It’s a Very Damon Salvatore…I mean Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Look it’s Charlie Brown and Snoopy! Where’s Damon? Sorry Vampire Diaries was a rerun last night.

What’s a Cure For The ReRun Blues…Snoopy!

Posted by East Coast Stacey

Sometimes it’s not worth it being sad over not being able to watch your favorite show. Instead, you enjoy your other favorite shows like NBC’s comedy lineup (Well except for Outsourced. How much longer until Parks and Recreation comes back on? Rumor has it that there is going to be a Twilight spoof!) But those shows weren’t enough to get me back into my happy place. The place that has two brothers fighting over a danger magnet. A witch who is hanging with a (alright fine, he’s attractive) Whiny. Even a pissy werewolf. (Now THAT was a hard one to admit)

So what’s a girl to do? Well…find her inner child. The inner child that LOVES cartoons, mostly holiday special cartoons. To me, growing up, Thanksgiving marked the beginning to the animated holiday bonanza of television watching. Snoopy, of course, starting it all. So instead of watching this:

I could have been looking at them...

I was smiling at this…

Wow...a popcorn holiday feast not the Thursday usual of blood bag with a straw!

Now don’t get me wrong…I missed the Brothers Salvatore. All broody and sarcastic. Damon looking stylish and Stefan well…sporting the grandfatherly flannel shirt and cartigan combo. But, Charlie is broody and look at Snoopy and Woodstock in their Pilgrim garb!

Compare and contrast, kids!

Very stylin', sir...but... cute! Mostly Woodstock!

As you begin you grocery shopping for next week’s holiday feast…think of this…no Vampire Diaries on Thanksgiving Day. However, there will be the Macy’s Parade! Whoo Hoo! Also, the Eclipse DVD comes out December 4, just in time for Christmas!

Christmas romance...if only they were under the mistletoe

and this for Christmas… 

Just like Edward and Bella...Oh Rudolph...there's a Cullen behind you!!


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6 Responses to “It’s a Very Damon Salvatore…I mean Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”

  1. YAY for Rudolph! Favorite of mine!
    BOO for getting that Bat for Lashes in my head. “What’s a girl to do” ba baba ba.

    I cannot wait for Turkey Day to be done so I can put up my Christmas decorations. It’s the only holiday I decorate for (much to Mr. Seth’s relief) and Mr. Seth’s friend lives in between THREE Christmas tree farms! So we will get the pick of the litter! 5′ only please… and bonus branches to wrap into our own little wreath! I’m so chuffed. I’m also well chuffed for the Dr Who Christmas special… Do you think it will come out ON CHRISTMAS DAY?! It’d be a nice change from the full original Star Wars trilogy being played (yeah, that’s what I grew up with on xmas… and Mr. Seth wonders why I like it/know about it — says no one my age, esp. girls, has seen it. I own it on VHS!!! One year he bought me little ewok action figures!) Anyway, this year Dr Who xmas special, whether on the day of or Boxing Day or the 27th or whatever, will trump the crap out of Star Wars trilogy. I mean, Dumbledore is in it! And some famous British singer I’ve never heard of…

    Wow, rambly post here! hehe

    • EC: My goodness TS…we are a lot alike! (Don’t worry WC, we are still cosmic twins!) I am so excited about Christmas, I am positively giddy! Rudolph is already set up on the DVR & I am ready to head to Target at 4 am the morning after Thanksgiving.

      Oh yes…I’ll be watching the Dr. Who Christmas. I wonder if VampDi will have an XMas episode? A Wonderful Life with Stefan? A Christmas Carol w/ Damon? Or…Elena performing The Nutcracker? Whoa…I just reread what I wrote…I meant that completely innocently!

      • HAHA! Brilliant! Hopefully her jaw won’t break like in the original…Clara/Caroline? This could get a little bit like the L-word…

        When/what channel is Rudolph on?! I need to set my DVR!!! This xmas is going to rock. First one alone with Mr. Seth–we are going snowboarding 🙂

  2. Also, it is normal that I want this action figure for Christmas, right? Forget pocket Eddie

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