Why you should watch Who

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One of our good friends we met on letters to twilight, Team Seth, was awesome enough to contribute this GREAT guest post pontificating on the magicness of the British t.v. show “Dr. Who”. Thanks Team Seth, I can’t wait to watch!- SWD

Whose watching? I will be!

“I’ve seen the Doctor. And he’s like fire and ice and rage. He’s like the night and the storm and the heart of the sun. He’s ancient and forever. He burns at the center of time and he can see the turn of the universe. And he’s wonderful.”

EC Stacey asked me to write a post about why you should watch Doctor Who. I’m guessing she asked me because I think that Doctor Who is possibly the one TV show I’ve ever been so obsessed with that I want to watch it over and over and over again.

the Crazies are beWhoved

That I don’t mind flying my Who flag in public with pride–my desk at work has a Dalek Victory poster hanging up AND a TARDIS mousepad and at home I have 3 actions figures from the Eleventh doctor. To be fair though, I’m not like ‘the others’. Seriously, there are some real Who crazies (Whovians they’re called, as Whohard sort of sounds like a slang word for genitalia). So what is it about Who that I love so much?


But to narrow down why YOU should tune into BBCAmerica Saturdays at 9ET/6PT (or, just set your DVR like I do–who watches TV at 6pm on a Saturday?), I’ll give you the highlighted breakdown on what makes Doctor Who my fave supe of all time. But first, a brief description of the show:

The Doctor is from an alien race called the Time Lords and can travel through space and time in his ship,

TARDIS. Let's see a cell phone do that!

called the TARDIS (time and relative dimension in space). He has a soft spot for Earth and likes to take along Earth girls as companions on his journeys. He’s supposed to only be an observer of the universe he visits, but of course, he never sticks with that plan. Oh, and every actor is British. Talk Supe ❤ British.

Quick history: Doctor Who began in 1963 as a children’s show on the BBC. It quickly became well-loved by all ages and over the decades gained much more adult themes, while still keeping in mind its younger viewers. In 1989 the series ended its run of 7 doctors. 1996 saw a movie featuring the 8th doctor and that was that. Until Russel T. Davies (RTD) got his way in 2005 and persuaded BBC Wales to relaunch the series with the 9th doctor, Chris Eccleston. He ran for a season then the next doctor, David Tennant, came into play. Finally Tennant’s run ended in the epic finale End of Time parts I&II to start in on the 11th doctor Matt Smith’s run. Smith is the current doctor.

Why Team Seth is REALLY watching

So, wait, the doctor changes? Is that like James Bond or something? Heck no! Much more brilliant than that! The Doctor, called just the Doctor, is the last of the Time Lords from the planet Gallifrey. Time Lords essentially can’t die, instead they regenerate into a new form, i.e. a new actor. So technically 1963 doctor and 2010 doctor are the same guy… Which enables some awesome plots, enemies, and past companions to resurface, enrich the show, and reward the long term viewer. (SWD: how have I missed this?!!! I want EC Stacey and Team Seth to come over and makeover my DVR. Seriously, get rid of “Phineas and Ferb” and “Gun It with Benny Spies”, mama needs her supe shows!)

Top 5 Reasons You Should Watch:

1) Adventure. If there’s nothing I hate more supe-wise than a whiny, emo vampire, it’s a boring plot. I mean, it’s supe after all, wtforks are we doing with all this talking about emotions? Gag. Show me some action. RTD and Stephen Moffat do just that.

2) Creeptastic, yet lovable, enemies and monsters.

3) Badass companions. Sure the Doctor is studly and all knowing, but the true heart of the show is in the companions. These ferocious females provide the human connection for the viewers and an emotional growth that’s vital to any plotline.

4) The score. I want to hear the flutes making the chase music, the war beats of the drums, and the violins evoking a lurking fear in the dark crevices of a spaceship. Not to mention the classic theme song.

5) Most obviously, the Doctor.



Rose is one heck of a BAMF. From her opener ‘Is it always this dangerous?’ to her awesome line ‘Do you like my gun’ (see BAMF photo)

Rose: BAMF

, she never missed a beat. Easily the favorite of all viewers.


Martha Jones is meh in my opinion, though many love her, and oftentimes she proved pretty rad. I think that I just didn’t buy her awesome independent nature coupled with her ga-ga over the doctor. Realistic? No. However, I will say that some of my favorite episodes happened during Martha’s season. “42” is awesome. The space ship they land on is hurtling into a sun and they have 42 minutes before impact. Will they manage to escape, and what’s really going on with the crew? Bonus: Cute guest star with a sultry kiss. The other is “Blink”. The introduction of the weeping angels, Moffat’s claim to fame (among other awesomeness, have I mentioned that I love him?), and an exceptionally moving episode. Once Martha peaces out the doctor, we get companion


Donna Noble back on board after her brief stint with him in a Christmas special. And let’s just say, isn’t she wonderful! Played the amazing, hilarious Catherine Tate, Donna is having no part of emotional romance towards the doctor, and their besties status quickly emerges. Donna may not be a looker, but she’s quite the spark plug, and my favorite companion– before Amy Pond arrives on scene of course!

