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Vampire Diaries recap: The Descent

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…or Rose raids the wardrobe closet of a Renaissance Faire.

Don’t Forget, girls and boys… ye spoilers are abound! (Lookee I’m channeling Reinassance Rose!)

Ye Olde Rose, in...the Princess Bride?

Firstly, there was no whiny (Jeremy) or Witch Bonnie and I (SWD) was sad. I love Whiny’s awkward flirting and Bonnie’s outfits.
EC: Don’t tell anyone…I miss Whiny. We can just replace Pissy with Whiny and I would be really happy. Or just bring back Uncle Mason. Shh…

Damon’s Bedroom: (SWD) The bed’s like an island!”Nuff said.

This + This = Wardrobe WIN

Stefan’s Outfit: (SWD) He’smaking progress! He starts out in jammy bottoms and a wifebeater: WIN! We will never complain about a well toned man in undergarments. Good job, Steffy! Even the shirt you wore later was better. It was a pseudo Sam shirt! It would have been just slightly better if the sleeves had been rolled abit and you wore an athletic heather thermal underneath. I think Stefan would look best in upscale pseudo rockabilly. It suits his ‘do.

EC: Williamson owes us a special Freelance Wardrobe Consultant Position. Please make payments to Talk Supe (EC and WC Staceys). This can include cash, check and visits from certain cast members. However, though we love Somehalder’s environmental Stream of Consciousness we get enough of that on Twitter. He needs to be quiet and take us to the movies and a …wine bar! Epic!

If Caroline isn't up for it...

The future of Matt:

SWD: There was a lot of Tyler (Mr. Pissy). He and Caroline??!! NOOOOO!!! Caroline, dissed a kiss from Matt? Noooooo!!! If Caroline and Pissy get together, what will happen to Matt? Will he get the boot off of the show? Noooo!!! I’m Team Matt. Will he wander the forest lost and alone after
Caroline tells him, “I don’t want you to come!” Will he be so heartbroken that he wanders to the tomb and finds Katherine? Will she turn him into a vamp? Or would she keep him in the tomb and tap that ass him like her own personal keg of blood? Well, that would make a keg stand really interesting.

... someone will take her place.

EC: Do you think Matt is going to go cliff jumping? He already hangs out with Teen Wolf, Pissy Edition. Maybe he curled up in a ball and a shirtless, jort wearing Sam runs into the woods and carries him back to Charlie. Then he’ll start riding motorcycles and almost kiss Pissy until he gets a phone call leading him to jump on a plane with Ali…Rose and confront the Volturi…wait, what movie are we talking about. A show? Vampire Diaries? I got confused when Caroline told him not to follow her.

No one looks that composed after a night of campfire carnage.

Tyler’s first full moon:

(SWD) Awe, our lil were’s all growsd up. He’s lost his wereginity. Jules gives Mr. Pissy the “you’re a newbie” talk. Apparantly Jules has a PhD in dismemberment. That camping with carnage scene was gross. I have seen wasted bodies in the morning around a smoldering campfire, but that’s been a result of the demon liquor, not an actual demon.
EC: Is it like Tyler’s first period. hee Tyler is a 13 year old girl. He kind of acts like it. Girlie Wolf is hardcore scary. She eats people too! Did you notice the amount of carnage this week? It was like a horror movie. Crazed Rose running around snacking on the townfolk? Super scary!

Rose goes on a binder: (SWD) I want to call in sick with a werewolf bite. Would that ensue more or less questions than, “female issues”? Rose ate the town. It reminded me of how I will eat healthy food all day, then come home, drink a bottle a large glass of wine and become ravenous. Our cheese drawer doesn’t stand a chance, just like Mystic Falls’ red blooded population

Damon's killa terdrop

Damon cries: (SWD) He emotes, he cares, he helps Rose through her Ren Faire purgatory and lays her to rest. He also goes batsh*t Russell Eddington-type crazy at the end. He looked like Rob Lowe while doing it.
EC: Aww…that solitary, sweet tear…Feminine Side Damon…Forget about that and the loving Rose moment. (Bye bye Rosie!) I love drunk Damon! He should be slurring his words every episode. That and every episode Alaric/Damon bonding time! They should have a talk show.

