *Thinks* Should I print that out and turn it into a bookmark? I think this might be my “Friends” “laminated” list.
Well, Gabriel Aubry seems to be the most popular choice, but he’s part of my V’lane (Fever series) amalgam (more on that in a future post). Let’s see, I’m going with Chris Hemsworth. Because he’s Thor, but then Andy Whitfield is Spartacus…and #swordskills…

EC: Jensen Ackles. That’s it! He’s the one. Dean from Supernatural would make a great Jamie and who I imagined the whole time. I also imagined him driving in a classic muscle car, instead of riding a horse. I perhaps might not be the best judge of these things.

And we need to pick Jamie’s hunting kilt. Here is the Frasser of Lovat kilt

Furry Sporran included

but we don’t see that one until later. What would Jamie wear while he’s incognito?

kilt me

SWD: I choose number 1, because I like dogs. And just like choosing wine, I always pick ones with animals on the labels.

EC: Look at all those kilts! Reminds me of Monarch of the Glen…and Archie and Lexie. They both need to be in Outlander. I love that show! I am so renting the boxed sets from the library!

While I also use my library card to take out Book 2! See I support my local library and like free things.

SWD: That is awesome! Somerhalder would be proud, EC!

Ok, now we need to choose our Randalls:

Ian Somerhalder (EC law, he must appear in all posts), Richard Armitage, Jason Issacs, Ralph Fiennes, Stephen Moyer, Jonathon Rhys Meyers

SWD: Uh oh, they’re kind of… well…. *wonders* Is it wrong to “Mmmphm” over Jack Randall?
They all look like they could do some damage, but I’m going with Richard Armitage (woohoo, again, another good my outlander purgatory idea)
But, when he’s not saying “SOOkeh is MAHINE”, Stephen Moyer’s dulcet British tones are quite exquisite, and he can stomach prop blood.

EC: I officially take Somerhalder and Rhys Meyers off this list! Now that I have finished the book, Randall is a completely vile character with no redeeming qualities!

Wait…Somerhalder plays Damon. He can be very bad, but not Randall bad. And Rhys Meyers? The Tudor’s King Henry the Eighth was not a good guy and crazy town. Maybe I need to stop thinking of the two of them as Boone from LOST and the cute soccer coach from Bend It Like Beckham. Nah, I don’t want to!

Oh, we need a Claire. I don’t feel like looking for an actress and I refuse to acknowledge Catherine Heigel as an option, so here’s my Claire:
I can see why you’re smiling, Claire!
SWD: Claire’s totally a pin-up in my head.

EC: I still like the idea of Annie from the UK version of Being Human! (Just saw a commercial for the new season on BBC America during Top Gear. Yay!) I also saw a little bit of an English television show called Lark (something I can’t remember) that was on Public Television. The main girl would have been great! It also starred the now much older daughter from Absolutely Fabulous. Ugh! Does anybody know the title of this show?

Claire falls through the stones, hangs out in the castle and becomes, to use EC’s perfect phrase “Dr. Barbie.” Then Dougal sends them all on the road. I think the road would have some hijinx, since it’s a bunch of dudes… and Highaland warrior dudes at that. They’d be doing unruly-man-away-from-civilization activities, most likely involving fire… and urine. Like this:

EC: I like when they hit the road. It was like Road Trip with kilts! And danger! Also uncomfortable moments for our heroine, liked forced marriage! (I wasn’t surprised that Dougal wanted Claire for himself.)

Also, the witch trial scenes! That was very dramatic. Poor Geillis! Yes, I know she wasn’t the nicest character, but she was in the same boat as Claire. She was just trying to survive in a world that she wasn’t a part of. Gellis just handled it very poorly.

What happens in the highlands stays in the highlands: Murtagh, Rupert, Dougal, and the gang. Where

So, Jamie and Claire hook up. Yay! I was shocked that Jamie was an “Edward Cullen” and they waited to go “Breaking Dawn” before the feathers flew.

EC: I wasn’t. The Cullen in him was strong! (like The Force in Star Wars) Jamie, like Edward was a good man forced in tough situations. The difference is that perhaps Outlander is a bit umm…better written. I still love Twilight, but…Outlander is fantastic.

Oh hell, if Sid Vicious is my Young Ian, Debbie Harry as Geillis shouldn

And since Jamie is an “Edward Cullen”, it still bugs me, even though it’s trivial, that Jelly Donut (Geillis Duncan) tells Claire that Jamie fathered Hamish. It tainted my early Jamie. I dinna like my Jamie tainted, Jelly! Speaking of Jelly, Debbie Harry is my Geillis…. See how nice I am to you, young Ian? Back to Outlander, and Gellis.

EC: Please note, my Geillis comments above.

Various Viggos= Dougalicious

And Dougal. I think I have mentioned my bizarre fascination with Dougal before, yes, I know he’s a dirk, but still. These are my Dougal’s, can you blame me?

EC: Dougal is interesting, because he does questionable things, but he means well. Sort of. Sometimes. Plus, he’s much better than his brother!

OK, where can I get the Liam Rob Roy doll? I need to add that to my desktop, That

Ohhh keep reading EC…

I want fanfic an extra chapter or two of the Alice Cullen, hey it’s my blog, I can cross series Geillis/Dougal trysts.

And Column? Why not Golly from “Monarch of the Glen”?

EC: Golly is just the coolest. He needs to be somebody cool. I need to ponder this one. Ideas anyone?

Although, his nickname, Golly, doesn

SWD: So a lot of drama and adventure happens.
So I’m not really a crier (unless it’s happy tears involving music, kids, or old folks), BUT I totally cried when Claire comes back down the hill and into the cottage. Uh, wine may have been involved.

EC: So many scenes in this book made me happy/sad weepy. Also, openly cheering a strong heroine like Claire.

Wentworth recap: THIS:
BJR was here too… doing bad things. and now I have the True Blood theme song associated with Wentworth and I’m traumatized

SWD: For some strange reason, maybe since I’d already seen True Blood Season 3 (hello, Lorena) The BJR details didn’t horrify me as they should. Don’t get me wrong, I was completely offended, but not vomit it my mouth disgusted, like a normal person would be. Damn you True Blood! I was so sad it happened to Jamie. I mourned innocent happy-go-lucky-at-Leoch Jamie. But it’s Jamie, and he’s magic and comes out of it.

EC: Number one, that picture freaks me out. I am pretending I didn’t see it. Number two, I think those details freaked me out. When looking at villains, Randall is one of the worst. He is insane. No wonder, Jamie was messed up after that. That’s one of reasons, Claire is such a great character. She fought to not only to physically save him from Randall, but emotionally as well. No shrinking violet here!

Clare is awesome, she does even more bad assery in the future books. I love Claire. Claire needs to take Bella under her wing and discuss career paths with her. Anywho, I really enjoyed this book, especially since I already had a long standing kilt fetish acute fondness for all things Scottish (my people).

EC: I enjoyed it too! Bring on Book 2!!!