It looks the same, BUT Being Human-American Style

It looks the same, but not quite. Must be the accents…

The Staceys’ present:

A Yankee Doodle Being Human Recap of Episode 1

 posted by EC Stacey and WC Stacey (SWD)

 There used to be a Disney movie that used to be on television occasionally in the 80’s called the Parent Trap. The 60’s movie that Lindsey Lohan remade when she wasn’t in rehab and had the cute red hair. Well, as I (EC) watched the premiere of the American version of Being Human, that movie came to mind. You see, this new version of Being Human LOOKS a lot like the British version. When you dig a bit deeper, there are some glaring differences. Let’s figure it out together, shall we?

THE SETTING (aka I don’t know what state we’re in but it sure looks like England):

Let’s just lay it out there…whoever is the set director just stole or ‘borrowed’ the production notes from the English version. The house? THE SAME. The hospital? PRETTY DARN CLOSE TO BEING THE SAME. Geor…I mean, JOSH’S little wolfie club med (hospital basement)? YEP, THE SAME. The slightly rainy and foggy city? Forks…I mean ENGLAND. Talking about the good people of Forks…

SWD: I think they’re in Virginia. On the top of one of the buildings it read :Suffolk County. That’s in VA, right?

DIALOGUE (If it’s not going to have an accent I want some gangsta talk. Fo’Shizzle:  

We’ll be talking about the actual plotlines further down, but let me just point out the TWILIGHT mention by the ghost previously known as Annie, Sally. I banged my head on a table on that one. I like Twilight, I’ll admit it. But why is it that EVERY show has to mention it? Right now, I’ll take a True Blood, Buffy or even an old school Keanu and Winona Dracula shout out. Just not Twilight. Well until Breaking Dawn comes out, cause that’s going to be hilarious! Will there be more American references? There might have been others, but I watched the show at a wickedly early time in the morning. I might have missed them. 


Scrubbed up for apartment haunting, er hunting

SWD: I know!! Whereas I used to do an inner “Squee!!!” when Twilight was mentioned. Now I just kind of cringe with embarrassment as the overplaying of that card. Is it a SAG rule that if you have a vampire and a werewolf you have to mention Twilight? ‘Cause you don’t. True Blood doesn’t… oh wait, those books were written long BEFORE Twilight, when inter supernatural species could frolic unstereotyped through the moonlit soaked woods. But this vamp and wolf have a bromance, unseen in other series. Yay for the Keanu Winona Dracula ref, I heart that film so much, still.

EC: I miss the accents! Not one character has one. A would love some regional dialect of some sort. Southern, Western, Stephen King’s Maine would add a little flavor.

CHARACTERS (Mark Pelligrino is da bomb):

 Pleasantly surprised with the casting. I liked Sally. She was as daffy as Annie was in series one, so it’s a good start. (SWD: and the sweaters, they kept the cozy gray Annie sweaters!!!! #impressed. Those friggin sweaters are almost as epic as Sam Merlottes’ shirts, don’t mess with ’em)  Aidan? Grew on me as the episode went on. Not Mitchell, but he he’s good so far. Would I call him sexy, nope not my type. Plus, I still see him as his Smallville character. Maybe, I should just call him ‘Doomsday’ the whole time? hmm…

The sweater remains the same!! WIN


Josh. What can we say about Josh? He’s a pissy little thing, isn’t he? Maybe, George was too. I forgot, because I like George. Josh started out somewhat funny and adorkable, but just veered off too pissy boy. It’s a wait and see with this guy.

SWD: I’m in precise agreement with you on all points.

Bishop. Scary. Even wearing a v-neck sweater. (I bet Stefan wearing his cartigans and hoodies, wishes he could pull that off) Plus, Mark Pellegrino is just cool. Come on, he was Jacob on LOST! The devil on SUPERNATURAL! The guy can pull off good and evil in amazing ways. 


Aidan snacks on an elbow app

SWD: Yes, sooo creepy, and even creepier in the “Donnie Brasco” coat. The vampire brothel/loft reminded me of the Vegas’ hotel,  the Cosmopolitan commercials. What happens in Bishops’…. 



Wait, Josh has a sister?!? Did George?!?


The same. Well except for the lesbian sister…

SWD: I missed season one BBC BEing Human. Is this how they all met?


The wedding scene freaked me out a bit. Mostly, the little girl peering at Aidan out from under the table that was surrounded by bloody bodies of wedding guests. Eww! And creepy! And cool.

SWD: I sense they are going to do a really good job with the flashbacks. Will they compare to Stefan, Damon and Katherine flashbacks? Probably,in the scare and the carnage factor. Speaking of, I miss the VampDi flashbacks. Stefan’s a confederate cutie and he doesn’t sport the cardis. Anyway, back to Being Human’s flashbacks. Will they compare to True Blood’s Eric Viking days. Hell no because they’re not vikings and vikings do pillaging best.

SWD: In conclusion, I enjoyed this version of Being Human, and I was expecting not to. IT got a little dark/ emo but that’s par for the course, we’ve learned with new supes struggling with their remnants of humanity. We all know, from Russell Eddington, Eric Northman, Aro, Elijah, Katherine and Damon, that once you get acclimated the bloodflow is a lot more fun. I know they won’t “fall off the wagon” because they are being human, but it validates the emonesss. I am very impressed Syfy!

Headshot/ Mugshot/ DogTag ID/ whatevs, we'll be watchin'


2 Responses to “It looks the same, BUT Being Human-American Style”

  1. WCS-its set in Boston. So ECS suggestion of a regional dialect…well…would get annoying…

    Finally saw the American version epi 1- reserving judgement but will be checking out epi 2.

  2. Um, the vampire isn’t as hot. Not interested.

    And I hope that the Parent Trap you’re talking about was actually in the 90s since Lohan is younger than I am and I wasn’t age 5 until 1990….

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