Well, I’m rather disappointed with this episode, there isn’t much to make fun of. It was good! It was sad! Stefan had good outfits!

And I forgot, who the hell is Isabel and why are we waiting for her?
EC: Isabella is Elena’s mommy. I think. right?

Being Human, American Style! Episode 2

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Bringing the Sweaters, Supernatural Style!

What does he have to do with Being Human, good ol'USA? You'll see...

I must admit, when watching Being Human, Yankee Edition, I get distracted. Not by pretty things, because Mitchell isn’t in this one. It’s how my mind wanders, for instance, when seeing the Annie sweater on Sally, that I want one too. Then thanks to the ‘reporting’ of our sorority sister, Feat Lil J that the show is set in Boston. Which leads me to think with a quick trip on the highway I can be in Boston. Take in the sites, wander through Harvard yard, go to an awesome Irish pub/restaurant that I enjoyed with my hubby during our courting stage. You know, romantic warm fuzzies. Then something violent happens on Being Human USA and I am thrust back into the show.

Why is this? Well, I imagine it’s because I have seen it before. With accents. Which doesn’t mean that I am not enjoying it, but I do miss the original. It’s kind of like watching all the different film adaptations of Pride and Prejudice, then remembering how much you love the Colin Firth movie. It’s not that you don’t like the other ones, it’s just you miss Colin Firth.

Wait a minute...I like Matthew Macfadyen's Darcy too!

SWD: Oh Stace, I ‘ve never been to Boston and have always wanted to go. Maybe we could do a  Being Human tour 2012. Speaking of Annie’s sweaters… wait, are we still calling them Annie’s sweaters on the yankee edition? Let’s, because “Sally Sweaters” sounds too Nick Jr.,  like a ditzy character that should be in the Laurie Berkner band or something. Back to the sweaters. I wore mine today, in honor of our post. Also did you notice at the end when Sally was floating down the stairs the lyrics to the song were “….wearing a sweater”. SyFy knows the power of the wool.

EC: Sorry…lost track there…Being Human…right…


You know you couldn't resist watching episode two!Look... It's Acts Like A Pouty Teen Wolf!


Saved By The Vamp – Aidan Style

So Josh’s big secret was discovered by his sister, due to Aidan’s super save the day actions. Let’s give that boy a cape! He was able to swallow the blood lust and be there for his friend. An admirable trait for the “good vampires”. But…riddle me this…how was Josh’s sister so easily able to see her brother writhing around in a cellar in pain and not want to get him to a doctor? Even if she bought Aidan’s excuse, “He’s crazy!” You would think she would call her parents due to the fact that their mom was loco too. Color me confused.

SWD: I didn’t get it either. Do you think he Glamored/compelled/Dazzled/ whatever they’re calling vamp hypnotism on this show. Also, do we know yet how they can day walk? Will we find out later?

Josh’s cardigan

Dear Stefan, THIS is how a supe wears a cardi. Why does it work on Josh and not Stefan? Because Josh is kind of adorkable and that’s what a cardigan says (said by girl  currently wearing a cardigan). Stefan is too calm, cool, and collected for this conservative garment. For his preppier moods, Stefan needs more of this: but his wardrobe intervention will be another post.

Sally, Sally, Sally…You Can Do SO Much Better

For those of you who HAVE not watched the British version, I will not spoil the reason that Miss Sally is still lurking around the grungy apartment. (Like those who lurk around the blog and don’t comment. Teasing. I adore you lurkers.) I will, however, put this into your head. First…why is Danny so darn annoying? Just keep that in the back of your head while viewing. Also, why didn’t Sally and Danny put some fresh paint up in their crib. Seriously, that is a depressing color in that place. Quick! Aidan, Josh get your supernatural painting powers on and lighten up that place!

SWD: No kidding, wasn’t Home Depot open on move-in day? They couldn’t pick up a gallon of Sunset Sunrise Splash? Danny kind of seems like a sunset magic kind of guy. Oh, and pick up some light bulbs for that dark hallway while they’re at it. Or maybe a baby gate or some glow tape at the top of the stairs. Maybe a nightlight in the hallway. We have dangerous stairs too. So steep my dog goes down on three legs because he’s going so fast. #great4kids

 She’s Back…And Not A Nice Young Lady

That’s right, Aidan’s clean up crew didn’t clean up his mess. Instead, they took it home, gave it sharp teeth and sent it off to make an even bigger mess for the gang.  Umm…was her name Amanda…you know the redhead…

She's a maneater...literally!


