Pay It Forward.

posted by snowwhitedrifted (West Coast Stacey/ SWD)

Stylish Blogger Awards… Us?! (Squee!!)

Here's to fun blogs and bloggers, Sláinte!!!

Thank you so much to My Outlander Purgatory  for giving us a Stylish Blogger Award! Purgatory Carol and Tracey are hilarious and voice all of those crazy thoughts we have about the Outlander series. They. Go There.  A celebratory Slow clap for your wit and insight, sassie lassies! Plus they’re is lots of kilt talk. #Mmmphm

EC: I LOVE their blog! Of course, I am only almost done with book one. Which basically means that I am spoiling the rest of the books for myself. That’s okay. I really like spoilers, I really love their blog and I like Scotland. (Well anything in the British Isles. Hello…Clive Owen. Who could HE be in an Outlander movie? I watch those BMW car movies just to see him.) 

Almost as rewarding as this would have been...well...

Here’s What we have to do to pay it forward:

~~Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
~~Share things about yourself.
~~Award recently discovered great bloggers.
~~Contact these bloggers about the award.

-About the two of us Stacey’s:

• We met as a result of the comments section of letters to twilight.

•  Our husband’s hate vampires and the fact that we don’t.

EC: Though I must admit it might not be the actual vampires, more that his lady is crazy obsessed with these shows and movies. Which if you think about it is very reasonable on his part. Unfortunately, my boat to crazy town sailed long ago…thanks a bunch Buffy or should I say OZ. (What can I say that show is a classic! And so is Seth Green. Which is the only reason to watch Can’t Hardly Wait 15 times. Well Green and Peter Facinelli. Oops! Went off on a tangent again.) 

SWD: I love “Can’t Hardly Wait!” My college friend Joel Michaely was one of the geeks. And have you seen PFach in “The Lather Effect”? Cute flick.

…Wow, tangents!!

-About West Coast Stacey/ snowwhitedrifted:

• My first supernatural crush was Bill Murray in Ghostbusters.

• I’ve never met a black boot I didn’t buy like.

• I put ice cubes in my chardonnay #klassy

• I hate cheesecake but am obsessed with cheese and all other dairy products.

•I’m an only daughter of an only daughter and I have an only daughter. We’re the friggin Joy Luck Club, but were Anglo.

• I’m an indie music lovah, and I can’t stand RUSH, The B-52’S  (traitor to my 80’s upbringing, I know) or Gloria Estefan.

• I have 2 Jack Rusell terriers. Yes, they have sweaters. They are Team Alcide. Even the boy (well, especially the boy) #gaypets.

• I’d like to think I’m kind of hip, a bit edgy, and a little retro…but I think I’m actually a twi-mom in denial. Can you be “hip” and “retro” at the same time? Didn’t think so. See, #delusional

• I thwarted a pick pocket attempt in south central LA. #dumbwhitegirlmove

• I got engaged on a dog sled ride in Alaska. Funny thing, we were actually meaning to go to Scotland, but ran out of money time to plan it. But I walked down the aisle behind a piper nonetheless (yes, long before I read the books).

• The supe character I can most relate to is Alice Cullen, except for the graceful part. I’ve had  Her soccer mom haircut,  since before she was ever written.

• #Iliketouse #hashtags #innontwitter #situations #likeblogs #andtextmessages

-About East Coast Stacey:

• I should never be allowed to do certain extreme or slightly extreme sports. Not only due to extreme clumsiness, but as learned on a college ski trip to Vermontbeing walked down a hill by the ski patrol, skiing is dangerous and cold. Maybe I should have, you know, taken a lesson first instead of listening to my ‘friends’ saying that they’ll ‘teach’ me. Fun fact: You can be asked out by previously mentioned ski patrol guy with frozen tears and snot on your face. Then not go due to embarrassment. #frozensnotnotanattractivelook

• I actually have a line of notecards I illustrated for a museum. They are of regional fish on the east coast. You need a notecard of a striped bass? Let me know. I can get them for you cheap, because I still have a whole bunch in my attic.

•  After supernatural stuff I am obsessed with Molly Ringwald and John Cusack 80’s movies. I was too young to watch them when they came out, but the videos of them were sleepover staples in high school. That and the Princess Bride. WWMRD! (What Would Molly Ringwald Do)

• Pink and purple are my favorite colors and I wear a lot of J.Crew and Anne Taylor Loft. #PreppySupeWatcher

• My favorite bands are usually alternative and indie (Black Keys, Bombay Bicycle Club, Radiohead, etc) and my Talk Supe playlist shows that. BUT…my heart belongs to Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Kayne West and every GLEE song. That’s what I actually write listening to.

• I like to write stories. Fiction stories. Sometimes fanfiction stories. I am embarrassed now.

• I love gin and tonics. But haven’t had one in a LONG time. I did have a glass of Pinot Noir recently. It was yummy.

• I look like a redheaded Bella with airheaded Sookie tendencies. 

• As observed above, also I am long winded and chatty. 

Blogs that makes us spit coffee (or iced tea) on our screen.

letterstotwilight/letterstorob: Humourously poking fun of the Twilight and Rob Pattinson fandom and the fact they are a part of it. With real jobs, real lives, and cute effing shoes.

Adventures in Twilighting Even more snarky and celebratory Twilight bits.

RobNipulations Photoshop pics of said Rob in compromising situations. Seriously, the purple unicorn chaps pic made me Brendan Fraser “special clap” (side note… a dork moment by a “Fraser”, who knew??!!)

It’s gone now..*sniff, sniff*…BUT it’s now YAY!

ASkarsswedishmeatballs Celebrating the aesthetic qualities of one Alexander Skarsgard with sarcasm and wit. Seriously, she’ll make you snort laugh.

trueblood-news A good source for what the True Bloodies are up to. Also, the episode recaps by citizen erased are a must- read!

Thanks for reading us and give all these blogs a hand!

Don't clap too hard. Brendan, we mean you.


4 Responses to “Pay It Forward.”

  1. O. M. G. I love you ladies more and more each day. Thanks for giving us the honor.


    UT 🙂

  2. Brendan Fraizer clap!!! hehehehe

    I feel like I just watched the “catch up” episode for newbies they always throw into the first season of a show that they didn’t know would be as big of a hit, but then it is and tons of people start watching but missed the beginning. Anyway…to avoid said episodes this year, the CW just played repeats of everything for December and january. The writer’s strike is over, btw, CW.

  3. OMG Ladies! Thank you! Thank you!

    Thank you for the award AND for getting me and UT into TrueBlood and Vampire Diaries, bitches! 😛

    Love you! (shoutout coming tomorrow) 😀

    PS ❤

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