Pattinson Award Wardrobe Golden Globe Addition


posted by EC Stacey

Thank you, Robert!  I was worried. Luckily, you redeemed yourself. Even Ricky Gervais didn’t rib you except to say you were pretty. (Which made me slightly disappointed in Gervais. So many joke options! Then Rob everyone noticed  when you… umm…checked out Olivia Wild’s backside. Classy, my friend. I do think she married, so I would watch my back if I were you! 

SWD (west coast Stacey/ snowwhitedriftd):: I watched some of the Golden Globes… but I was with a group of girlfriends, on a wine tasting weekend in Santa Rosa, so my attention span was a little askew. I think I saw Rob, but it turns out it was Annette Benning, she had the Robward ‘do.

While, I was watching the Globes and Gervais angering the Jolie-Pitts, I was reading this:


Dinna know I could multitask, lads and lassies?

Which lead to this dream:

A legitimate Golden Globes fashion choice in the Scottish Highlands



Robert Pattinson was wearing his Golden Globe finery in a large Scottish meadow. Next to him stood Johnathan Rhys Myers, Jensen Ackles and Kevin McKidd (Grey’s Anatomy) all wearing kilts. 

They were all having a serious discussion in Gaelic. So I had no clue they were talking about. They were such an attractive lot of actors, that I really didn’t care. Then Rob exclaimed in his best Scotich accent, “Ach laddies, dinna you think my tan jacket would clash with my tartan?”  

SWD: That’s one helluva dream, lassie!!! Now you can understand how the friggin Outlander obsession series gets stuck in ones subconscious. Squeee!!! It happened to EC too! And of course your aforementioned dream reminded me of:


SWD: I was so excited to receive the text saying Jonathan Rhys Meyers would be a good Black Jack Randall. Yay you’re casting this series in your head too! I’ve seen JRM as a hypothetical leading candidate for BJR elsewhere too. Speaking of Golden Globes and casting Outlander…did you see Chris Hemsworth (Thor) presenting? Hello Young Jamie!!!

So, basically I vast improvement over the People’s Choice Dream. Hey, one of my favorite parts…


We know he can rock the period costuming Outlander style!


I have need to watch The  Tudors! Thank goodness BBC America is replaying it! Ohh…


Because he gets jealous...not really but let's pretend


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2 Responses to “Pattinson Award Wardrobe Golden Globe Addition”

  1. ECS I think he was checking out her crazy shoes. Saw them on Perez- they were cool! & I hate to add but have to… His super into KS!!!

  2. Awe, I’m happy for the kiddos.

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