First, she tries to eat Josh, but true to Twilight and every other supe show, the wolves are downright stinky. Lucky Josh. Unfortunately, for annoying, can’t take a hint nurse girl or newest vamp was still hungry. Well…not annoying anymore.  Not actually anything.

SWD: She’s rather trampy too. We all know from Horror Movies 101 that the slutty chick is the first to get offed. Um, that didn’t sound right. But you know what I mean. There is a dissertation on this in Scream. 




Jaco…I Mean Bishop Is Still Scary

Mark Pelligrino is downright frightening. In a v-neck sweater even. I liked Lost’s Jacob, but he was creeptastic on Supernatural. I wouldn’t want his cop to pull me over for speeding. I don’t think the fine will be a ticket.

SWD: He IS creepy…. like windowless white van  driving creepy.

Overall Impressions of Numero 2

Well, it was scary and creepy. The characters are growing on me. So…I’ll see you next week Being Human! Ohh…new Vampire Diaries tonight! Yee ha! Also…guess what’s playing on BBC3…Being Human Series 3! Cannot Wait!!!

See you next time!

What did you think? Tell us in the comments! Excited about tonight’s Vampire Diaries?

SWD: I am I am!

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SWD's affectionately nicknamed "Flaming Staircase of Death"


Well, it’s looking at me, taunting…

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I’m trying to delay gratification…

**SPOILERS** Sort of, not really.

It's neon-safety-vest green, how can I ignore it!

The other day I finished “A Breath of Snow and Ashes” (book 6 in the Outlander series). Which means that there is just one more to read, until a new book is released, which is, what, like a year+ away? I have a lot of questions I want answered and know the answers are in the next book, but I don’t want to find out yet. Why? Because then what? What will I read next? Finish Water for Elephants  or the Glass Castle? Probably not since I realized I don’t like circuses or …dirt. The Hunger Games series? Can I really go to a young adult series after reading, “…on your knees a nighean.” I don’t think so. That is why I haven’t started “Echo in the Bone” yet. I know it’s going to be good , and have seen that it too is one of the ones in the series that has been known to become projectile after WTF moments. I see this one referenced as mucha s Voyager. That was a goodie too. They’re all goodies, though, aren’t they?

EC: Quick note, WC Stacey: Hunger Games is fantabulous! (Yes…Hunger Games needed a made up mash up word to illustrate it’s scary brillance.) Seriously, you know how Twilight (though we love it) never actually commits to going there? Well… Hunger Games is violent and well written. BTW…so is Water for Elephants and I hate clowns.)

(SWD update: I resumed reading WFE.. yes, I put it down too soon initially. Thanks for the encouragemnet, EC. Also recently saw that BenSpian is a casting option for Gale… so I’m in)

SWD:  I’ll read them all and I will love them, I know. I was hesitant to start Outlander too since I’d just finished the Sookie books and really liked them.

Anywho… here’s what I’m speculating and pontificating on for Echo:

WitchBonnie as Phaedra. Why not?

Ian. Lately it all comes down to Ian. I wondered what happened to Phaedra, would Ian and Phaedra hook up? ‘Cause I picture Vampire Diaries’ witch Bonnie as Phaedra… and that’d be hot. Go Duncan.

• Why are they going to Scotland to get the printing press if Fergus is a printer? Are they just needing to “Get out of Dodge” so to speak. I work in the printing (well, screen printing) industry. I’d be happy to offer our printshop for Mr. Fraser’s disposal. Today, T-shirts with silly sayings are the broadsheets of the 21st century. Jamie could get his message across like a hipster. Plus tees, with a kilt and say, combat boots, very chic (maybe a little 1994, but whatevs). What, where am I going with this? Who knows.

