Well, it’s looking at me, taunting…

posted by snowwhitedrifted (West coast Stacey/ SWD)

I’m trying to delay gratification…

**SPOILERS** Sort of, not really.

It's neon-safety-vest green, how can I ignore it!

The other day I finished “A Breath of Snow and Ashes” (book 6 in the Outlander series). Which means that there is just one more to read, until a new book is released, which is, what, like a year+ away? I have a lot of questions I want answered and know the answers are in the next book, but I don’t want to find out yet. Why? Because then what? What will I read next? Finish Water for Elephants  or the Glass Castle? Probably not since I realized I don’t like circuses or …dirt. The Hunger Games series? Can I really go to a young adult series after reading, “…on your knees a nighean.” I don’t think so. That is why I haven’t started “Echo in the Bone” yet. I know it’s going to be good , and have seen that it too is one of the ones in the series that has been known to become projectile after WTF moments. I see this one referenced as mucha s Voyager. That was a goodie too. They’re all goodies, though, aren’t they?

EC: Quick note, WC Stacey: Hunger Games is fantabulous! (Yes…Hunger Games needed a made up mash up word to illustrate it’s scary brillance.) Seriously, you know how Twilight (though we love it) never actually commits to going there? Well… Hunger Games is violent and well written. BTW…so is Water for Elephants and I hate clowns.)

(SWD update: I resumed reading WFE.. yes, I put it down too soon initially. Thanks for the encouragemnet, EC. Also recently saw that BenSpian is a casting option for Gale… so I’m in)

SWD:  I’ll read them all and I will love them, I know. I was hesitant to start Outlander too since I’d just finished the Sookie books and really liked them.

Anywho… here’s what I’m speculating and pontificating on for Echo:

WitchBonnie as Phaedra. Why not?

Ian. Lately it all comes down to Ian. I wondered what happened to Phaedra, would Ian and Phaedra hook up? ‘Cause I picture Vampire Diaries’ witch Bonnie as Phaedra… and that’d be hot. Go Duncan.

• Why are they going to Scotland to get the printing press if Fergus is a printer? Are they just needing to “Get out of Dodge” so to speak. I work in the printing (well, screen printing) industry. I’d be happy to offer our printshop for Mr. Fraser’s disposal. Today, T-shirts with silly sayings are the broadsheets of the 21st century. Jamie could get his message across like a hipster. Plus tees, with a kilt and say, combat boots, very chic (maybe a little 1994, but whatevs). What, where am I going with this? Who knows.

Let's not waste paper, Jamie

Ladies like printed tees too

Even kilts could be customized

• Does Ian go with them to Scotland? He better. I love Ian!! And when did he go from gawky lad to, well, sexy Brave with good hair? I guess it started somewhere in “Drums of Autumn” but then was fully realized with the whole walking tour to the wooly Mammoth with Bree Bree. Maybe it’s because I picture him looking like  Sid Vicious #punksnotdead #rolemodels  and a dash of Chester from Linkin Park with a hint of   Trent Reznor circa early Nine Inch Nails? Yes, that does make me feel a little weird and creepy funny whenever I hear the song, “Closer.” And the tattoos. I know we all freaked when he got tattooed, but now, I see them as character lines (which is also what I call my, “mom wrinkle” that has suddenly appeared between my eyebrows…).

Young Ian: an amalgam of rock/punk musicians

Can you see it too?

Anyway. I start each of these books with so many questions. I’m a little lost in the dark because, well I don’ really love spoilers, but I need to know that all will be OK. Seriously, I feel like an alcoholic searching for an AA meeting. I need  someone I can email during “the dark times,” wandering the forest, lost and alone, like Bella after Edward dumps her. I need someone to walk me through my Stutters McBlinky moments, telling me to” accept the things I can not change, change the things I can not accept, and the wisom to know the differnce.”

Outlander accountability partner? Sponsor? I need one. East Coast Stacey, you’ll understand. I’ll be here for your midnight texts, when you read about Wentworth, the all of it begining of Dragonfly in Amber, Leghair, Ian, Malva. So anyone out there whose, “been through the program” and would like to share their knowledge? Email me:  talksupe@gmail.com subject: snowwhitedrifted is a pansy who can’t face a wee book on her own.

So, in conclusion. Do I wait to start this book? Read something else in between or just go for it and get it out of my system (yeah right, like a reread won’t happen soon thereafter). *sniff sniff* like a good cabernet, I don’t want it out of my system.

Keep reading this???

Or finish this? What's in Reese's red cup? Aren't red cups copyrighted for alcohol use only?

Or begin this? Is this Gale?

Had to include this additional pic of Sid for his garment choice:

Is that a “Viva Le Roi” shirt? #sowrong

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And I wanted to add this for EC, just because…he’s a bit Roger-y, here.

Mmmphm for EC

4 Responses to “Well, it’s looking at me, taunting…”

  1. Mmmmphh indeed! Mmmmphh indeed! (so nice, I said it twice!)

    Finishing Outlander this week and onto book two!!! Get ready for those late night texts my friend. On the plus side for you, my late night texts will only be like early evening for you!

  2. LOL re: Outlander accountability partner/sponsor. Over at the Purgatory, we call that the Outlander Mentor[TM]. It is SERIOUSLY dangerous to read these books without one. As you’ve learned, there are moments (beginning of Dragonfly, anyone?) where you need to be talked down, STAT. I remember having to slip off to the bathroom at work because Carol was on the phone going, “What?? WHAT?? How could this be??? I can’t take this!!!” and I needed to calm her down before she did something dangerous to herself or the book.

    I daresay there are one or two moments where an Outlander Mentor may be necessary during Echo… 😉

    • @ Tracey
      (SWD here) LOL- you got it,,”had to be talked down” is the perfect way to put it. That’s what I’m afraid of…. the Dragonfly Syndrome. I read the begining, one afternoon last fall, and was sooo depressed I couldn’t even get my head around it. We went to a Jimmy Buffett concert that night and I was BLUE… in Margaritaville (well, I’m not really a huge Buffett fan, and it was an outdoor concert, and it was kind of raining, and I may have been overserved which my husband was irritated with…) but anyway. I’ve heard Echo has theose moments, and I’m currently in an Outlander happy place, after Snow & Ashes, so I’ve been putting off the read. I’m scared to go back to the DIA dark place. 🙂

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