Shirts ’til it hurts!

posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ West Coast Stacey)

Did you know that both East Coast Stacey and I are graphic designers? See, cosmic twins afterall. Well, designing t-shirts is my (SWD’s) day job.  As some of you know, I design the shirts for the letters to twilight shirt shop , which started out as a favor to a commenter, with one design, and turned into this:

Yes, even my copy of photoshop mocked me for making this collage.

I even made that ^ into a banner for an Eclipse- themed dinner party (gone awry, by the way,  which is fuel for another post). Yeah, printed it through work #laughingstock.

Then this summer, I decided I needed to express my appreciation for the Viking Sheriff.

Show your support for law enforcement

What more embarrassing better way than with a t-shirt? (*side note: I’m sure that’s what #hotalex had in mind when signing on to the show,  that it’d lead to us 30 something married moms with “Property of Sheriff Northman” on their tatas.) Well designing one leads to designing 12, because I’m a shirt making strumpet (TB word of the day, right there) and my True Blood shirt shop was born.

…Then of course came the Vampire Diaries section. Because what new mother doesn’t want a Salvatore baby bib? Or who wants to express her enthusiasm for a fictious high school that she is 15 years too old to attend?

Well, Damon does make a girl drool....

Anyway, last month I realized the Scottish festival/Highland games was coming up (in May, nonetheless, I like to be prepared). I wanted a Jamie Fraser inspired garment to sport while I  watch men in kilts caber tossing and stone putting (and trying to remember if anyone in the entertainment band aptly named , “Bad Haggis”,

Dinna fash yourself, Sassenach. Get a shirt!

resembles Roger). So, voi, the Outlander section came into being. Again, like potato chips, can’t do just one.

With the holidays approaching and gift giving season coming to a head, why not stop to think… Do you  have a friend who is fond of supes and inside jokes? Need a white elephant gift that will really make ’em say “What the…?”  Nothing says Happy Holidays like a silly tee… or my personal favorite, beer stein bookends!

7 Responses to “Shirts ’til it hurts!”

  1. Squee!! I’m freaking out right now over the Outlander garb!!! I expect to spend far too much money in there, but since some of it will be gifts for a friend, it’s all good 😉

    You are brilliant!!

    • Awe, thx so much for the compliment!! I had fun making those.

      • Question: It’s been awhile since I’ve read the earlier books, so on the “team” shirts, do the numbers represent something or are they arbitrary?

        • (SWD) Jamie’s and Ian’s are the year they’re born. Roger’s was from the year he went back and reclaimed his MacKenzie name, a “birth” so to speak. #nerdyhuh. Since Dougal bought it on the eve of Culloden, I picked 45 since they call it Culloden 45. Although I think it was the Spring of 46 wasn’t it? So why do that call it Culloden 45?? Because the rising started in 45? I may be off a bit, I was cocktailing during my reading, and I didn’t have the books with me to look stuff up. #andImway2lazytoactuallylookupinfo. #Icheatandwikipedia

  2. 3hboyshouse Says:

    See this was a good idea!! ❤ you and your t-shirts too!

    • Hey there 34boys! Thanks so much for the jump start into this!!! By the way, I reread your letter about the Dr. visit because I couldn’t remeber would book they were all comparing to Twilight. It was a Sookie book! I’ve now read them all. IBella.

  3. Luv the Kullen pic!!! Very nice…

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