Let's not waste paper, Jamie

Ladies like printed tees too

Even kilts could be customized

• Does Ian go with them to Scotland? He better. I love Ian!! And when did he go from gawky lad to, well, sexy Brave with good hair? I guess it started somewhere in “Drums of Autumn” but then was fully realized with the whole walking tour to the wooly Mammoth with Bree Bree. Maybe it’s because I picture him looking like  Sid Vicious #punksnotdead #rolemodels  and a dash of Chester from Linkin Park with a hint of   Trent Reznor circa early Nine Inch Nails? Yes, that does make me feel a little weird and creepy funny whenever I hear the song, “Closer.” And the tattoos. I know we all freaked when he got tattooed, but now, I see them as character lines (which is also what I call my, “mom wrinkle” that has suddenly appeared between my eyebrows…).

Young Ian: an amalgam of rock/punk musicians

Can you see it too?

Anyway. I start each of these books with so many questions. I’m a little lost in the dark because, well I don’ really love spoilers, but I need to know that all will be OK. Seriously, I feel like an alcoholic searching for an AA meeting. I need  someone I can email during “the dark times,” wandering the forest, lost and alone, like Bella after Edward dumps her. I need someone to walk me through my Stutters McBlinky moments, telling me to” accept the things I can not change, change the things I can not accept, and the wisom to know the differnce.”

Outlander accountability partner? Sponsor? I need one. East Coast Stacey, you’ll understand. I’ll be here for your midnight texts, when you read about Wentworth, the all of it begining of Dragonfly in Amber, Leghair, Ian, Malva. So anyone out there whose, “been through the program” and would like to share their knowledge? Email me: subject: snowwhitedrifted is a pansy who can’t face a wee book on her own.

So, in conclusion. Do I wait to start this book? Read something else in between or just go for it and get it out of my system (yeah right, like a reread won’t happen soon thereafter). *sniff sniff* like a good cabernet, I don’t want it out of my system.

Keep reading this???

Or finish this? What's in Reese's red cup? Aren't red cups copyrighted for alcohol use only?

Or begin this? Is this Gale?

Had to include this additional pic of Sid for his garment choice:

Is that a “Viva Le Roi” shirt? #sowrong

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And I wanted to add this for EC, just because…he’s a bit Roger-y, here.

Mmmphm for EC

Pay It Forward.

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Stylish Blogger Awards… Us?! (Squee!!)

Here's to fun blogs and bloggers, Sláinte!!!

Thank you so much to My Outlander Purgatory  for giving us a Stylish Blogger Award! Purgatory Carol and Tracey are hilarious and voice all of those crazy thoughts we have about the Outlander series. They. Go There.  A celebratory Slow clap for your wit and insight, sassie lassies! Plus they’re is lots of kilt talk. #Mmmphm

EC: I LOVE their blog! Of course, I am only almost done with book one. Which basically means that I am spoiling the rest of the books for myself. That’s okay. I really like spoilers, I really love their blog and I like Scotland. (Well anything in the British Isles. Hello…Clive Owen. Who could HE be in an Outlander movie? I watch those BMW car movies just to see him.) 

Almost as rewarding as this would have been...well...

Here’s What we have to do to pay it forward:

~~Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
~~Share things about yourself.
~~Award recently discovered great bloggers.
~~Contact these bloggers about the award.

-About the two of us Stacey’s:

• We met as a result of the comments section of letters to twilight.

•  Our husband’s hate vampires and the fact that we don’t.

EC: Though I must admit it might not be the actual vampires, more that his lady is crazy obsessed with these shows and movies. Which if you think about it is very reasonable on his part. Unfortunately, my boat to crazy town sailed long ago…thanks a bunch Buffy or should I say OZ. (What can I say that show is a classic! And so is Seth Green. Which is the only reason to watch Can’t Hardly Wait 15 times. Well Green and Peter Facinelli. Oops! Went off on a tangent again.) 

SWD: I love “Can’t Hardly Wait!” My college friend Joel Michaely was one of the geeks. And have you seen PFach in “The Lather Effect”? Cute flick.

…Wow, tangents!!

-About West Coast Stacey/ snowwhitedrifted:

• My first supernatural crush was Bill Murray in Ghostbusters.

• I’ve never met a black boot I didn’t buy like.

