Vampire Diaries Recap: Katerina: aka The One Where EC Has To Eat Her Words

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* Spoiler Central Kids! *

My hoodies dominate! Step off, Salvatore!

Alright friends, after Edward Cullen and Eric Northman messed with our DVRs we hope you enjoy this recap. Just to let you know, they also went to the CW studios to make this up coming week’s episode a rerun. (Maybe…Hulu just said there’s a new episode, but the TV guide says no. Hmm…) Are they that threatened by Damon Salvatore smoldering or Stefan’s nifty hoodies? Argh.
SWD: The hoodies need a week off, they had a brawl with the cartigans.

Coming... in 2 weeks

Also, an admission. This is REALLY hard for me to admit. REALLY HARD. Here it is…Whiny (Jeremy) made me think…he’s umm…cute. Don’t you look at me like that. Will I stop calling him Whiny? Absolutely not. It’s a pet name like I call Tyler the name Mr. Pissy or Jacob Black’s nickname Jail Bait. These things are just how it goes, unchanging like Edward Cullen’s love of tan on tan and sleeveless button downs. (Why? Thank goodness they changed THAT in the movies) 

Just say no, Edward.


SWD: I thought that too! He’s finally all grows-ed up wearing collared shirts and not whining….even when his pool cue got pocket blocked by Witch jr.

EC: So this episode begins with our girl Katherine. Giving birth. Now…she should be looking a lot worse then that after pushing out a baby. A lot worse. Plus, this was days of old, no epidurals. She was just looking way too good after that. That’s all I could concentrate on.
SWD: OMG, I thought exactly the same thing. These were the days when the mid-wife would put a knife under the mattress to “cut the pain.” Not the days of scheduled c-sections between nail appointments. I almost assumed she was already a vamp, because they never have a hair out of place, even in a hurricane of pain. Then I forgot where this series stood on vampire maternity/ paternity. Then they flashed to her dad, whom I thought was the baby daddy, and thought, eww, Katherine wouldn’t hit that, hmmm where is this going…?

EC: Look, our little Elena is getting devious…using Caroline to help her get Katherine to open up. Playing with fire little girl. Here’s my take on Elena and Katherine. Even Elena and Jeremy. First being that Elena and Katherine are polar opposites in personalities, Kath will do anything to ‘survive’. We saw that in the flashback. (Love those period costumes, BTW) She completely used vampire Greasy (Trevor?) and Rose to get what she wanted. That’s WHY they were running from Klaus and his band of Volturi (The English/Eastern European edition) Kath was hardcore as a human too! She knew the only way to stop Klaus (Aro of the Vampire Diaries) was to become one herself. She offered the idea to Elena, who just seemed not so taken with the idea. However, there might be some foreshadowing there. I might know, cause I read the books. But, I’m not telling.
SWD: Yeah she definitely didn’t go all Bella”change me, Edward” Swan when offered the vamp turning goo. I figured it was foreshadowing too, because a vamped out Elena-Katherine showdown to find out who gets Stefan’s hoodie collection would be awesome.

All of these can be yours!!

Possible Klaus? He even looks Aro-esque


 Elena and Jeremy are danger magnets. They want to play with the supernatural kids, but are missing one crucial fact. The can be hurt, they have no magic and the only power the possess is the Power of Pout. Guess what, that only annoys and sometimes gets you and extra scoop of ice cream.
SWD: That’s one powerful pout, it gets her the affections of hot supe boys. I bet she uses Du-Wop lip venom to perfect that pout. Oh wait, that’s a Twilight product.

Whoa... she does pout a lot


EC: New witches in the house! Oh, I’m sorry…I should say warlocks. Boy witches are SO sensitive, all the additional estrogen that makes them ‘magical’. The boy one that might like Bonnie seems to be a cutie. However, I have a new appreciation for Whiny and that outfit he’s sporting. Plus, he’s really sweet to Bonnie. Argh, what are you doing to me Whiny. Where’s Tyler to get me annoyed. Whoa, I just asked for Tyler to be on screen. This is just not right.
SWD: (*sings, “There’s some brujo’s in ‘dis house, There’s some brujo’s in ‘dis house,”) I liked his little salt trick. That’d be handy for those Winchester boys. I know they use a lot of salt on Supernatural, but I forgot why. I’m assuming levitating the stuff right from the Morton container could come in handy.

This chagrins EC


EC: Rose and Damon…they like to talk the feelings. She likes those bad boys…It’s like Alice gave up Jasper for The Smolder. Hee. I like how they headed to a coffee shop to meet with the techno geek vampire Slater. He’s so fun. Of course, since I like him and think he has fun possibilities he’s going to be killed. * shakes fist * WILLIAMSON! Actually, this is very Buffy… PLEC!!!!
SWD: I couldn’t figure out if Hipster vamp and headless Trevor where “special buddies”, I thought grad student techno geek Slater spoke of him affectionately. Or if Trevor was “Buddies” with Rose/ Alice.. or was he with Katherine? I know we called him greasy last week, but I kind of liked flash back Trevor, the grease suits the ravaging the 15 th century Bulgarian countryside look.

The coffee shop scene had one of the best effects of seen in awhile. When Elijah threw the coins he created into balls and hit the window shattering it was great! Plus, I thought it was odd how Elijah gave the street musician some serious dough for a few coins. What was that?!? Does he have a love of music from the streets. I though he was supposed to be bad ass?
SWD: Who knew vampires like Starbucks? Not even for the free wi-fi, but for the fancy windows. Now Stace, can you imagine if we walked into a coffee shop, sat down with our frothy beverages, and over heard 3 “people” saying, “ …they want to break the curse of the sun to keep the WEREWOLVES from doing it first. If a VAMPIRE breaks the CURSE of the sun first, than the curse of the moon lasts forever.” Ahhhh, heaven for us, “CURSES”, “WEREWOLVES”, “VAMPIRES” … DIED our supe radar would be off the charts! We’d be at their table lickity split. Instant BFF’s! That is, of course, if they didn’t call security on us.

Spot the Hipsters, er Vampires

EC: Oh Caroline and Stefan. Best Friends Forever. Do you think they are going to get matching BFF necklaces and start doing each others hair? I also noticed the girl who played Lexi, the original BFF gets killed off in EVERY show or movie I have ever seen her in. That young lady needs to talk to her agent.
SWD: Well, you know how some actresses are good criers, I guess she’s a good dier.

EC: Yay! Shirtless Damon. Who couldn’t guess that he was going to hit it with Rose. Oh those two. I hope she doesn’t get too attached.
SWD: We needed a new hook up for Damon. Their angsty little tryst should have been on film was a good excuse to give us some Damon chest.

EC: Stefan in the tomb with Elena. Katherine still holds all the power. She has that pesky moonstone with her in the tomb. She does miss her parents…you know if they weren’t massacred by Klaus merry band of psychos. She would eat them.
SWD: She would. Mama looked tasty. This whole kill the family to incite vampiric revenge reminded me of True Blood Eric’s Viking flashback scenes. (He had to make it in here somewhere. I’m having TB withdrawls. Miss you Bon Temps! #fangover)EC: So Daddy Witch is bad. Should have guessed. He had that shifty look about him…
SWD: Can we nickname him Slim Shady? #TopicalReference

Now we know that all of Elena’s friends are in danger…this show is getting MORE exciting…How many more week’s until the next episode? Maybe I can distract myself by some Thanksgiving pumpkin pie? Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that there IS a new episode and those other vampire guys aren’t playing their dirty tricks.

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