We send each other Christmas Cards

posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ West Coast Stacey) and East Coast Stacey

….and let the battle of the Christmas Cards begins.

To: EC

From: Uncle Mason (RIP)  and Alcide or the ab couple

Here's to stealing a kiss under the wolfsbane

To: EC
From: Flav-a of Cullen


To: EC

From: The Winchesters

It's time to play pin the santa hat on the Supe!

To: EC

From: Vamps in black

Something Sparkly for Christmas. Yes, I know they're not vamped in this pic, but I just like it.

To: EC

From: Sam Merlotte’s Shirts

Serving up some snaps for the Solstice

To: EC

From: Mr. Pissy

Please, EC, lets make amends. I even got my pic taken with Santa.

To: EC

From: Snowwhitedrifted

Because EC will hang me on the mantel over SWD's kid w/ santa card.

To EC:

From: Renesssssmmmmmeee:

Oops, I drained the reindeer

To: All

From: Talksupe

Just a palette refresher to get the demon baby image out of your head.



2 Responses to “We send each other Christmas Cards”

  1. This just makes me so HAPPY!!!! Thank you! :0)

  2. 😀

    I love that font you used in the VampDi one at the bottom!

    And team damon 4eva!

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