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Thanksgiving rundown: Who ate Whom

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Well, this year Thanksgiving has a body count. In an effort to promote peace in the supernatural world. Carlisle Cullen hosted a vegetarian feast and invited all of our favorite friends. The theme of the evening was, “Can’t we all just get along.” Unfortunately, with the various  tastes of said bunch, this was a pipe dream for poor dear Carlisle, and of course it failed miserably.

EC: That Carlisle…the U.N of the supernatural world. Got to love that hippie vampire.

Please pass the ...uhhh ...stuffing?

R.I.P.Rosalie Cullen (Vampire): Being Sookie was not on speaking terms with either Bill or Eric, she brought Alcide as her +1 to Carlisle’s Thanksgiving Extradonaire. Rosalie, with an overwhelming love of beefy men was immediately smitten and globbed onto Alcide. Throughout dinner, she made jabs, at Sookie trying to take her out of the picture. Alcide was powerless to defend Sookie as Volturi Jane had him in mental choke hold while Alice looked into his future trying to see herself in it. Oh Alcide, quite the vamp lady magnent. Anyway, seeing that Rosalie was growing more and more agitated at the fact that Alcide was not paying attention to her and that Sooke was his main focus, Bill and Eric, seated on either side of her were on high alert. As Rosalie picked up a dinner roll (or in this case, a squirrel head) and chucked it full strength at the Sook. Now we’ve all seen Rose play baseball so we know what kind of arm she has. Luckily Jason Stackhouse’s cat like reflexes took hold and he thwarted the attack. Too late for Rose, however. Eric and Bill took her down, sacrificing this buxomy blond for theirs
EC: Have you seen that guy? I am surprised all the ladies weren’t after Mr. Alcide. But..hey…where the heck was Emmett in this mess?

Debbie Pelt (Werefox- or is she a wolf in the show? I forgot): Edward and Sookie were having a lovely conversation, telepathically, when all of a sudden Debbie strolled on in. “How you doin’?” She thought at Edward. Sookie, despising her already said, “Oh hell no I’ve had it with you.”  As she picked one of Alaric’s creepy weapons of mass vamp destruction from his coat and shot Debbie on the spot.
No one minded. Even Alcide, whom was now being violated by Alice as she mentally watched him taking his evening shower.

EC: Oh that Alice…got to love her. But a question…shouldn’t Jasper be sending calming vibes through the party guests? Or is he too busy ‘eating’ the party guests?  
SWD: Well, Emmett and Jasper were forced to sit at the kiddie table due to their earlier behavior of licking the mashed carcass bowl and sticking fingers in the freshly baked moose pie.

Jasper Emmett and... Stephan? *thanks to random google search for "kiddie table"

R.I.P. Eric Yorkie (human):
Hired to set the table and coordinate the napkins, chargers, chair covers and floral arrangements, Eric was making rounds seeing that all the guests were satisfied. Damon Salvatore mistook what he meant by “satisfied”, thinking him an hors d’ouvre, (also thinking Yorkie a sorry substitute for a fresh sorority girl snack) and drained him on the spot. Oops.

Jacob Black (Werewolf)
Seeing Bella eye Jason Stackhouse, Jacob’s inner dog was roused to playground immaturity. He began taunting Jason with an annoying, “Here kitty kitty kitty.”
As most women who are annoyed with stupid boys making cat references, Jessica Hamby and Crystal Norris silenced him in a team effort.  Supes unite, ya’ll!

EC: Bet Edward was upset. He always wanted to take out Jacob. Plus, two GIRLS did it. Wait! He can now obsess about Bella and Jason! Brillant! (and hot!)


Talbot (Vampire goop)
Wanting to bring something for Thanksgiving dinner, Elena scraped Talbot from his jar and made him into a jello mold. She set him in the fridge to set up. But holy smoke, after 2 hours in there, he coagulated back into his former vampire form. Yay, Talbot we missed you! But please don’t seek revenge on Eric. I know you won’t since he’s wearing the disarming blue sweater. Everyone from Esme to Katherine is swooning.
EC: Actually, so is Talbot. He loved that blue sweater.  You can forgive anyone as long as they are wearing that blue sweater!

