Dear WC Stacey (SWD), Water For Elephants is…

posted by East Coast Stacey

Dear WC Stacey (SWD),

I know you are embedded in the world of Scottish Outlanders, and trust me I don’t blame you a bit. The character of Jamie is absolutely brillant and swoony. However, I beg of you watch this trailer for Water for Elephants and perhaps read another chapter of the book. You WILL be Team Jacob in this one! He is a swoony male lead, as well, and a fun, crusty oldster as well.

Let's Go To The Circus!


Our boy has gone and grown up!


Honestly, Pattinson is the lead in the movie. Not giggly Twilight and Eclipse commentary Rob. You know the one, a cross between a 13 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. I mean it’s charming, somewhat funny and all, but listening to him alternates between giving a wee headache and wanting to get him a matchbox car. THIS WFE Rob is like if he grew up and became a sensitive animal doctor like in the British Show All Creatures Great and Small. (Brillant, classic British TV!)

You better run with that puppy, mister!


I know that you’ve mentioned that you don’t like circuses, BUT isn’t Rosie the elephant adorable? Book Rosie is EVEN cuter. Plus…THE DOG! You know you love THE DOG! Seriously, I have a pathological fear of clowns thanks to Stephen King’s IT and I still love the Depression era circus portrayed in the book. It was quite a bit seedy. But the elephant and THE DOG bring the happy for me.

Who can resist a book about a man and his trunk...I mean elephant.


Unfair real life expectations to all the cougars out there.


Also, for the Twi moms who love them some Edward and Bella…here’s a love story about a cougar and her vet. Seriously, who can resist a movie/book where the heroine is in her 30’s (Hey, Reese!) and is the romantic interest of a young, whippersnapper. What a brillant and unfair book concept. Usually, it’s the OTHER way around. Right, Gyllenhaal and Swift?

Not only, did this book get Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon attached to it, but also Oscar winner Christopher Waltz attached to it! Oscar winners love the Depression era carnies!

Hey, Robert...if you are good we'll let you join our club!

Finally, my last ditch appeal…this book lead to this picture…

How can you NOT read a book that influenced THIS picture.

Alright…as long as you watch the movie and review the movie, I’ll give you a pass on the book. I CANNOT wait for this movie!


EC Stacey

Hey Talk Supe friends, are you excited too? Have YOU read the book? Let us know in the comments!


3 Responses to “Dear WC Stacey (SWD), Water For Elephants is…”

  1. snowwhitedrifted Says:

    Firstly, “Oscar winners love the depression era carnies” Made me choke on my cashew, so funny. And, THIS, “Seriously, who can resist a movie/book where the heroine is in her 30′s (Hey, Reese!) and is the romantic interest of a young, whippersnapper. What a brillant and unfair book concept.”. No kidding!

    Your timing with this is perfect! I haven’t started the last Outlander book yet. I thought I’d maybe take a breather. So last night I dusted off WFE, noticed figuring I’d delve back into it while Mr. Snow was sucked into Angry Birds. I noticed I was on page 92, realizing that I could probably finish it in an evening or two. Lately, I’m a lean mean reading machine. So I was about to start when I flipped through the channels and got sucked into Immortal Beloved, the Beethoven movie, again. I love me some Ludwig V. Anywho, this morning, I put WFE in my car now and will be reading it at lunch! Your post just clinched the pennant!
    And DUUUUDE!!! That’s my dog!!!!!!!!! Rob’s got my dog!!!!

  2. snowwhitedrifted Says:

    LOL, that we have a category called “Pattinson Ponderings”! #LOL

  3. ahh i love that book! so cant wait for the movie

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