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Everybody Should Have A New Year’s Resolution!

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What do you what to do New Year’s Eve? I don’t know? What do you want to do? Hunt, I guess. (Party time with the Cullens)
Posted by EC Stacey

New Year’s Resolutions for all Your Favorite Characters!


The new year is upon us and it’s time to make those resolutions that are supposed to make us better people in 2011. For instance, I am going to not put off doing the ironing. I always say I am going to do it right away and never do until the wrinkles are impossible to get out. Of course, saying this means I won’t do it. That’s the thing about resolutions, you never actually stick with them. For that reason, let’s think of some good ones for our pretend supernatural friends…you KNOW they’ll be breaking them in a heartbeat. (Well somebody else’s since they don’t have any.)

You're trying to tell me this look isn't cute? WHAT?!?



Will attempt to stay away from hoodies, flannel shirts and dirty worn out Converse sneakers. She will also try to let Alice pick out her clothes on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

She will also try really hard not to blantantly stare at shirtless Jacob in front of Edward. Not cool, Swan, not cool.  

Umm...don't any of you own a tee shirt? AC/DC, Metallica or even a random howling wolf tee?



Please make the resolution to walk around with shirts on. It’s just not polite not to. Yeah, I get it…you have abs and your body temperture is hot. Whoopie do.  Just come on…here’s a tee shirt idea…

It can be the wolfpack's official uniform!


I'm pretty, oh so pretty...



To try and not be so emo. It will be hard, like learning to ride a bicycle or eating lions not people.

Also, could you try not always being so pretty? It’s distracting. To Somerha…Damon. He gets jealous so easily!

Well...Happy new Year to you sir!



You don’t need any resolutions!  Actually…maybe not to eat people and steal your brother’s lady. Those might be good!

Why doesn't anybody take me seriously? The hoodies and cartigans, buddy.



Remember what I said to Bella about the clothes? You too, cute stuff. Ohh…grow a pair. Your brother is so going to get your girl if you don’t.

Lucky girl!



Make a decision, little lady! I want Bonnie to get one of these boys! (Cause Bonnie’s my favorite!)

You mean I wouldn't have to wear my Melotte's uniform anymore?



With that money from Eric buy stock in True Blood! No more depending on Bill and Eric! You can quit Merlotte’s and those itty bitty uniforms! Date Alcide (just because you should)!

I'm perfect.



You know he’s not changing a darn thing.

I keep pushing away my Sookie!! Boo Hoo!!!!



Bill…oh Bill…how about we try to not do it with any of our exes this year. Also, when you keep telling Sookie what to do she keeps jumping into cute shifters arms. Honestly, you, Stefan and Edward need to start an Emo Boy’s Club. You could be the pack leader, because your the oldest. It will be like the Boy Scouts! You can all cry in each other’s arms and Whiny (Jeremy) can be your human member. Aww! 

My fingers are crossed for you!



Find a nice man this year! Seriously, your track record just sucks!

Team Sam Shirts!



Don’t change a thing, my friend!

Mostly those glorious shirts!

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Merry Christmas to all

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…and to all a good night!

Edward and Bella get Forks-y in the Christmas tree

Supe version: Normal vs. not Normal

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posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ West Coast Stacey) and East Coast Stacey

The other day, our friends over at Letters_to_Twilight blogged about the differences between LTT “Normal” and “not Normal.” As in what in the fandom is, erm, eccentric and funny vs. Krisbian krazy. Well, there is a lot more “normalness” going on in the other branches of the supe world too. Yes, we realize blogging about Supernatural shows and books is the epitome of “Normal” for 30 something, married, college educated women, but this goes beyond the “normal” amount of embarrassment in the name of humor for said blog.

For example:

Making this fictional vampire fraternity manip: Normal

Normal vampire fraternity photoshop project

While making this manip: not Normal (EC: But laugh out loud funny.)

not Normal, even by Supe standards

Other example are as follows:

Receiving a text from EC that there is a “Lockwood” running for mayor on her local election ballot: Normal

EC: Just in case you are wondering werewolves don’t win in these parts. (Or maybe it was due to him being Republican and not named ‘Mason’.

Receiving comments from our blog readers that they thought of us when Alaric popped up shirtless with ice cream: not Normal but awesome!

