It’s my 1 year Twi-versary!

posted by snowwhitedrifted (SWD/ West coast Stacey)

Picture it, Southern California, late November 2009, a ray of faint afternoon autumn sun pierces through the window and alights upon the cover of a black book, illuminating the silvery title, beckoning me to approach it, like a beacon in the night. I picked up the weighty book while my thumb gently brushed the glossy cover and my other hand caressed the spine. The sinewy font called to me to delve into the juicy depths of the pages beneath it. Open me, it called, taste the decadence dripping from each page and savor each drop on your tongue. Well, sh*t, I bit. This is how I came into existence into this fandom. (well, Target doesn’t really have windows, and the ray of light was a fluorescent beam and I was in a major hurry because I was at the end of my lunch hour and needed to grab something to read for the 6 hour drive to the mountains…  But you get the idea). It was one year ago this Thanksgiving holiday that I bent over backwords to consume anything to do with this stuff stumbled upon a little novel called “Twilight.”

Little did I know...


My story progressed the same as everyone’s except that I read this just as the New Moon movie was released in the theaters. I had never heard of Robert Pattinson, these films, Kristen Stewart, etc. This series was by no means on my radar, except that a few years back a close friend casually mentioned, “Hey Stace, have you read ‘Twilight’? I think you’d like it. You like vampire stuff and all.” To which I responded, naively, ” Oh I have been over vampires since the mid nineties.” (Yes, mid nineties, my chickens are not spring-y, ya’ll) But suddenly I fell into the unending abyss of Twitardom deep pool of the Twilight world.

Who me?

You know the rest… perusing the interwebs looking for a way to purge this pent up Twi energy. Seeking a relief from this overwhelming passion for something,… c’mon… pretty effing stupid. I felt lame, would people know my secret? Would my co workers recognize my New Moon desktop background ( just a beige tinted forest.. but I knew what it was from). Then, in January, a random search (which is for another post) led me to “letters to twilight” and I found a home. A humourous relief to the crisis. I needed these girls to cleanse my conscious and let the snarkiness have free rein.

It's OK, I'm legal now

Well, that triggered the domino effect which I couldn’t be happier about. I found my somewhat lost smart assiness that I hadn’t venomously spewed on the internet since my days at the knot and the nest. This was better. This was juicy…This was vampires and ab ridden torsos!

One thing led to another and I ended up writing a few featured pieces on  letterstotwilight. Then I ended up designing their shirts. Then I met some ladies from the site during the Eclipse opening, aka #LegHitch2010. It was great!

Where do you go after "the leg hitch".. why True Blood of course.

Then Eclipse was over and I was obsessionless… For exactly 1 day. My friend who had suggested “Twilight” years earlier, dropped off the first 8 of the Sookie Stackhouse books. Agghhhh!!! and then I encountered the Viking. Oh the Viking, and the flame was reignited… buring even brighter since these vampires actually killed people and had sex! Yay, these were even better! I read them all in a month. Then I watched all of True Blood and loved Sherif Northman and his epic black tank top it. During this time I met East Coast Stacey (where else but on LTT, of course) and we realized we were cosmic twins. We became each other’s enablers, writing fan fics as well as a co authoring a bunch of posts. Then she suggested I watch the Vampire Diaries, and once again, I was lost in this little world of blood sucking and shirtless howling men. … and now we have a blog to discuss all the juicy goodness of this ridiculous little world we have found.  This downward spiral has been one hell of a ride and I’m so glad of it.

"Of course I'm the next logical (mis)step"

I’m listening to the Twilight/ New Moon/ Eclipse soundtracks as I write this and I’m nostalgic. Thinking back to that early feeling of giddiness at turning each page and the rush of adrenaline as I put “Twilight” in the DVD player for the first time (and then cringed with embarrassment when it was over, thinking, wow that was sooo lame.. but rushing to see New Moon in theaters the next night, and then coming home and re-watching Twilight, and feeling the butterflies of love.) So thank you to Twilight, Stephanie Meyer, East Coast Stacey, Moon and UC,  for making this one hell of an unusually memorable year.


Book B and E started it all!


…although now I’m newly obsessed with the “Outlander” series. Can’t wait until I see where I am this time next year… who knows, but it will probably involve whiskey and getting Mr. Snow in a kilt *crosses fingers*

Determined to find out what the tassles are for.


5 Responses to “It’s my 1 year Twi-versary!”

  1. And when you’re ready, you should start reading Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. Starts with Guilty Pleasures. My husband’s (very Catholic) aunt lent the first part of the series to me. Apparently his aunt has a bit of a wild side. After I finished the books she lent me, I borrowed the rest from the library. I now own most of the series. It’s addictive and my dear hubs has seen more action between Twilight and Anita Blake than he’s seen in years 😉

    • (from snowwhitedrifted)
      Awesome, thank you for the rec! *adds Anita Blake series to amazon wish list.*
      Just read the description! *moves from wish list to Christmas list*.

  2. I stopped reading at “since the mid-nineties” What?! Stopped liking vampires? You are the horror make-up person! Hrmph.

    Okay, back to reading.

  3. Yay! 🙂 And I’ll hope for your kilt moment to come true as well! Are they making a movie?

  4. EC: Happy Twilight Anniversary! I will be sending you a copy od Cathy’s Bella/Edward audition tape! Oops! Those are locked up tight in Cathy’s house in the ‘special’ cabinet. ;0)

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