‘Cause I’m plaid to the bone

posted by snowwhitedrifted/ west coast stacey

*Eh, kind of a spoiler if you haven’t finished Outlander.

I'm a sucker for this... tartans AND makeup *THUD*

So I think our “Outlander” section is going to be my confession, questions, and observations about this series becuase I love it so much and I’m not even halfway done. The only other thing I can say about that is chicken tacos from Tortilla Flats and a pint of Boddingtons.

So I’m reading this series on my lunch hour (and when the other Snow’s go to bed, and before I go to work (yes I forego an extra hour of sleep for Jamie and Claire. Hell, wouldn’t you? I’ve got sporrans under my eyes to prove it)) and I just read the part in “Drums of Autumn” where Jamie descends the stairs in his Highland regalia. *sniff sniff*. I had such an “awe” moment. I was so sad when I read what they forsake in the oath. I miss the kilts and truly felt for the Highlanders having to give it all up (clothes are such a soft spot with me). It would be like us Americans swearing off jeans… or my West Coast arse swearing off flip flops. So I got a little misty when he was re-dressed.

So, M.A.C., you know you are toying with our Outlander hearts with your holiday collection. I mean, your name is “MAC” afterall. Geesh.

I ken what you're up to MAC

-Signing off to go buy “Sassie Lassie Lipglass”.  Mmmphm!


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  1. have you ever red the book(`s ) from Diana G.

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