EC: We wouldn’t be first thing that would come to MY mind. Instead…wouldn’t he be freezing eating ice cream this time of year. How about Hot Chocolate? A mug of tea or coffee? Chicken Noodle soup? I bet you thought I was going to say something else. No. ‘Cause I’m a lady.

Writing a post to Sam’s shirts: Normal, they’re the highlight of Merlottes!

Seeing Sam shirts while in Target and buying one for the sole reason of it being a Sam shirt: not Normal

EC: May I just point out that anything to do with Sam’s shirts is magical. That Dean and the other Sam on Supernatural wearing Sam shirts is also magical. Heroes (and Heroines) wear the Sam’s shirts. I have one myself. Feel no shame. On the other hand, if you decide to purchase a Stefan cartigan to wear with a 90’s grunge flannel then it’s intervention time.

Despising ab exercises just slightly less because Sookie and Eric and ALL of the wolves have to do them: semi normal

EC: Poor wolves. They also have to consume massive amounts of meat. * giggle * Don’t get mad. You know I meant hamburger.

Missing blue sweater that was donated to charity last year and now regretting it because it reminds one of the Viking sheriff: Not Normal

EC: I thought I got you an imaginary blue sweater with Viking ‘clothes hangerfor Christmas?

YES, I want to match, like bookends!

Purchasing items from the M.A.C. cosmetics “Tartan Tale Holiday Collection” for oneself because it comes in plaid packaging: Normal

Addressing the gift message “To: Sassenach”: Not Normal

Thinking of various Outlander series moments while listening to Mumford & Sons: Normal … maybe… both from the UK

Thinking the image on the Mumford & Sons girl tee is the “Je Suis Prest” stag: not Normal

Yup, it's a stretch...

EC: Realizing you really need to finish reading the first Outlander book, because you feel left out of all the converstions: Normal
EC: Instead watching GLEE reruns to sing along with Mr. Shue off key, reading fanfiction and falling asleep on the couch: Admitting I’m ridiculous.
Really wanting EC to finish Outlander as well: Normal
Really wanting EC to finish Outlander and read the rest so she understands the occasional throwing of the books: not Normal

Adorning Pocket Edward with a True Blood bottle and kilt because SWD cast Robward as Roger MacKenzie: Normal (really?)


Productive work time

Clipping out a party invitation with Snow White on it and having Pocket Edward hold it: Not normal

Pocket Eddie gets handsy

EC: Wishing you had a Pocket Eddie or at least a Barbie Edward to take funny pictures of: Not Normal for many reasons, like not being an 8 year old.

Calling your dogs “the Wolfpack” :Normal

Telling your dogs, “go get the moonstone” when you let them out: not Normal

Wanting a chocolate lab just so he can be named “Hoyt Fortenberry”: Normal.

Wanting a white shepherd, also with a True Blood name, just so they will have to say, “Eric Northman is ready for his bath” at the vet: Not normal.


EC: Wishing you had a dog, so you could do those things. Instead having a cat and realizing that only works if Sabrina the Teenage Witch was still on. But, next year’s True Blood is season of the witch… Maybe I can make weird comments to the cat then?: Yep. Not normal.

Seeing a kids’ movie because you loved the books as a child: Normal

EC: Aww…like Anne of Green Gables movies…

Coming up with the name Benspian while referring to him as “Scruffy McHottie” and having Narnia desktop wallpaper: not Normal

You thought I’d have a snow white head on Edmund, didn’t you? C’mon, I’m not THAT Normal. *winks*
EC: That’s like if I had a giant poster of the guy who played, Gilbert on my wall. Saying things like, “That Anne was one lucky redhead!” and “I wish I lived in the 1900’s! Edward and Gilbert!” Not that I’ve…umm…said those things…umm…

Swooning over Gilbert... Normal

EC: Getting giddy when volvos are mentioned, because they are supposedly safe cars: Normal

Actually, getting excited because a fictional character (you know which one) drives one: Not Normal
REALLY wanting the silver one: Not, Not Normal
EC: Trying to do environmentally friendly things, because it’s the right thing to do: Good stuff
Doing it. because a certain Ian Somerhalder tweets it: Tempting, but really we should be doing it anyway

I do green things, and so does EC... Normal

Putting off wrapping presents: Normal

Putting off wrapping presents to search for good Ian pics: hell yes, that’s NORMAL.