... After. Solid, once again!

So all in all, it didn’t go smoothly. Carlisle wept silently in a corner at his failed attempt to unite the supes.

EC: Poor Carlisle. At least , he has Esme to baby him!

 With the suggestion by werewolf George a fix-it all plan began to hatch.

EC: Love that George! Thank goodness, there is at least one smart one in that bunch.
Lafayette and Witch Bonnie joined forces and with the aid of (now rather attractive and less ) Whiny and brujo Jesus, rounded all of the carnage up, sprinkled Thanksgiving leftovers from Merlotttes over them and they were immediately brought back to life. See, it was as I always thought, mashed potatoes DO indeed have magical healing powers.

EC: Don’t forget…magical cranberry sauce! That’s what Damon brought! Wait a sec…those aren’t cranberries!

Uh oh, is that Talbot's cousin?

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It’s my 1 year Twi-versary!

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Picture it, Southern California, late November 2009, a ray of faint afternoon autumn sun pierces through the window and alights upon the cover of a black book, illuminating the silvery title, beckoning me to approach it, like a beacon in the night. I picked up the weighty book while my thumb gently brushed the glossy cover and my other hand caressed the spine. The sinewy font called to me to delve into the juicy depths of the pages beneath it. Open me, it called, taste the decadence dripping from each page and savor each drop on your tongue. Well, sh*t, I bit. This is how I came into existence into this fandom. (well, Target doesn’t really have windows, and the ray of light was a fluorescent beam and I was in a major hurry because I was at the end of my lunch hour and needed to grab something to read for the 6 hour drive to the mountains…  But you get the idea). It was one year ago this Thanksgiving holiday that I bent over backwords to consume anything to do with this stuff stumbled upon a little novel called “Twilight.”

Little did I know...


My story progressed the same as everyone’s except that I read this just as the New Moon movie was released in the theaters. I had never heard of Robert Pattinson, these films, Kristen Stewart, etc. This series was by no means on my radar, except that a few years back a close friend casually mentioned, “Hey Stace, have you read ‘Twilight’? I think you’d like it. You like vampire stuff and all.” To which I responded, naively, ” Oh I have been over vampires since the mid nineties.” (Yes, mid nineties, my chickens are not spring-y, ya’ll) But suddenly I fell into the unending abyss of Twitardom deep pool of the Twilight world.

Who me?

You know the rest… perusing the interwebs looking for a way to purge this pent up Twi energy. Seeking a relief from this overwhelming passion for something,… c’mon… pretty effing stupid. I felt lame, would people know my secret? Would my co workers recognize my New Moon desktop background ( just a beige tinted forest.. but I knew what it was from). Then, in January, a random search (which is for another post) led me to “letters to twilight” and I found a home. A humourous relief to the crisis. I needed these girls to cleanse my conscious and let the snarkiness have free rein.

It's OK, I'm legal now

Well, that triggered the domino effect which I couldn’t be happier about. I found my somewhat lost smart assiness that I hadn’t venomously spewed on the internet since my days at the knot and the nest. This was better. This was juicy…This was vampires and ab ridden torsos!

One thing led to another and I ended up writing a few featured pieces on  letterstotwilight. Then I ended up designing their shirts. Then I met some ladies from the site during the Eclipse opening, aka #LegHitch2010. It was great!

Where do you go after "the leg hitch".. why True Blood of course.

