We Visit Letters to Twilight…

No Edward...I will NOT hang with Tanya!

posted by East Coast Stacey

Breaking Dawn Newbies…Who, What Where?

We visit Letters To Twilight (www.letterstotwilight.com), to figure out some important question like…

How can you cancel a show starring THIS guy?


Dignified legal council looks like this.

don’t forget…

I've switched teams...wait I wasn't on that team in the first place.

And for your viewing pleasure…

What I was actually concentrating on when reading Breaking Dawn.

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And, if Edward Cullen messed with East Coast Stacey’s DVR’ing of last weeek’s “Vampire Diaries”, well, this week Eric Northman did it to SnowWhiteDrifted (West Coast Stacey).

SWD got Vamp blocked by the Viking!


..or in this case, Mr. Snow deleted it to rec Conan. That’s OK, though, I’m Team Coco! But I hear it was a GOOD Epi, ugh!


9 Responses to “We Visit Letters to Twilight…”

  1. EC here! Dear friend…WC Stacey (SWD),

    Last night episode was must see! So good!!! Eric Northman is in trouble. (Just like Edward Cullen!) As long as you see it and blog all the goodness, then they can be forgiven.

    We tape Conan too! So funny and so good. We’ll be watching last night’s episode tonight. Thank goodness for DVR’s when they actually work.

    • Hey EC,
      I’ll be watching it online as soon as it’s on the cwtv.com site!!

      Conan was good Michael Cera has a tiny tiny head. Speaking of him, I am drafting a post with COCO in it. 😉

  2. Twi Mom(not like on O) Says:

    Curse those cabby Vamps. Just because they want to be all emo and pissy doesn’t mean they have to ruin it for others! It was a good one. I wont give spoilers (thats your job) but we get the back story on Kat. As usual Smolderholder look HOT and he got some!! (ducking from the dvr remotes thrown at me for spilling a bit of the story). I cannot wait to see your recap and LLT was Hilar as usual for both you guys and LLT.

  3. VampDi was stellar last night. It just keeps getting better and better this season. Can’t wait for you gals’ breakdown!!! I think we need a little ditty… a little VampDi #5:

    A little bit of Whiny in my life
    A little bit of Stefan by my side
    A little bit of Alaric is all I need
    A little bit of Warlock is what I see
    A little bit of Elijah in the sun
    A little bit of Damon all night long
    A little bit of Mason for a whirl
    A little bit of supe makes me your girl.

  4. SWD: That song, TeamSeth LOL!!!!

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    We Visit Letters to Twilight… | Talk Supe

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