Here it is some of our normal/not normalness for all of you! If we ever start saying outlandish things like actors of these shows are our BEST friends or we are going to put up posters of them all over our kitchens, you may get us professional help. :0)


What oh what to get WC for Christmas?

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To Find the Perfect Gift for a Cosmic Twin is a BIG Decision!

posted by EC Stacey

Christmas time has arrived and I have been super busy. Decorating the house and Christmas tree, baking cookies (Perhaps burning some. OOPS! Your fault, Somerhalder!), visiting Santa and Christmas shopping is fun and exhausting! In my rush to do all these things, I still couldn’t settle on the perfect gift for WC Stacey (SWD).

Darn it! I ruined the cookies! (Not really...just messed up the timing)

What to get her…what to get her…well how about a movie about these two kids?

Aww...young love at Christmas...he wants to eat her, know...young love.

Nevermind…she already has all of the movies…how about clothing? Like…

Hoodies are always a ‘popular’ vamp choice. Umm…


Much better!

We’re both girly-girls (and VERY young for our age), so how about for you…

It's WC's mini me! (You would be the perfect Alice!)

and for me…

Just give Bella red hair...I also have that outfit and clumsy disposition.

Maybe some British television shows…

DR.WHO!!! (David Tennant is my favorite)

But Team Seth enjoys the newest version (maybe both for you, WC?)

Team Seth likes this young Dr.

How about I stay away from the supernatural genre and get you hooked on my favorite show, since you love Scotland!

MONARCH OF THE GLEN. This is Archie...just get used to'll love him and this show.

It is a bit late to send gifts to the West Coast from the frigid east, this close to the big day. So…

A blue sweater on...this man! (Your favorite!)

Have the most wonderful Christmas, dear friend! (Also all our friends reading our silliness!)

East Coast Stace

We send each other Christmas Cards

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posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ West Coast Stacey) and East Coast Stacey

….and let the battle of the Christmas Cards begins.

To: EC

From: Uncle Mason (RIP)  and Alcide or the ab couple

Here's to stealing a kiss under the wolfsbane

To: EC
From: Flav-a of Cullen


To: EC

From: The Winchesters

It's time to play pin the santa hat on the Supe!

To: EC

From: Vamps in black

Something Sparkly for Christmas. Yes, I know they're not vamped in this pic, but I just like it.

To: EC

From: Sam Merlotte’s Shirts

Serving up some snaps for the Solstice

To: EC

From: Mr. Pissy

Please, EC, lets make amends. I even got my pic taken with Santa.

To: EC

From: Snowwhitedrifted

Because EC will hang me on the mantel over SWD's kid w/ santa card.

To EC:

From: Renesssssmmmmmeee:

Oops, I drained the reindeer

To: All

From: Talksupe

Just a palette refresher to get the demon baby image out of your head.


I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…

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While WC Stacey was in Narnia, I wanted to watch this!

White Christmas…Not Supe Christmas…

posted by East Coast Stacey

Here at Talk Supe, we like to play pretend. We pretend certain actors have email converations, we pretend to interview fictional characters and we like to pretend we are casting directors and put our favorite actors into made up movies or remakes. (We would totally rock at that job, BTW.) One of my favorite holiday movies is White Christmas. My love for it knows no bounds. It was on AMC all weekend or was it TMC? (I get confused.) Plus I have it on DVD, so I thought to myself…what if I recast it with our favorite supernatural genre actors? The results were not pretty.

It would be much easier if I decided to use the cast of Glee. Matthew Morrison and Lea Michelle would be good choices. If I did that then it would be WAY too easy and make my job simple.

Hire Us! We make the perfect Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney!

Instead I decided to use actors not known for their singing and dancing…

Damon and Bella play Mr. and Mrs. Claus! Umm…no.
How about the Brits? I bet they can bring their tapping shoes and sing some holiday classics!

Okay...maybe not. They might be to serious with their supernatural angst for jazz hands.

This MIGHT work…if they can work together and not fight over the boys…

The great heroine girl fan battle begins!

Are maybe these two?

I'm a bit frightened here...

Maybe I should recast this movie instead and leave my favorite alone!

You just got to love the Muppets!

Vampire Diaries Recap: By the Light of the Moon aka “The Promo Department is a Lying Tease”

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Posted by East Coast Stacey

*Spoiler alert! What do you mean you haven’t watched it yet! *

Where did this go?