Then Eclipse was over and I was obsessionless… For exactly 1 day. My friend who had suggested “Twilight” years earlier, dropped off the first 8 of the Sookie Stackhouse books. Agghhhh!!! and then I encountered the Viking. Oh the Viking, and the flame was reignited… buring even brighter since these vampires actually killed people and had sex! Yay, these were even better! I read them all in a month. Then I watched all of True Blood and loved Sherif Northman and his epic black tank top it. During this time I met East Coast Stacey (where else but on LTT, of course) and we realized we were cosmic twins. We became each other’s enablers, writing fan fics as well as a co authoring a bunch of posts. Then she suggested I watch the Vampire Diaries, and once again, I was lost in this little world of blood sucking and shirtless howling men. … and now we have a blog to discuss all the juicy goodness of this ridiculous little world we have found.  This downward spiral has been one hell of a ride and I’m so glad of it.

"Of course I'm the next logical (mis)step"

I’m listening to the Twilight/ New Moon/ Eclipse soundtracks as I write this and I’m nostalgic. Thinking back to that early feeling of giddiness at turning each page and the rush of adrenaline as I put “Twilight” in the DVD player for the first time (and then cringed with embarrassment when it was over, thinking, wow that was sooo lame.. but rushing to see New Moon in theaters the next night, and then coming home and re-watching Twilight, and feeling the butterflies of love.) So thank you to Twilight, Stephanie Meyer, East Coast Stacey, Moon and UC,  for making this one hell of an unusually memorable year.


Book B and E started it all!


…although now I’m newly obsessed with the “Outlander” series. Can’t wait until I see where I am this time next year… who knows, but it will probably involve whiskey and getting Mr. Snow in a kilt *crosses fingers*

Determined to find out what the tassles are for.

Wait…what happened to the Kermit balloon? That’s a giant flying Edward!

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Having a Wee Bit of Fun With the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade-Supernatural Edition

Posted By East Coast Stacey/ WC Stacey& snowwhitedrifted (SWD)

I just love the holidays! Obsessively. You might have seen in my Snoopy Thanksgiving Cartoon Post just how much I love this season. (EC here, BTW) For this reason, tomorrow is going to be a wonderous day of appetizers, turkey, pumpkin pie…oh and starting making my Christmas card list and perusing the holiday catalogues. You know making a list and checking it twice. Just call me Stacey Clause or Santa Stacey, because I am in the zone!

First things first…the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is the real start of all the fun. I will be settling down on the couch with a HUGE mug of coffee and watching it from the beginning. I will get excited by all the Broadway performances, watch the Rocketts, ohh and ahhh over the Christmas lights that are already lighting up the busy New York streets. Plus as a major bonus, for us East Coasters…it’s going to be cold! The celebrities on the floats will ACTUALLY need their coats and scarfs this year. Not faking it and getting all hot and sweaty next to Big Bird and Elmo on the floats. (That didn’t sound right…you know what I mean. Get your head out of a very disturbed gutter.)

SWD: Our west coast version is a sad consolation compared to this grand daddy of all Holiday parades. The Hollywood Christmas Parade just doesn’t cut the mustard, with it’s Santa Claus wearing board shorts rocking out to the Beach Boys version of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”.

What do these ramblings have to do with anything on a Supernatural characters blog? Well, I was thinking wouldn’t it be cool if our favorite actors from our favorite shows were on those floats? I don’t see Vampire Diaries or True Blood hanging out with the Backyardigans on the Nick Jr. float. They wouldn’t put the Glee kids on, because they were on a different network. For shame, NBC! I need some singing Puck! Maybe the Twilight cuties could be on one, because they are supposed to be wholesome and promoting the DVD. (But… could you imagine some of them (Rob and Kristen) chain smoking on a Disney float next to Mickey Mouse? Oh, I can!)

Step off Mickey, we're the all powerful RobSten

SWD: I could see Tay Tay comparing biceps with the Beast while Jackson puts the moves on Belle.

Float Hijinx

So we decided to PUT them on floats or at random parts of the parade this year for your viewing pleasure!

Volturi on Parade. Festive!

What, even as cartoons we're not G enough for the parade?

I think I picked the wrong animal to shift into

We all knew Twilight was big... but 10 stories high BIG?

So when you watch the parade tomorrow , think of us and Sookie Stackhouse sitting on Santa’s lap at the end.

