Everybody Should Have A New Year’s Resolution!

What do you what to do New Year’s Eve? I don’t know? What do you want to do? Hunt, I guess. (Party time with the Cullens)
Posted by EC Stacey

New Year’s Resolutions for all Your Favorite Characters!


The new year is upon us and it’s time to make those resolutions that are supposed to make us better people in 2011. For instance, I am going to not put off doing the ironing. I always say I am going to do it right away and never do until the wrinkles are impossible to get out. Of course, saying this means I won’t do it. That’s the thing about resolutions, you never actually stick with them. For that reason, let’s think of some good ones for our pretend supernatural friends…you KNOW they’ll be breaking them in a heartbeat. (Well somebody else’s since they don’t have any.)

You're trying to tell me this look isn't cute? WHAT?!?



Will attempt to stay away from hoodies, flannel shirts and dirty worn out Converse sneakers. She will also try to let Alice pick out her clothes on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

She will also try really hard not to blantantly stare at shirtless Jacob in front of Edward. Not cool, Swan, not cool.  

Umm...don't any of you own a tee shirt? AC/DC, Metallica or even a random howling wolf tee?



Please make the resolution to walk around with shirts on. It’s just not polite not to. Yeah, I get it…you have abs and your body temperture is hot. Whoopie do.  Just come on…here’s a tee shirt idea…

It can be the wolfpack's official uniform!


I'm pretty, oh so pretty...



To try and not be so emo. It will be hard, like learning to ride a bicycle or eating lions not people.

Also, could you try not always being so pretty? It’s distracting. To Somerha…Damon. He gets jealous so easily!

Well...Happy new Year to you sir!



You don’t need any resolutions!  Actually…maybe not to eat people and steal your brother’s lady. Those might be good!

Why doesn't anybody take me seriously? The hoodies and cartigans, buddy.



Remember what I said to Bella about the clothes? You too, cute stuff. Ohh…grow a pair. Your brother is so going to get your girl if you don’t.

Lucky girl!



Make a decision, little lady! I want Bonnie to get one of these boys! (Cause Bonnie’s my favorite!)

You mean I wouldn't have to wear my Melotte's uniform anymore?



With that money from Eric buy stock in True Blood! No more depending on Bill and Eric! You can quit Merlotte’s and those itty bitty uniforms! Date Alcide (just because you should)!

I'm perfect.



You know he’s not changing a darn thing.

I keep pushing away my Sookie!! Boo Hoo!!!!



Bill…oh Bill…how about we try to not do it with any of our exes this year. Also, when you keep telling Sookie what to do she keeps jumping into cute shifters arms. Honestly, you, Stefan and Edward need to start an Emo Boy’s Club. You could be the pack leader, because your the oldest. It will be like the Boy Scouts! You can all cry in each other’s arms and Whiny (Jeremy) can be your human member. Aww! 

My fingers are crossed for you!



Find a nice man this year! Seriously, your track record just sucks!

Team Sam Shirts!



Don’t change a thing, my friend!

Mostly those glorious shirts!

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3 Responses to “Everybody Should Have A New Year’s Resolution!”

  1. Oh EC, these are the best resolutions I’ve heard of!

    Team Sam Shirts FTW! Hmm, wondering if we could get Stefan in a Sam shirt.
    Also, if we give Stefan such a tough time about the cardigans, what about Eric’s track suits.

    I think a wardrobe mashup is in order.

    • When I think of Eric’s tracksuits…I think of The Sopranos and The Bada Bing. Then I imagine for some reason Eric hanging out with Tony in the back room eating a huge plate of pasta and maybe a gelato.

      Why I imagine this? I don’t know. Just do.

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