Hey another day in Mystic Falls! Adventure! Drama! Fake Mind Game Hookups!  Too Much Pissy the Werewolf!

EC: Why do the keep teasing us with videos of dearly departed Mason? It’s just cruel!
SWD: I think they’ll reincarnate him somehow. He doesn’t really need a heart. Plenty of men live without them.

wolfish MAson
R.I.P. Lil Mason. We miss you.
Ready to do battle with the True Blood wardrobe?

EC:  Okay Vampire Diaries promo department…tease the audience much? I was expecting our Stefan to get an exciting bad boy storyline. But, no. Stefan IS like Edward Goody Two-Shoes Cullen. Yes, Stefan went off the wagon for awhile and stopped eating bunnies, but really he needs some more angst, Now, on the other hand, we have True Blood Bill who completely went to the dark side,  I am still trying to block out that ‘scene’ with Lorena, I like that drama of the Bill situation, but that ‘scene’ was just gross. (I miss True Blood! Is it summer yet?) Maybe, Stefan’s cardigans just won’t let him be bad ass. Katherine picked the wrong brother.
SWD: Yes, let’s blame the cardis. But Bill still went bad ass in his henleys… and Eric was super bad ass in his blue sweater. And those are mild-mannered garments. I think it’s just Stefan.
EC: Poor Elena. Stuck in the house, probably bored watching revamped 90210 and One Tree Hill with her face all pouty. You know what would be fun? Bonnie putting a perma-grin on her face. Elena would feel cranky, but would have an idiotic grin plastered on. Also, on the topic of One Tree Hill, girl wolf who is not named Leah was ON One Tree Hill as Lucas’s fiancée! I am such a teenage girl.
SWD: Perma-grin, eh? Are you saying Elena should smoke some vervain?

Not looking forward to private “cave time”

EC: I like the Caroline and Stefan buddy comedy show, I like the Caroline and Matt young romance. I do fast forward Caroline and Pissy. That’s not completely true. I did push play to see how much skin the CW could get away with showing during Pissy’s cave time.
SWD: Ha ha, and did you notice his reference to his track pants for easier shifting?  He wore “Trorts!”

Alaric is Damon’s wing man. No, that’s not a crack at her skinny arm.

EC: Yay Alaric! I missed him. Pretend drunk Alaric? Smooth friend Damon? Oh those two silly boys!  They would have been better off pretending to be a couple! Girls always open up to cute gay guys, They should try that next time! I did like wolf girl’s line about ‘marking’ Damon. I could see him being into that in other circumstances.
SWD: I kept thinking…. “ a vampire, a weregirl, and a ………  walk into a bar “  Wait, what’s Alaric? I need to give him a title to finish my joke. Anyway, it kind of made me want to order a rum and wolfsbane next time I’m in a bar. I bet it’d taste like Jager.

EC: Luka and Bonnie are cute! They made ‘fireworks”. Aww… The question is whether he’s a good or bad boy. Plus, there’s always sweet, danger magnet Whiny to think of. This reminds me of the classic teen television show Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The episodes where Melissa Joan Hart has to choose between Harvey and Turk from Scrubs. Alright, I am a lame teenage girl.
SWD:  I didn’t see that one. Please say she picked Turk. Isn’t the other guy “Twist” from the Fresh Beat Band?
EC:  Elijah, Elijah, Elijah. You tricky vampire you! Still can’t figure out his deal. Elena is trusting him is probably a dumb idea. It did get her boy out of his prison with Katherine, so…let’s risk our life to play tonsil hockey with our boyfriend. That girl!
SWD: Elijah is growing on me. I like his tricker ways to get invited into the Gilbert home. He goes for the weak link, Jenna, knowing she has no willpower in the presence of pretty.

EC: Poor Alice 2.0! She became wolf girl’s chew toy. The scene with Damon was kind of nice in a sad way. He was all smoldering and she was putty in his arms. I can see how she could somewhat disrespect herself for a 30 something guy (I mean Civil War era) who loves a teenager. Then the poor girl’s back got all disgusting! Eww…it looks like we’ll have more images of that to come.
SWD: No kidding!  The wee mad she-wolf is vicious. It really is her time onf the month. Is she going to be Mr. Pissy’s mentor? Will Caroline, aka Vampire Barbie have to protect him?Don’t forget…Vampire Diaries all this week! It’s like CW is giving us Damon for Christmas!

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