What oh what to get WC for Christmas?

To Find the Perfect Gift for a Cosmic Twin is a BIG Decision!

posted by EC Stacey

Christmas time has arrived and I have been super busy. Decorating the house and Christmas tree, baking cookies (Perhaps burning some. OOPS! Your fault, Somerhalder!), visiting Santa and Christmas shopping is fun and exhausting! In my rush to do all these things, I still couldn’t settle on the perfect gift for WC Stacey (SWD).

Darn it! I ruined the cookies! (Not really...just messed up the timing)

What to get her…what to get her…well how about a movie about these two kids?

Aww...young love at Christmas...he wants to eat her, but...you know...young love.

Nevermind…she already has all of the movies…how about clothing? Like…

Hoodies are always a ‘popular’ vamp choice. Umm…


Much better!

We’re both girly-girls (and VERY young for our age), so how about for you…

It's WC's mini me! (You would be the perfect Alice!)

and for me…

Just give Bella red hair...I also have that outfit and clumsy disposition.

Maybe some British television shows…

DR.WHO!!! (David Tennant is my favorite)

But Team Seth enjoys the newest version (maybe both for you, WC?)

Team Seth likes this young Dr.

How about I stay away from the supernatural genre and get you hooked on my favorite show, since you love Scotland!

MONARCH OF THE GLEN. This is Archie...just get used to him...you'll love him and this show.

It is a bit late to send gifts to the West Coast from the frigid east, this close to the big day. So…

A blue sweater on...this man! (Your favorite!)

Have the most wonderful Christmas, dear friend! (Also all our friends reading our silliness!)

East Coast Stace

4 Responses to “What oh what to get WC for Christmas?”

  1. Gah!! LMAO!! I love it!!!
    I have all next week off from work. I have a bunch of Dr. Who’s DVR’ed and Monarch of the Glen is cued up on Wii Netflix. I watched one episode so far, yes, you’re right I like-y.
    I can’t wait to watch!!

    Thank you, East coast Stace!!!!

  2. Um… I’m scrolling and thinking this:

    “Oh Boone!”
    “Why is the camera always positioned so she’s in front on the kissing? I want to see HIS face.”
    “Which Nina is that?”
    “LTT post hehe”
    “And again…”
    “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Bestill my heart.
    “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Wait, she thinks that I prefer MATT to David Tennant in those sexy glasses? Pshaw. Sorry Smith, you might have the trendy Who last name of Smith, but there’s only one sexy times doctor in my book. Bring on the Martha Jones kiss — That was nothing? Oh hai Mr. John Smith, please do that again. And again. And again. And–oh shit, It’s almost 5pm, I should head home soon.” pause “And then I can rewatch that scene! Yay!”


    I can’t wait for 12/25…. EC you know that it has nothing to do with Santa πŸ˜‰

  3. God Tennant’s so hot in that picture. I keep looking at it. Must.Go.Home.

    ps-Mr. Seth agreed to watch 1 christmas special a day leading up to christmas! πŸ˜€

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