It’s a Beautiful Day in… Stefan’s Closet

posted by West Coast Stacey (WC)/ snowwhitedrifted (SWD)

Vampire Diaries recap: Episode 7 “”Masquerade”

Yeah, yeah, yeah spoliers and stuff.

Young lady have you been drinking. "Um yeah... look at that bar"

WC:  So this episode starts out with the Vampire Summit meeting. Catherine confronts Caroline in the bathroom. “Gotta  meetin’ in the ladies’ room… be back real soon.” Caroline relays Katherine’s “Give me the moonstone at the masquerade party” message back to the other vamps. One glaring aspect that needs to be discussed: Stefan’s wardrobe choice. A black and white checkered lumberjack shirt and a button front cardigan. Oh Ward Cleaver, is that supposed to add an air of authority or irony to “You’re not going to kill her because I am.” How very wonder twins of you Salvatore bros.

Gee StefanWard I'm worried about (killing) the Beaver

EC: I kept hearing the Mr. Rogers theme song when I saw Stefan’s nifty cartigan. I wonder if he likes hanging out with trolley and King Friday. Then Damon comes over and eats all of the puppets in the kingdom. That wouldn’t be a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

WC: Then we get an introduction to a new character: Butchwitch appears in Katherine’s room. She ends up being Katherine’s date to the masquerade party. This is curse breaker witch. She’s going to bust some moonstone.
EC: Whoa…is she’s Kath’s girlfriend. There were some, you know, vibes there. Then again, I was listening to some Ani DiFranco. It makes me feel like I am down with the lesbians.

Katherine's "special date"

WC: Mmmmm, men with weapons. Alaric shows the vamps his array of stake-’ems. Everyone’s in on it except Elena and Aunt Jenna. Oh and Matt, well, he’s part of another plot so he’s kind of in the mix too, although he’s compelled not to know. Alaric will be babysitting Jenna and Elena. Damon is worried people will back out of staking Katherine. Caroline says. “She killed me first, fair’s fair”. Finally, we have some WonderPets type “teamwork”.So we have Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Bonnie, Whiny and Alaric’s weapons and they still can’t easily kill Katherine? Tsk tsk.

Hmmmm, How many vampires DOES it take to screw in a lightbulb? Wait, wrong riddle.

EC:It’s like Cullen Fight Club training, without the super special matching outfits picked by Alice. I want Alice to pick their clothes. At least, lumberjack Stefan’s clothes.
WC: However all of these people going to the party without Elena get her panties in a bunch. Which means she interferes and messes things up. Well, at least when she snuck out to the party, it left Jenna and Rick with,a-hem, some alone time.
EC: Of course, Elena screws the plan up and interferes. It wouldn’t be Elena, if she didn’t. She’s trying to SAVE her friends, which means mess it up and put everyone’s lives in mortal danger. You go, girl!
WC: That’s soooo Bella of her.

WC: Tyler and his mom. I’m uncomfortable. when he gives her his, “I’m sorry for being such a dick…” speech. Ummmm, who has that much eye contact when talking with their mom? He talks to her like she’s one of his mom’s cougar friends-on-the-prowl, not his own mom. Bad casting with these two. I’m pretty sure they’re playing hide the moonstone under the craft services table.

Guy, I know I said the eye contact was uncomfortable, but seriously, that's your mom.

EC: Bwahahaha! Also, Tyler doesn’t apologize. It goes against his pissy personality. Silly Tyler.

WC: More boozing with annoying girls. Tyler is still trying to hook up with that same one .His fake mom isn’t going to like this. Well, uh, after Katherine messes with her spine, Vamp Russell Eddington style, she’s not going to be a problem anymore.

Yeah, Katherine did that!

Whew. But how do you remove a dead body from a crowded dance floor? People notice that stuff. Believe me. I have tried to remove overly drunk friends from dance floors, it’s not easy. Well, this is a party full of uppity white people, dancing. I am thinking a lifeless lump wouldn’t be as noticeable as I first thought.
Well at least the Matt plot works and Tyler finally kills annoying girl number 2. And Matt is fine, that’s good, we need Matt, for additional blond fluff. Kind of like Jason Stackhouse.

Blond fluff, what, me?