SWD note: Och, interesting results when searching, “Santa’s lap”.

Santa and his Ho Ho Ho's

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Friends!

EC Stacey and WC Stacey (SWD)

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You’ve got mail!

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You’ve Got Mail… Vampire Actor Edition

posted by EC Stacey and WC Stacey (SWD)

Disclaimer:  Okay everybody…this isn’t real. If you try these email addresses, I have no idea where your email will go, so don’t try it. I seriously doubt your obsess…love letter will actually get to any of these actors. Also, just because we make jokes, doesn’t mean that we don’t really enjoy these actors. Because we do. Also, I don’t think Paul is infatuated with hoodies. The costume designer on the other hand…  

Subject: Knock, knock
Say it…
Subject: re Knock Knock
Sent from my iPhone
Subject: re Knock Knock
Oh sure, Ian. Just finished the ‘feather’ scene. Golly, lots of fun, mate. Taking a quick ciggie break. Next, Taylor and I fight for the 100th time. Good times. Alright, here we go…”Who’s there?”
Your mate, Rob
sent from my Jitterbug phone
Subject: re Knock Knock
I’m EW’s Sexy Beast! Ha Ha! You two are Not! Ha!!! I’m hilarious!
BTW, Robert…cigarette smoke destroys our atmosphere. I am sending you some Bill Nye DVDs. Renew, Reuse, Recycle Bitches!
Subject: re Knock Knock
That’s not a knock knock joke. You two are idiots.
Sent from my iPhone
Subject: re Knock Knock
That’s mean. I got second place. It was quite close. I was much higher than Alex. Do you wonder why, Alex? Maybe, the track suits? Or being so scary? I giggle a lot. It makes me accessible. I gather that you should try that to rank higher. 
Fine, Ian. I might try the patch. 
Still your mate, Rob
sent from my Jitterbug phone
Subject: ?
Dear Stephen, 
Have you heard from Ian, Alex or Rob? They haven’t been taking my calls. I was hoping one of them would go hoodie shopping with me. The costume department has forbid me from taking them home.
Hey, would you want to come? It would be fun and we could get ice cream afterward! Oh…can you introduce me to that girl who plays Jessica? She’s hot!
Your friend,
Subject: re  Knock Knock
I’m still on my honeymoon. DO NOT DISTURB with your knocking.
Subject: re  Knock Knock
Good. Your getting her ready for Season 4.
Sent from my iPhone
Subject: re  Knock Knock

Want to borrow my feathers?

Your mate, Rob
sent from my jitterbug phone

‘Cause I’m plaid to the bone

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*Eh, kind of a spoiler if you haven’t finished Outlander.

I'm a sucker for this... tartans AND makeup *THUD*

So I think our “Outlander” section is going to be my confession, questions, and observations about this series becuase I love it so much and I’m not even halfway done. The only other thing I can say about that is chicken tacos from Tortilla Flats and a pint of Boddingtons.

So I’m reading this series on my lunch hour (and when the other Snow’s go to bed, and before I go to work (yes I forego an extra hour of sleep for Jamie and Claire. Hell, wouldn’t you? I’ve got sporrans under my eyes to prove it)) and I just read the part in “Drums of Autumn” where Jamie descends the stairs in his Highland regalia. *sniff sniff*. I had such an “awe” moment. I was so sad when I read what they forsake in the oath. I miss the kilts and truly felt for the Highlanders having to give it all up (clothes are such a soft spot with me). It would be like us Americans swearing off jeans… or my West Coast arse swearing off flip flops. So I got a little misty when he was re-dressed.

So, M.A.C., you know you are toying with our Outlander hearts with your holiday collection. I mean, your name is “MAC” afterall. Geesh.

I ken what you're up to MAC

-Signing off to go buy “Sassie Lassie Lipglass”.  Mmmphm!


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It’s a Very Damon Salvatore…I mean Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

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Look it’s Charlie Brown and Snoopy! Where’s Damon? Sorry Vampire Diaries was a rerun last night.