• I put ice cubes in my chardonnay #klassy

• I hate cheesecake but am obsessed with cheese and all other dairy products.

•I’m an only daughter of an only daughter and I have an only daughter. We’re the friggin Joy Luck Club, but were Anglo.

• I’m an indie music lovah, and I can’t stand RUSH, The B-52’S  (traitor to my 80’s upbringing, I know) or Gloria Estefan.

• I have 2 Jack Rusell terriers. Yes, they have sweaters. They are Team Alcide. Even the boy (well, especially the boy) #gaypets.

• I’d like to think I’m kind of hip, a bit edgy, and a little retro…but I think I’m actually a twi-mom in denial. Can you be “hip” and “retro” at the same time? Didn’t think so. See, #delusional

• I thwarted a pick pocket attempt in south central LA. #dumbwhitegirlmove

• I got engaged on a dog sled ride in Alaska. Funny thing, we were actually meaning to go to Scotland, but ran out of money time to plan it. But I walked down the aisle behind a piper nonetheless (yes, long before I read the books).

• The supe character I can most relate to is Alice Cullen, except for the graceful part. I’ve had  Her soccer mom haircut,  since before she was ever written.

• #Iliketouse #hashtags #innontwitter #situations #likeblogs #andtextmessages

-About East Coast Stacey:

• I should never be allowed to do certain extreme or slightly extreme sports. Not only due to extreme clumsiness, but as learned on a college ski trip to Vermontbeing walked down a hill by the ski patrol, skiing is dangerous and cold. Maybe I should have, you know, taken a lesson first instead of listening to my ‘friends’ saying that they’ll ‘teach’ me. Fun fact: You can be asked out by previously mentioned ski patrol guy with frozen tears and snot on your face. Then not go due to embarrassment. #frozensnotnotanattractivelook

• I actually have a line of notecards I illustrated for a museum. They are of regional fish on the east coast. You need a notecard of a striped bass? Let me know. I can get them for you cheap, because I still have a whole bunch in my attic.

•  After supernatural stuff I am obsessed with Molly Ringwald and John Cusack 80’s movies. I was too young to watch them when they came out, but the videos of them were sleepover staples in high school. That and the Princess Bride. WWMRD! (What Would Molly Ringwald Do)

• Pink and purple are my favorite colors and I wear a lot of J.Crew and Anne Taylor Loft. #PreppySupeWatcher

• My favorite bands are usually alternative and indie (Black Keys, Bombay Bicycle Club, Radiohead, etc) and my Talk Supe playlist shows that. BUT…my heart belongs to Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Kayne West and every GLEE song. That’s what I actually write listening to.

• I like to write stories. Fiction stories. Sometimes fanfiction stories. I am embarrassed now.

• I love gin and tonics. But haven’t had one in a LONG time. I did have a glass of Pinot Noir recently. It was yummy.

• I look like a redheaded Bella with airheaded Sookie tendencies. 

• As observed above, also I am long winded and chatty. 

Blogs that makes us spit coffee (or iced tea) on our screen.

letterstotwilight/letterstorob: Humourously poking fun of the Twilight and Rob Pattinson fandom and the fact they are a part of it. With real jobs, real lives, and cute effing shoes.

Adventures in Twilighting Even more snarky and celebratory Twilight bits.

RobNipulations Photoshop pics of said Rob in compromising situations. Seriously, the purple unicorn chaps pic made me Brendan Fraser “special clap” (side note… a dork moment by a “Fraser”, who knew??!!)

It’s gone now..*sniff, sniff*…BUT it’s now YAY!

ASkarsswedishmeatballs Celebrating the aesthetic qualities of one Alexander Skarsgard with sarcasm and wit. Seriously, she’ll make you snort laugh.

trueblood-news A good source for what the True Bloodies are up to. Also, the episode recaps by citizen erased are a must- read!

Thanks for reading us and give all these blogs a hand!

Don't clap too hard. Brendan, we mean you.

