Vampire Diaries recap: The Descent

posted by snowwhitedrifted (West coast Stacey/SWD) and East Coast Stacey

…or Rose raids the wardrobe closet of a Renaissance Faire.

Don’t Forget, girls and boys… ye spoilers are abound! (Lookee I’m channeling Reinassance Rose!)

Ye Olde Rose, in...the Princess Bride?

Firstly, there was no whiny (Jeremy) or Witch Bonnie and I (SWD) was sad. I love Whiny’s awkward flirting and Bonnie’s outfits.
EC: Don’t tell anyone…I miss Whiny. We can just replace Pissy with Whiny and I would be really happy. Or just bring back Uncle Mason. Shh…

Damon’s Bedroom: (SWD) The bed’s like an island!”Nuff said.

This + This = Wardrobe WIN

Stefan’s Outfit: (SWD) He’smaking progress! He starts out in jammy bottoms and a wifebeater: WIN! We will never complain about a well toned man in undergarments. Good job, Steffy! Even the shirt you wore later was better. It was a pseudo Sam shirt! It would have been just slightly better if the sleeves had been rolled abit and you wore an athletic heather thermal underneath. I think Stefan would look best in upscale pseudo rockabilly. It suits his ‘do.

EC: Williamson owes us a special Freelance Wardrobe Consultant Position. Please make payments to Talk Supe (EC and WC Staceys). This can include cash, check and visits from certain cast members. However, though we love Somehalder’s environmental Stream of Consciousness we get enough of that on Twitter. He needs to be quiet and take us to the movies and a …wine bar! Epic!

If Caroline isn't up for it...

The future of Matt:

SWD: There was a lot of Tyler (Mr. Pissy). He and Caroline??!! NOOOOO!!! Caroline, dissed a kiss from Matt? Noooooo!!! If Caroline and Pissy get together, what will happen to Matt? Will he get the boot off of the show? Noooo!!! I’m Team Matt. Will he wander the forest lost and alone after
Caroline tells him, “I don’t want you to come!” Will he be so heartbroken that he wanders to the tomb and finds Katherine? Will she turn him into a vamp? Or would she keep him in the tomb and tap that ass him like her own personal keg of blood? Well, that would make a keg stand really interesting.

... someone will take her place.

EC: Do you think Matt is going to go cliff jumping? He already hangs out with Teen Wolf, Pissy Edition. Maybe he curled up in a ball and a shirtless, jort wearing Sam runs into the woods and carries him back to Charlie. Then he’ll start riding motorcycles and almost kiss Pissy until he gets a phone call leading him to jump on a plane with Ali…Rose and confront the Volturi…wait, what movie are we talking about. A show? Vampire Diaries? I got confused when Caroline told him not to follow her.

No one looks that composed after a night of campfire carnage.

Tyler’s first full moon:

(SWD) Awe, our lil were’s all growsd up. He’s lost his wereginity. Jules gives Mr. Pissy the “you’re a newbie” talk. Apparantly Jules has a PhD in dismemberment. That camping with carnage scene was gross. I have seen wasted bodies in the morning around a smoldering campfire, but that’s been a result of the demon liquor, not an actual demon.
EC: Is it like Tyler’s first period. hee Tyler is a 13 year old girl. He kind of acts like it. Girlie Wolf is hardcore scary. She eats people too! Did you notice the amount of carnage this week? It was like a horror movie. Crazed Rose running around snacking on the townfolk? Super scary!

Rose goes on a binder: (SWD) I want to call in sick with a werewolf bite. Would that ensue more or less questions than, “female issues”? Rose ate the town. It reminded me of how I will eat healthy food all day, then come home, drink a bottle a large glass of wine and become ravenous. Our cheese drawer doesn’t stand a chance, just like Mystic Falls’ red blooded population

Damon's killa terdrop

Damon cries: (SWD) He emotes, he cares, he helps Rose through her Ren Faire purgatory and lays her to rest. He also goes batsh*t Russell Eddington-type crazy at the end. He looked like Rob Lowe while doing it.
EC: Aww…that solitary, sweet tear…Feminine Side Damon…Forget about that and the loving Rose moment. (Bye bye Rosie!) I love drunk Damon! He should be slurring his words every episode. That and every episode Alaric/Damon bonding time! They should have a talk show.

Well, I’m rather disappointed with this episode, there isn’t much to make fun of. It was good! It was sad! Stefan had good outfits!

And I forgot, who the hell is Isabel and why are we waiting for her?
EC: Isabella is Elena’s mommy. I think. right?


3 Responses to “Vampire Diaries recap: The Descent”

  1. *sniff* This epi made me cry. Poor, poor Damon.

    But my main question is how in the hell does Mystic Falls have any sort of population? People die ALL THE TIME. It’s like, Detroit or Compton up in there.

    They must reproduce like rabbits.

  2. I really hope tonight Uncle Daddy Jon’s says to Elena and the gang, “If there’s anything I hate more than an emo vampire, it’s a bitchy werewolf.” I’m so over Jules.

    And poor Damon…

  3. finally show this epi!!! Awesome!!!! Loved how Damon finally emoted over Rose instead of Elena!

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