Outlander Stuff: SWD Finished Drums of Autumn

posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ West Coast Stacey)

"Screw the whiskey, I want those socks!"

Soooo last night I finished Drums of Autumn (book 4 in the series)… and I had some thoughts.

*Spoilers* Dinna read beyond this if you are East Coast Stacey

Jenny's gonna be pissed!!

Ian: IAN!!!!! *hugs and sniff* Noooo, not Ian! Couldn’t Bree be there instead? Sorry B fans, but Ian’s one of my favorites. Ian, your skinny lil arse better be speaking the Gaelic in the Fiery Cross. Seriously, how does he have such misfortune? I’m going to send him my pocket Edward for luck (they bring prosperity, who knew?) because he needs some good fortune. Pirates, a witch, Indians… What’s next? Vampires? Will Ian be out fighting like a Brave and stumble into Bon Temps? I don’t trust 18th century Lorena. Stay North, Ian, stay North.

Fergus: So Fergus says, like 2 sentences? And we just grace over the fact that Marsali arrives from Jamaica? I really like the Ferg, I was hoping for more of him.

Someone’s knocked up: and there’s baby daddy drama. This is interesting no matter what century you’re in. This started back with Mary, Joseph and the Holy Spirit and is still a top issue. Juicy. But seriously, 2 of the 3 of you are college grads. Umm, tsk tsk. But speaking of Roger, I enjoyed that Jamie thought that Rog resembled his uncle Dougal and how he still had love for the Doog despite what happened. I dinna know why, but I have a soft spot for the ‘ol Dougal too. Tough yes, but I see this (scroll down).

Whose your Da? Dark or fair, it's all about the hair. Or is it?

Fav. Jamie moment: After the fight in the village

Claire: Jamie, did you kill someone?

Jamie: I— probably.

Fav. Claire moment: The man bits conversation with Brianna. 3-D. Brilliant. Also, uhhh – the medicinal foot maggots. I was eating a spicy tuna roll while reading. So thanks for that.

Speaking of Brianna and Claire, why have they not had this conversation:

Brianna: God, it smells

Claire: Mmmphm

Brianna: Screw penicillin, can’t you formulate Right Guard?

Claire: Too true, or maybe Febreeze

Brianna: I miss ice cubes

Let’s not forget the 1960’s vs. 1760’s. I want them to commiserate a bit because I’m still caught up on the hygienic differences.

They left the comfort of this,……………………… to be surrounded by this:

Hair gel, Colgate and Bic.

Ugh, it's not a Jimmy Buffet concert. That shizz is real!

2 Responses to “Outlander Stuff: SWD Finished Drums of Autumn”

  1. I have serious love for Ian too. He’s so great. I was going to say more, but I don’t remember what happened to him in that book and how much you know, so I will just keep quiet.
    And I drool overlooooooooooove Roger. He’s like my dream man. Tall, dark, and handsome; intelligent; strong; caring; musical. Yes please!! You will learn to love him too, if you don’t already 😉

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