Dear WC Stacey (SWD), Water For Elephants is…

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posted by East Coast Stacey

Dear WC Stacey (SWD),

I know you are embedded in the world of Scottish Outlanders, and trust me I don’t blame you a bit. The character of Jamie is absolutely brillant and swoony. However, I beg of you watch this trailer for Water for Elephants and perhaps read another chapter of the book. You WILL be Team Jacob in this one! He is a swoony male lead, as well, and a fun, crusty oldster as well.

Let's Go To The Circus!


Our boy has gone and grown up!


Honestly, Pattinson is the lead in the movie. Not giggly Twilight and Eclipse commentary Rob. You know the one, a cross between a 13 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. I mean it’s charming, somewhat funny and all, but listening to him alternates between giving a wee headache and wanting to get him a matchbox car. THIS WFE Rob is like if he grew up and became a sensitive animal doctor like in the British Show All Creatures Great and Small. (Brillant, classic British TV!)

You better run with that puppy, mister!


I know that you’ve mentioned that you don’t like circuses, BUT isn’t Rosie the elephant adorable? Book Rosie is EVEN cuter. Plus…THE DOG! You know you love THE DOG! Seriously, I have a pathological fear of clowns thanks to Stephen King’s IT and I still love the Depression era circus portrayed in the book. It was quite a bit seedy. But the elephant and THE DOG bring the happy for me.

Who can resist a book about a man and his trunk...I mean elephant.


Unfair real life expectations to all the cougars out there.


Also, for the Twi moms who love them some Edward and Bella…here’s a love story about a cougar and her vet. Seriously, who can resist a movie/book where the heroine is in her 30’s (Hey, Reese!) and is the romantic interest of a young, whippersnapper. What a brillant and unfair book concept. Usually, it’s the OTHER way around. Right, Gyllenhaal and Swift?

Not only, did this book get Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon attached to it, but also Oscar winner Christopher Waltz attached to it! Oscar winners love the Depression era carnies!

Hey, Robert...if you are good we'll let you join our club!

Finally, my last ditch appeal…this book lead to this picture…

How can you NOT read a book that influenced THIS picture.

Alright…as long as you watch the movie and review the movie, I’ll give you a pass on the book. I CANNOT wait for this movie!


EC Stacey

Hey Talk Supe friends, are you excited too? Have YOU read the book? Let us know in the comments!

True Blood: The off season

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What are they up to?

This Blood's for you!

It’s been a long time since September. It’s just as long until early June, when True Blood Season 4 will air. That’s a long time off, and they always say, “Idle hands are the devil’s playground…” So what do we think these devils  are up to in their spare time? Are they preparing for Season 4, “The Season of the Witch” (or as those of us who have read the books refer to it, “The Season of the Eric”. Seriously, if done right, and Ball hasn’t disappointed us yet, that shower scene will be more epic than the one in Psycho, and will ellicit more screams… not from horror). EC: I swear that shower scene… is it summer yet? I miss my show…also it was -2 degrees this morning. I hate you snow.

Sookie: Stocking up on apricot shower gel. See aforementioned shower reference. EC: Giggle. You might want to get the book now, just to prepare yourselves!

Lafayette and Jesus: polishing their broomsticks. Season of the witch, “Haaa’y”

Sam:  Road Trip! Combing the country in search of kick-ass belt buckles. EC: Hopefully, picking some more of those glorious shirts while he’s at it!

Alcide: Started an emo coutry band, called, “One Man Wolfpack”. 

EC: Are they going on tour with the Twilight wolves band, Imprinted on my Loins. BTW…gross.


Jason Stackhouse: Attending various Comic Cons. Picking up on the girls dressed as Bella and Alice. EC: Please. That poor boy will get confused and try to pick up on the Twi moms (SWD: like us??) dressed up like Rosalie. SWD: True, the panther may go for some cougar luv.

Vampire Bill: Well, if we’re going by the books, he’s not going to be to busy this season… so Bill is watching Vampire Diaries and wondering if he could audition for Klaus. He’s also sending emails to Jasper, wanting to do vamp versions of civil war re-enactments. 

EC: Then he can jam with 100 Monkeys! Bongos anyone?

I have found the juice!! Bambi is safe again.

Jessica: Micro-brewing TruBlood in her bath tub, peddling it to other vampires.