EC: Finally, a reason for little bimbos 1 and 2. I was just getting annoyed that they were hanging around each week. Made my finger twitchy to hit the fast forward button. Luckily, that won’t be a problem anymore.

WC: So what’s with this Bonnie and Whiny flirtation? I know I got a little distracted in the beginning of the episode with his new grown up man arms, but he is still the ever present younger brother. Even if he does say, “I’m not a kid anymore Bonnie” and “If I were a witch I do a sex spell”. Now what does that mean? It’s creepy, Whiny, you’ll always be a freshman to us. So Whiny is kind of digging Bonnie, but ButchWitch also seems to have a connection to Bonnie. Turns out they’re related. I think ButchWitch is sad, see the fact that they’re kissin’ cousins really left a black spot on her grimmoire.

Whiny and Bonnie going into that bedroom with a "dadcase" of weapons. That's all kinds of wrong!

EC: Why, Williamson, Why? You have chemistry GOLD with Bonnie and Damon. Ugh. Whiny’s arms were quite impressive…must stop…where’s Alaric?
Another point that I would like to add after mentioning Alaric, when Damon is hanging with the big kids, you know actors his own age (30’s), it makes me happy. When Damon is macking on pretend high schoolers, not so much. New witch, might be a good addition to the big kids group…must ponder this… 

Salvatore "Blues" Brothers

WC:Katherine and the over use of the “you look hot in a suit”. Stefan… Matt… Damon, the caterer, a picture of dead Mayor Lockwood, a small penguin artifact. How could she tell one “dashing’ suit from another? They all matched… like an entire sea of “Blues Brothers” but they wore masks instead of Raybans.
EC: I guess suits make her undead self ‘hot’.

Dashing, so dashing.

WC:Oh look, after vampire fight club, Elena gets hurt since ButchWitch linked Elena and Katherine. Nice ploy. See Elena, if you stayed home, you wouldn’t have messed up the plan. Ugh didn’t she think they were up to something she wasn’t a part of? Not everyone is invited to the popular girl’s sleepover, sweetie… someone needs to stay home and get toilet papered. How convenient that Bonnie can cast a pseudo-morphine spell. Why isn’t she selling that service on the black market? #noEvidence
EC: Once again, Bonnie shows how she is awesome and Elena…well she’s a pretty girl. It’s like Bella and Alice. Alice is awesome and Bella…cute kid. Now Sookie, can be both! Except, she does make unfortunate clothing choices…huh…maybe it’s a wash with these heroines.

WC: So true. Sookie’s flowery print dress are Alice-cringe worthy. 

It seems here, Bill appreciates Sookie's blossoms, but Alice wouldn't.

I do like the Bon Temps tee. Oh wait, that’s actually Jason’s. Sookie just wears it for half of the season because the costume designer got locked up by the fashion police for putting Eric in “the red shoe diaries”.

Unisex is best, just ask Bella's flannel's. Bill however, misses the blooms.


WC: OK, back to vamp dia… Now why don’t they just stake Katherine when the link spell is broken?
EC: Because, she’s awesome.
WC:Oh, and I’m still not clear as to why she wants the stupid moonstone except that this little interaction with the bros Salvatore reveals that she’s been stalking Stefan for a while. She says she followed him to a Bon Jovi concert in 1997.  1997? That’s a time when Stefan shouldn’t be at a Bon Jovi concert. Since, well, it’s Bon Jovi. Oh wait, he’s emo, I can kind of see it now.

Hi Stefan, I see you!

EC: THen shouldn’t he have been at a grunge concert? Like Pearl Jam or Sound Garden? Is Stefan just a dork? Wait a sec…cartigan. Yep, he is.
WC: Damon wouldn’t have been caught dead (or alive) there.  Get it? That dumb joke is 2 fold. So they lock Evil Katherine away and when she gets out all of her new clothes will be out of style.
EC: Good jokes there, lady! But, of course Katherine will be back soon. Who else is going to create carnage around Mystic Falls. Damon sure isn’t. Cute stuff is getting soft. But wait…who’s the dude in the mask?!? He better be attractive and evil, you took Mason away from us. (I still might be a little upset.)

Kissin’ cousins, eh?

So who’s the guy in the mask? What did you all think of Bonnie’s witchy cousin? Let us know. Also, follow us on twitter @talksupe, for updates and random news on your favorite supernatural shows and movies!