What’s a Cure For The ReRun Blues…Snoopy!

Posted by East Coast Stacey

Sometimes it’s not worth it being sad over not being able to watch your favorite show. Instead, you enjoy your other favorite shows like NBC’s comedy lineup (Well except for Outsourced. How much longer until Parks and Recreation comes back on? Rumor has it that there is going to be a Twilight spoof!) But those shows weren’t enough to get me back into my happy place. The place that has two brothers fighting over a danger magnet. A witch who is hanging with a (alright fine, he’s attractive) Whiny. Even a pissy werewolf. (Now THAT was a hard one to admit)

So what’s a girl to do? Well…find her inner child. The inner child that LOVES cartoons, mostly holiday special cartoons. To me, growing up, Thanksgiving marked the beginning to the animated holiday bonanza of television watching. Snoopy, of course, starting it all. So instead of watching this:

I could have been looking at them...

I was smiling at this…

Wow...a popcorn holiday feast not the Thursday usual of blood bag with a straw!

Now don’t get me wrong…I missed the Brothers Salvatore. All broody and sarcastic. Damon looking stylish and Stefan well…sporting the grandfatherly flannel shirt and cartigan combo. But, Charlie is broody and look at Snoopy and Woodstock in their Pilgrim garb!

Compare and contrast, kids!

Very stylin', sir...but... cute! Mostly Woodstock!

As you begin you grocery shopping for next week’s holiday feast…think of this…no Vampire Diaries on Thanksgiving Day. However, there will be the Macy’s Parade! Whoo Hoo! Also, the Eclipse DVD comes out December 4, just in time for Christmas!

Christmas romance...if only they were under the mistletoe

and this for Christmas… 

Just like Edward and Bella...Oh Rudolph...there's a Cullen behind you!!


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We cast Outlander with our supes

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In the “Outlander” universe, it seems almost a rite of passage to “cast” the series with actors. Well, I thought I’d cast it with our favorite Vampires, werewolves, shifters and other supernatural beings. Perfectly normal, right? Now, East Coast Stacey (EC) is around chapter 6 I think (EC: Ha Ha! I am now on Chapter 11, They’ve hit the road!) in Outlander. I just started Drums of Autumn, so I have gotten to know these characters a little bit. You’ll meet them soon, EC.


Roger: Rob Pattz. Yes, Rob, not Edward. Rob likes to read and he’s tall. We’ll wipe whiskey off of those cords anytime!EC: HELLO, Professor Cullen. I want to take that class! Wait…wasn’t Roger a little boy? Does another Roger pop up later? Honestly, if there is a movie then he should just randomly appear and narrate. It would be a WONDERFUL addition. Ohh…and he should have patches on the elbows of his tweed jacket and cute, little glasses… what were we talking about?

Brianna: Jessica Hamby-Compton from True Blood: Firstly, she’s the look and the sass. Plus I think the knowledge of her perpetual state of virginity would be a large plus to her papaEC: I haven’t got to this character yet, but I love the character of Jessica! Does Brianna stomp her feet, pout and eat people? If so, this is the actress for the role..

Awesomely tall redhead, ya'll

Colum Mackenzie: Terry Belefleur from True Blood. Handsome in face yet too with a (mental) crippling.EC: So far I think Colum is an interesting character with his cage of birds. Everytime I see this actor (even on True Blood) I think of Gilmore Girls and how he knocked up Lane and played in a band. * sigh * I miss Rory and Lorelei.

Colum Mackenzie

Gellis Duncan: aka Jelly Donut (“Dunkin” after all). Rosalie from Twilgiht. Pretty, check. Suspicious, check. Bitch, (well it rhymes with…) check.EC: Wait…she’s not a good character? I haven’t got that far yet. The picture is creeping me out. I feel like I should be watching an episode of Ghost Hunters and THIS is what is haunting the spooky castle.

Geillis. Rosalie. Witch. Perfect.