Hoyt: Formed a gangsta rap duo with Mike Newton, touring the country. However, they are only booked in comedy clubs, following Jay Mohr on the “White Boy ’11” tour. EC: I want to see them on Def Comedy Jam! They would last a total of 30 seconds until they are pulled off stage.

Nadine Fortenberry (the mom is Nadine right, I’ve forgot): She was on the blue team of Biggest Loser, and was indeed the biggest loser, whittling herself down to a size 4. She now trains the Shreveport wolfpack, getting them in “sock” shape.

Holly: Joined forces with the girls from “Practical Magicand is opening a small apothacary shop, their VIP customer: Claire Fraser. EC: I loved how you added Outlander! Almost ready to discuss book one!

Tara: In counseling. She knows she needs to get away from the bad boys before she ends up with Black Jack Randall. He’s the only one freakier than Franklin.

Evil enough for Tara? Oh yes.

EC: And that Franklin was pretty freaky! Fun note…this weekend I happened to catch the Natalie Portman movie Where the Heart Is and who did appear as the romantic love interest…Franklin. With a large curly fro. It was scarier than Franklin’s fangs! More fun…he was on the Tudors with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Last bit of fun…will be in Water For Elephants with our Robert Pattinson. I’m full of the fun facts today! Wait! I want him in Outlander too!

Sophie-Anne: EC: You know…I’ve heard she’s the reason that Spiderman the Musical keeps having the ‘accidents’. (Note to readers: The actress was rumoured to have been attched to the Broadway show) Russell wouldn’t let her try out for Mary Jane and now it’s revenge time! Plus, she’s bored. You can only play board games with your dinner so many times until it becomes ordinary.

Nan Flannagan: Watching, ” Sarah Palin’s Alaska”, developing a crush.

I miss my jar... it was quiet.

Talbot_Down_The_Drain: Eavesdropping in the pipes underneath Fangtasia. Eric sings showtunes when Pam does his highlights. Who knew? Talbot bubbles when Eric does his rendetion of “Cabaret”. EC: I bet Talbot loves Eric’s version of West Side Story.

Pam: Shoe shopping with the gals from Sex and the City. Shares pink cardigans with Charlotte, may be having a fling with Samantha, babysits (what?!!) Miranda’s teacup human. EC: Aww…Pam found her sensitive side on hiatus. Except, when the teacup human spits up formula on her pink velour track suit.

Rusell Eddington: Perfectly happy in is cement casing. He was buried with his iPhone and is kicking feathers on “Angry Birds”. He is also using his 3000 year old command of the english language to rule “Words with Friends” but thinks Godric cheats. He also set up a twitter account and tweets the night away. Follow him @VampRussell. #passingtimeincement

Eric Northman: exfoliating. Then slipping on his velour track suit and slipping on down to the Bada Bing with Tony Soprano. He’s looking for decor ideas for a Fangtasia remodel. EC: New Jersey is the epicenter of the umm…’classy’ gentlemens’ clubs. Ahh, Fuggetabout it!

So…i think it’s about five more months until True Blood! Let the countdown begin!

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It looks the same, BUT Being Human-American Style

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It looks the same, but not quite. Must be the accents…

The Staceys’ present:

A Yankee Doodle Being Human Recap of Episode 1

 posted by EC Stacey and WC Stacey (SWD)

 There used to be a Disney movie that used to be on television occasionally in the 80’s called the Parent Trap. The 60’s movie that Lindsey Lohan remade when she wasn’t in rehab and had the cute red hair. Well, as I (EC) watched the premiere of the American version of Being Human, that movie came to mind. You see, this new version of Being Human LOOKS a lot like the British version. When you dig a bit deeper, there are some glaring differences. Let’s figure it out together, shall we?

THE SETTING (aka I don’t know what state we’re in but it sure looks like England):

Let’s just lay it out there…whoever is the set director just stole or ‘borrowed’ the production notes from the English version. The house? THE SAME. The hospital? PRETTY DARN CLOSE TO BEING THE SAME. Geor…I mean, JOSH’S little wolfie club med (hospital basement)? YEP, THE SAME. The slightly rainy and foggy city? Forks…I mean ENGLAND. Talking about the good people of Forks…

SWD: I think they’re in Virginia. On the top of one of the buildings it read :Suffolk County. That’s in VA, right?