9 Responses to “It’s a Beautiful Day in… Stefan’s Closet”

  1. Twi Mom(not like on O) Says:

    So On spot.

    Tyler does need to learn a better “serious” look. You just don’t look at your mom like that!! GROSSSS!

    Witch Cousin has a very manly jaw, and I also thought she and Kath were going to kiss.

    Whinny acting all manlyish cracked me up. 1st he says he would make a sex spell then he tells Bonnie he is not a kid anymore! Could have fooled me.

    I am also glad the drunk twits are gone and that Matt was ok. I wish that Caroline would have given Tyler a bit more info about why she knew he had healed but I guess that is for another epi.

    The could very old vampire, maybe the one who created Kathrine. My thoughts are that she was suppose to get the moon stone for him back in the day but she faked her own “death” so she could have it for herself. But the question is how did it end up in Mr. Lockwoods house? So many question too few answers.

    BTW loved Carline’s shoes when Kathrine had her pinned up against the wall!!

    The masks drove me nuts. Thankfully they took them off because I would have been mad if Damon had is face coverd the whole epi.

    Sorry for all the random disjointed thoughts!

    Thanks for the recap girls!!

    • “But the question is how did it end up in Mr. Lockwoods house? So many question too few answers.”

      Pick me! I know!!!! ‘cuz to have her own death ‘faked’ she trades the moonstone w/ mr. lockwolf of 1800s. It’s her payment. She gives it to him and then goes back to kiss Stefan before leaving town. Then he keeps it and passes it down over the years.

      I too thought that person may be who turned her! And I wasn’t sure it was a girl or guy. But, they showed that character way earlier in the episode when Kath and ManJaw enter the house at the beg. of the party scenes. So, we know that it’s not one who was in that episode. I’m hoping it’s 1) SEXY MALE and 2) Uncle John.

      • EC- You know you REALLY want it to be Sark, I mean, Uncle John!

        Wait how old IS Whiny? He is playing I am guessing 16. Somerhalder in RL is in his 30’s and I’m guessing Alaric is too. That leaves Aunt Jenna, mid to late 20’s? Is Whiny like 28? Which is like Finn on Glee. He’s 28 playing 16. I am so confused. :0)

      • Jere’s actor is like 23 or 24 and Jenna’s actress is 22!!!!

      • Twi Mom(not like on O) Says:

        Thanks TS!! I feel stupid. I was for some reason thinking that she had come across the stone more recently too. I agree it had better be a HOT GUY!!

  2. I like Sexy Lil Bro and Bonnie together! And let’s keep it real here, Aunt Jenna’s actress is younger in age than Jeremy’s actor!!! Who’s a big kid now? (yeah, I sang that to the Huggies ‘pull-ups’ jingle, don’t worry) In the scene “Wait, when did you get your license?” Jere being all, “Well, I can drive us up to the elusive Mystic Falls now and we can make love on the rocks like the big kids do. Does that make me sexy like how Damon is?”

    I also would like to comment how it’s “bad” for them to drink. Does anyone else forge tthat they’re all in high school (except damon and the “adults”?) I mean, they all look 23, oh maybe because they are… sort of like how in Gossip Girl they all look 22+ but are supposed to be 19. Except Jenny, but she looks trashy, which is an ageless look. The difference being that the actors in Gossip Girl actually are rather young (comparatively).

    I want to have sex with Damon on their fireplace rug.

    That is all.

    • Twi Mom(not like on O) Says:

      The drinking thing does throw me off. At EVERY funtion they have (which means every week) the kids are drinking and no adult seems to notice or care. All Caroline’s Mom did was tell the bartender at the Grill?? that she did not want to have to come in and check ID’s. I think that might have been after Damon framed Lexi but I am not sure.

  3. robert…

    excelent post, keep it coming…

  4. SWD here
    TeamSeth and Twi Mom-
    Ugh, yes! The drinking bugs me too…. and I am a BIG drinker, Big, you hear me, BIG. But I didn’t start until my mid twenties, you know when I had actually shit to drink about. 😉

    Wow, I thought Jenna’s actress was like early 30’s!
    and TS, “I want to have sex with Damon on their fireplace rug.” <- Awesome magicness!

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