No Alcoholic Beverages When Picking out Award Show Attire

Mr. Pattinson This Intervention is for Your Own Good

posted by EC Stacey

Robert, Robert, Robert…who picked this jacket for you? It’s very 1980’s Dad Jacket. Did you get it out of the back of Dick’s closet? I had this dream:

Robert Pattinson and my dad were sitting at Starbucks. (Which was funny, because I think my dad would say they areĀ overpriced for a plain cup of Joe) They were both wearing that jacket. Robert annouced with a happy giggle, “Mr. EC’s Dad, you look so nice in that jacket!”

My dad replied, “No son, you look so nice!”

Then they both smiled and drank their coffee.

I woke up with a small scream.

For my sake, the next award show, PLEASE wear something like this…

Much better

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5 Responses to “No Alcoholic Beverages When Picking out Award Show Attire”

  1. snowwhitedrifted Says:

    Perfect contrasting pics, EC!!!
    And was anyone else hoping that the TRIOLOGY’s big couple revelation
    would be:

    later followed by this:

  2. Is it me or does he look like he lost weight- too skinny!

  3. The jacket is overall odd… like a windbreaker in one picture and a faux leather in another–I just can’t tell what it is!!! But, you should tell your dad that Starbucks straight coffee is only $1.40 for a 12 oz. (with the 10c discount for bringing your own cup–Ian would approve), which is actually the cheapest on the market besides the $1.00 cup at my local coffeeshop. However, said coffeeshop is only $1 for there, a to go is $1.50. Tricky, tricky! I guess they assume you’ll get a 75c refill if you’re there and they’ll make more money in the long run. Who knows.

    Anyway…when is VampDi back on? I’ve officially watched all of season 1 now and I’m just dying for new material here!!! I don’t even remember what just happened on any of the shows I watch… I hope they do a good “Previously on”

  4. Somebody wanted to be matchy matchy with her guy; and, as the lovebirds were well aware that Summit would have a crack team on board the posh private jet to forcibly strip them of their communal wardrobe of plaid shirts and ratty Tees; THIS was the result.

    Also, thanks for sharing what was probably the most disappointing Rob Dream EVER.

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