Dougal Mackenzie: Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings saga. He deals with magic rings so that makes him supe-y. for Dougal’s character….yeah yeah yeah, I know I know, but…Viggo.EC: I see this… he does gritty warrior to perfection! I want Elijah Wood to follow him around and carry his musket, wearing the hobbit feet. Oh…I think I just want to watch Lord of the Rings again, IT’S always on TV. I should check TV Guide

Laoghaire: Caroline from Vampire Diaries. Only because she’s blond and I found that picture. Now I spretty much know how to say her name, but I just refer to her as Leg Hair. I’m sure I’m not alone.EC: Are you sure…because Caroline is FIERCE! I can’t see her playing a wimpy girly girl anymore! That picture below explains it all! How about Sarah Michelle Gellar? Wait, Buffy’s fierce too

Laoghaire, what are you doing to Ishmael?

Murtagh: Newly changed into a vampire Bella Swan Cullen. She’s tiny, she’s fierce, she’s blood thirsty but controlled.EC: Nevermind, about saying I was scared by the ghost Nikki Reed above. THIS SCARES ME and newborn Bella better not look like that, because I WILL have nightmares. * shivers * Plus,she is not an acceptable companion to Professor Cullen. (Yeah, I haven’t read the part about Murtagh. Getting there.)

Little, ferocious newborn vampire = BAMF like Murtagh

Jenny Murray: Alice Cullen. Sassy, has “the Sight”, little brunette with a hot brother.EC: I like Jenny Murray already, I really liked her strength when dealing with that rogue Randall to protect her brother. I also like everything Alice.

No, Jenny wouldn't wear that dress, but Alice would

Ian Murray: Sam Merlotte (True Blood) True, getting him out of those shirts and into period dress would be a crime though.EC: Why can’t he keep the shirts? Many of them ARE plaid, just like the kilts. Step away from the shirts…

Damn, that's the wrong leg isn't it?? Well... surgeons make that mistake sometimes too.

Sandringham: Talbot from True Blood, because they both like pretty things like silk drapes and men of Norse ancestry.EC: Does he get put in a jar too? Why is head floating like that? Is it easier to put in the jar that way? (Observe picture below)

Sorry Talbot, I love you, really.... but at least you're out of the jar.

Mr. Willoughby: pro boxer Manny pacquiao. Human, sure, but he has supernatural strength, so he qualifies. EC: Who’s that? I don’t watch boxing ‘too violent’. * giggle * (says girl who watches Vampire Diaries and True Blood)

Young Ian : Tommy Mickens (True Blood) mixed with a little Jack Skellington. Oh Ian, if only you could have shifted and doggie paddled.EC: Is he the same peg leg Ian, as above? I’m confused. Must keep reading…

Young Ian

Lord John Grey: Jasper Hale Cullen (Twilight). He’s blond and pretty with a soldier’s background. Ummmhmmmm.EC: Aww…Jasper. This is a nice shot of him. Not a creepy wig shot, like in New Moon. I think I like this Lord John Grey. Do I? Because, you had me at blond and pretty

Marsali: Volturi JaneEC: Another creepy little girl? What is it with creepy little girls? Shouldn’t they be sugar and spice and everything nice?

Well, right age anyway. Also doesn't listen to directions.

Fergus: I have some options for Fergus here too. One being Damon Salvatore (Vampire Diaries). Beautiful, dangerous, smexy!EC: YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! .


Or Prince Caspian from the Narnia series. I can classify him as a supe since he deals with talking lions and hello… more time/ space vortex’s. No manip here, he’s just pretty and looks French.EC: Yes, I do see he’s a pretty, but observe MY casting choice above. You can never cast someone other than Somerhalder. It’s against nature.