Amy Pond: I'm 2 sexy 4 this show

So, Amy Pond–Amelia Jessica Pond to be precise–is the new and current companion. A misplaced Scot with a history full of holes, she’s an exciting (and smoking hot) companion for the doctor. After RTD left the show, along with Tennant, Steven Moffat took over as writer/co-producer and Matt Smith as the Doctor. To me, as much as I love RTD, this was a hallmark change of the new series. Moffat was a frequent writer during the first 4 seasons and in fact most of my fave episodes from them are his, so now that almost all of the episodes are written by him– let’s just say I’m in heaven. Amy, played by Karen Gillan (who was said to be ‘too sexy’ for the show, which is apparently still aimed at children –um, really?), brings a fire to the role that was yet to be seen. So, as we move forward, we meet River Song as the probable next companion, who we’ve already seen die in season 4, and wonder how Moffat will shake it up this coming season. No matter what he does, Amy’s back and I’m super happy about that.

How cute is that uniform?!


The doctor has many enemies. Here are the most loved/hated: Daleks: The Doctor’s oldest and most ruthless enemy. Featured in the second storyline ever in Dr Who history, they keep coming back again and again. If you want to draw a comparison, they are the Joker if the Doctor is Batman. The Daleks have no mercy and hate all other races, killing anyone who isn’t a Dalek. Their catchphrase? Exterminate! Exterminate!

We squashed C-3PO


Human brains put into machine bodies. Their whole deal is to convert humans into their superior form, which is not weakened by emotion or independent thought. Don’t want to convert? Then you will be deleted… from existence.

The Weeping Angels: Now you see them (wait, do they have True Blood fangs?)

Weeping Angels: Scariest enemy ever. They’re statues when you look at them, so they can’t be killed, but look away or close your eyes and they’re all over you like Sookeh’s blood on Bill’s teeth during sexy times. They don’t ‘kill’ their victims perse, just displace them in time and feed off the time energy. So, it’s kind of like in Outlander… (SWD’s kilt-dar goes off)

Now you don't

I think that about sums it up. The storylines are fantastic and the effects are pretty great (in the current ones). I mean, Neil Gaiman is writing an episode for next season–how could this not be the most fantastic show ever? So, give it a shot this Christmas Day for the Christmas Special. It’s entitled A Christmas Carol, but I’m guessing that while it may feature Scrooge and Tiny Tim, it won’t be quite the usual Dickens’ tale. And Dickens and the Doctor are actually friends you know, they saved the world together back in the 19th century. (Bonus: Dumbledore actor Michael Gambon is the lead guest starin the Christmas Special). So, tune in Dec 25th 9pm Eastern, and buckle up, because a ride in the TARDIS isn’t for the faint of heart.

With Kind Regards,

Team Seth

Team Seth's office mate


6 Responses to “Why you should watch Who”

  1. Goodgirlgoneplaid Says:

    Big Love to you all today!!
    I agree The weeping Angels are def too scary for 6pm on a Saturday night.
    Also flove our Donna, best christmas special ever. Just loved her relationship with the doctor, her last epi was so sad. 😦

    I was unsure re: Msmith’s casting at first but then heard him do a dj battle on the radio and one of his song picks was Weird Fishes – Radiohead. That was it for me!

    Really like Sarah Jane Smith adventures too. (kids spinoff) I thought I’d offload the depths of my nerdiness here.

    ❤ ❤ <.3

    • Donna’s last episode was SO sad! OMG I cry EVERY TIME! (yes, I own them all. Don’t judge.) And i also cry whenever he goes back to visit at her wedding in his final final episode and he’s like, “I popped back in time and borrowed a quid from a guy. Nice guy, called Noble. He said Have that on me, mate.” I waterworks serious business then because the actor died in RL and it’s just so touching that they’d give that throw back and keep it in with the story all the way to the end. Oh no, I’m starting to tear up now. :: breathing :: Okay, better now.

      Yeah, I wasn’t sure about Smith either–the affair with Tennant was so steadfast, and frankly it was fantastic (nudge nudge wink wink). But then he said the line, “Hello, I’m the doctor. Basically, Run.” and they cued 11th doctor’s theme song and I said, “I love you, Matt Smith!” (then he was all mean in Beast Below and I got mad at him until the end with the “Gotcha” which always made me tear up, so the finale was soooo perfect. Sigh.)

      Crap. I was going to do so much tonight too, but now I’m going to watch the Van Gogh episode. 🙂

    • Oh, also, if you’ve not heard his stellar podcast from Nerdist.com, you definitely need to. Link here: http://www.nerdist.com/2010/11/number-46-matt-smith/

      And, for a little bit of pure joy, check out the show open that didn’t get to make the show because of copyright issues etc. etc.: http://www.nerdist.com/2010/12/leaked-craig-fergusondoctor-who-tribute/

  2. Ahhh always love to find a fellow Doctor fan. Le sigh. I haven’t watched any of the 11th Doctor yet, I really want to get whole serieseses on DVD and watch them one after the other in a massive Doctor-fest until I end up in a Doctor-coma. Which is precisely what I did with the first 3 series of the ‘new’ Doctor Who.
    Tennant is an easy first for me, followed ever so closely by the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker. “Jellybaby?”

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