Because the Hybrid names are funny

posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ West Coast Stacey)

It all began with RobWard

Because of the legendary TomKat, Bennifer, and Brangelina, the formula for name combos is mainstream. Not only does this apply to celeb couples, but to actors and their most infamous characters as well. We are all familliar with Robward (Robert Pattinson + Edward Cullen = Robward) and Taycob (Taylor Lautner + Jaccob Black= Taycob), thanks to LTT, and most people in “normal” real life will know exactly who they are, but what about those other supes… Are their hybrid names well known? Apparantly not, since I used the name “Benspian” (Ben Barnes  + Caspian = Benspian) on Facebook much to my friend’s chagrin. Sooo, sure some work, like the aforementioned Robward and Taycob, however, some do not.

For instance:



"Tail" of Kristella the amourous cat

Kristella (Kristen Stewart + Bella Swan= Kristella). This sounds like a bizarre cat whose owner is just stepping out of her romance novel period (ehrm, throwing stones here… said by the woman whose phone is named “Mac Dubh”).

Micharo (Michael Sheen + Aro (like Bono, no second name needed) = Micharo). Nope, sounds like either a knock off Renaissance painter or Japanese beer.


Kellmett is shocked you are not keeping the promise.

Kellmett (Kellen Lutz + Emmett Cullen= Kellmett). “Special” muppet?

Petelisle (PFach (I’m not spelling that) + Carlisle Cullen = Petelisle) Sounds like an additive to fireplace logs. “Eh Love, throw some more Petelisle on the fire, will ya?”

(True Blood)

Alexric (Alexander Skarsgård + Eric Northman= Alexric). Sounds like either Vampire Diarie’s Alaric’s distant Eastern European cousin with a crossover eating dissorder, or, it’s just lame. No things Eric nor Alex are permitted to be lame. Moving on.

Annookie (Anna Paquin + Sookie Stackhouse= Annookie) Native American Indian Tribe? A new Jersey Shore character?


Jocide says, "Kiss my Merlottes grits!" Oh wait, that was the other one.

Jocide (Joe Manganiello + Alcide Herveaux= Jocide). I just picture the blonde dingey waitress from “Mel’s Diner”.

SamSam (Sam Trammell + Sam Merlottes) A musical instrument, like a “tomtom” or a member of one of my friend’s family whose names are: JoeJoe, JayJay, JonJon, and JingJing.


Jendean (Jensen Ackles + Dean Winchester = Jendean). I think of a lard addative, like Crisco. Maybe I am just thinking of Paula Deen’s “stickah buttah” and Jimmy Dean sausage products.

(Vampire Diaries)

Stefanaul rocks it!

Paultefan (Paul Wesley + Stefan Salvatore = Paultefan). That could be  an alternative Rock Band, like “Interpol”, or “Anberlin”.  Coversely, upon reversing the name to “Stefanaul” it also sounds band-ish. Or am I just thinking of “Steppenwolf?” Maybe we’ll save that one for when  one of Stefan’s hoodies gets pelted by moonstones.

But Paultefan is more of a crooner. It's the cardigans.

DamIan (Damon Salvatore + Ian Somerhalder = DamIan). Sadly, the Omen spoiled this hybrid name. No one wants to associate Smolderholder with a creepy demon kid.

Wait a minute, Omen that TomStu? I may have to rethink this.

The DamIan's even have the same birds!!

Where's my Ninalenathrine?

Ninalenathrine (Nina Dobrev + Elena Gilbert + Katherine= Ninalenathrine). Nope, Male enhancement cream or herpes ointment. (*side note- very thankful I chose to google image “ointment” rather than “herpes cream”. Ointment was disturbing enough).

Here it is, sir. Oh wait, this is "Robb"rub. I like that better!

Ok, now I see why they cut the list at Robward.

*note, while searching, “Salvatore Raven”, these three images came up of all these actors looking very, uhhhh, bromantic. I thought I’d share.

It wouldn't be supey without bromances: Benspian, Jendean, and Robward

9 Responses to “Because the Hybrid names are funny”

  1. Robb rub-where do you find that!? LOL

  2. Robb rub-where do you find that!? LOL. ECS’s bray is next month….great present idea!!!

  3. Robb rub-where do you find that!? LOL. ECS’s b-day is next month….great present idea!!!

  4. Damnyouautocorrect

  5. Unrelated to SWD:

    I was at drinks in Florida the other night with an old friend and a couple of his friends. The girl made some joke about herself being lame for liking something or making a bad joke or similar and I said, “Oh please, don’t be embarrassed. Let’s keep it real, I like Twilight.” and she did a squee (yeah, out loud) and said how much she did too. Then she told me she had a secret, and I THOUGHT she was going to tell me she reads LTT, but instead she has a tattoo that is partially Twi inspired. Anyway, to the point: we were Twi-talking and suddenly she said, “Have you read the Outlander series?” and I said, “No, but my friend Stacey is reading them and she really loves them.” and then I realized I just referenced you as someone I know in RL and hang with all the time. It made me giggle on the inside. Speaking of things being bigger on the inside–have you watched any Doctor Who little lady?

    • snowwhitedrifted Says:

      You’d have to say I’m a RL friend, I mean the truth is way worse. This is totally feasable and acceptable. 🙂
      YES!! I did watch some Who during my all-too-short Holiday home time. I dig this show!! It reminds me a little of Twin Peaks (big fan, see avi) in it’s quirky randomness and odd dose of humor. All the episodes I’ve seen have had Tennant as The Doctor. I’ve seen the runaway bride and the bizarro Liam Neeson-in- Dickens-esque setting ones. I have the Christmas special DVR’ed. I hear it’s a goodie.
      I think I want a desktop Tardis that I can have Pocket Edward standing on and mock humping it or something. #Klassy.

      Are you tempted to read the “Outlander” books? *chants* doitdoitdoit. They’re good, plus I NEED to discuss this stuff. Golden Hemherroids… Roger drunk dirty talking… Fergus and his sauerkraut gas. Agh!!!

      • EC: I read three more pages!!! Whoo hoo! Then I fell asleep…

        Trying again tonight! :0)

      • snowwhitedrifted Says:

        @ EC- LOL. Oh hell, I read three more of the books since the last time you read this. 😉 It’s not assigned reading from a textbook, I swear. Have they even hooked up yet?

      • Well, I do need more reading material… I already finished up the doctor who book my fiance gave me for xmas and I’m just not feeling like diving back into my DH Lawrence collection of short stories. So… maybe I’ll outlander it up… Hm. I am also trying to stay off the YA because I’m writing a non-YA novel right now and I can’t have my writing style become… YA-y. You understand.

        Anyway, I have a pocket Matt Smith (doctor 11 after tennant) and a pocket Amy Pond (matt’s doctor’s companion). Well, actually I have 2 poc docs (that’s what I’m gonna call ’em) that are both matt but in dif. outfits… so sometimes I make certain, well, katherine and the salvatore brothers 1864-esque scenes happen. (Shh)

        But not to be one of *those* people (creepily obsessed fan), but watching from the beginning (doctor 9–chris eccleston) forward is really the way to go. There’s enough back referencing throughout and the emotional bonds you’ll form are much greater and more rewarding. Ah crap, now I’m tearing up thinking about things that happen. Speaking of, did I mention in my watching of VampDi season 1 I started BAWLING when Grams died? It was epically sad. (random)

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