DIALOGUE (If it’s not going to have an accent I want some gangsta talk. Fo’Shizzle:  

We’ll be talking about the actual plotlines further down, but let me just point out the TWILIGHT mention by the ghost previously known as Annie, Sally. I banged my head on a table on that one. I like Twilight, I’ll admit it. But why is it that EVERY show has to mention it? Right now, I’ll take a True Blood, Buffy or even an old school Keanu and Winona Dracula shout out. Just not Twilight. Well until Breaking Dawn comes out, cause that’s going to be hilarious! Will there be more American references? There might have been others, but I watched the show at a wickedly early time in the morning. I might have missed them. 


Scrubbed up for apartment haunting, er hunting

SWD: I know!! Whereas I used to do an inner “Squee!!!” when Twilight was mentioned. Now I just kind of cringe with embarrassment as the overplaying of that card. Is it a SAG rule that if you have a vampire and a werewolf you have to mention Twilight? ‘Cause you don’t. True Blood doesn’t… oh wait, those books were written long BEFORE Twilight, when inter supernatural species could frolic unstereotyped through the moonlit soaked woods. But this vamp and wolf have a bromance, unseen in other series. Yay for the Keanu Winona Dracula ref, I heart that film so much, still.

EC: I miss the accents! Not one character has one. A would love some regional dialect of some sort. Southern, Western, Stephen King’s Maine would add a little flavor.

CHARACTERS (Mark Pelligrino is da bomb):

 Pleasantly surprised with the casting. I liked Sally. She was as daffy as Annie was in series one, so it’s a good start. (SWD: and the sweaters, they kept the cozy gray Annie sweaters!!!! #impressed. Those friggin sweaters are almost as epic as Sam Merlottes’ shirts, don’t mess with ’em)  Aidan? Grew on me as the episode went on. Not Mitchell, but he he’s good so far. Would I call him sexy, nope not my type. Plus, I still see him as his Smallville character. Maybe, I should just call him ‘Doomsday’ the whole time? hmm…

The sweater remains the same!! WIN


Josh. What can we say about Josh? He’s a pissy little thing, isn’t he? Maybe, George was too. I forgot, because I like George. Josh started out somewhat funny and adorkable, but just veered off too pissy boy. It’s a wait and see with this guy.

SWD: I’m in precise agreement with you on all points.

Bishop. Scary. Even wearing a v-neck sweater. (I bet Stefan wearing his cartigans and hoodies, wishes he could pull that off) Plus, Mark Pellegrino is just cool. Come on, he was Jacob on LOST! The devil on SUPERNATURAL! The guy can pull off good and evil in amazing ways. 


Aidan snacks on an elbow app

SWD: Yes, sooo creepy, and even creepier in the “Donnie Brasco” coat. The vampire brothel/loft reminded me of the Vegas’ hotel,  the Cosmopolitan commercials. What happens in Bishops’…. 



Wait, Josh has a sister?!? Did George?!?


The same. Well except for the lesbian sister…

SWD: I missed season one BBC BEing Human. Is this how they all met?


The wedding scene freaked me out a bit. Mostly, the little girl peering at Aidan out from under the table that was surrounded by bloody bodies of wedding guests. Eww! And creepy! And cool.

SWD: I sense they are going to do a really good job with the flashbacks. Will they compare to Stefan, Damon and Katherine flashbacks? Probably,in the scare and the carnage factor. Speaking of, I miss the VampDi flashbacks. Stefan’s a confederate cutie and he doesn’t sport the cardis. Anyway, back to Being Human’s flashbacks. Will they compare to True Blood’s Eric Viking days. Hell no because they’re not vikings and vikings do pillaging best.

SWD: In conclusion, I enjoyed this version of Being Human, and I was expecting not to. IT got a little dark/ emo but that’s par for the course, we’ve learned with new supes struggling with their remnants of humanity. We all know, from Russell Eddington, Eric Northman, Aro, Elijah, Katherine and Damon, that once you get acclimated the bloodflow is a lot more fun. I know they won’t “fall off the wagon” because they are being human, but it validates the emonesss. I am very impressed Syfy!

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