Pick my pocket, Fergus

Black Jack Randall: Now I have a few options for ‘ol Randy. Initially, I thought his physical description would be best suited as This, however ECStacey would absolutely kill me, especially when she reads…. nevermind. So, how about Bill Compton (True Blood) or Mitchell (Being Human)? We have seen both of your dark sides this past season. EC: You better check yourself, missy. I absolutely clicked on that link and SCREAMED in horror. I know he plays a ‘bad’ boy on VampDi, but no way. Plus, then he would have to be FRANK too! When reading about Frank I see George from Being Human or Xander from Buffy. Just sayin. However, Bill or Mitchell would be acceptable. However, Mitchell is going to be busy in New Zealand for a while filming The Hobbit as a dwarf (?!?) Those shoots take forever! Which better not mess up the shooting schedule for Being Human. They need to get Annie back!!!

Attractive Black Jack Randall, yes that is creepy and wrong. Don't picture Wentworth. Don't.

Or even

Russell Eddington (True Blood). He’s bat sh*t violent and he already has the coat and horse skills! Thanks Ball, for that one.EC: He might be a little…umm…too old for the role… (of course, Moyer is no spring chicken either)

Oh Russell-Randall just writes itself!

Claire: Now, I don’t really have a strong SupeClaire in mind because I think of her as my friend Darcy or a Diane_Lane type. So with our characters, let’s start with ghost Annie from Being Human. English, check. Pretty, check. Curly haired, check…. Is always getting sucked into passageways into another dimension, checkity check!EC: Perfect, because I heart Annie. She is my favorite. Plus, the actress can play tough and sweet. She does have to bring along my favorite sweater though. I really want one of those!

Claire 1?

Or Rose from Vampire Diaries. She’s British, pretty, strong, tall and duinne. She seems likeably so far.EC: Nope. Alice 2.0 is well, not Claire. We do know from the Vampire Diaries she can handle the flashback costumes, but still not Claire.

Claire 2?

Or even Esme as modern day Frank era Claire
EC: I would keep imaging her making italiano and reprimanding Emmett for being crude.

"I have herbs for that" *Thinks, now what's in Avodart?*

Now for the Jamies, ahhh the Jamies. Tall, deep voiced and alpha, just my type! *winks at Mr. Snow* I actually see Jamie kind of like Aaron_Eckheart, but his only supe role was Two Face in Batman and that wasn’t going to work here. Sooo, lets supe up our JAMMF the hot BAMF.

First up: Vampire Diaries Matt as young Jamie. Jaw, shoulders, fair skin. Whatcha think?
EC: Really? Nope.

Jamie 1

or perhaps Dean from Supernatural. Although the height is off, can you imagine “Sassenach” being rolled off his tongue with that highland accented baritone? Och, aye! EC: Oh…I like. But, I’ve liked since he played Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives.


Or True Blood’s Alcide! He’s got the height and width. Oh, and I volunteer to draw on the back scars. What a long labourious make up job that’d be. *sigh*.EC: Now this is GOOD casting!

Jamie 3. He even has a good "mad Jamie" look here.

…and I have to go here.

C’mon, freakishly tall, giant shoulders…of Viking decent.

Yeah, Eric Northman.EC: Of course, you like this idea. Only, if we switch Jamie to a Norse Viking. Unfortunately (for you), he’s Scottish. Try again.
Keep reading EC, the Scots are from Nordic/ Viking decent. They talk about Jamie- Viking a lot. Tha’s where I got this idea. But I dinna like this idea because (my lady bits would spontaniously explode upon seeing a gingered up, kilted Askars and my mind would implode with dirk innuendos) Eric just can’t cross series. He’s too Eric. But let’s just play…


…wait a minute, I just thought of an idea for Claire… How about:…. *smiles*
EC: You’re silly!

Off to Lallybroch, bitches!


Screw it. I say we turn the whole thing into a comedy and put it on basic cable. Whatcha think?

That’s Outlandish comedy right there!

Betty “Laoghaire” White, Adam “Dougal” Carolla, Steve “Randall” Carell, Tina “Claire in her shift” Fey, Conan O’Jaime, Jack Black “Murtagh”, Carrot Top’s SandringhamEC: That would be just about perfect! With the cast of Modern Family…

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