A Pretty, Bouncy Happy Halloween


Posted by East Coast Stacey
I like sparkly things like: makeup, costumes and…this.


Happy Halloween, to all our Talk Supe friends! I know that a lot of you are eagarly awaiting the big candy-thon that is heading your way. Not to mention, some of you might be heading to a rockin’ Halloween party with your favorite guys and ghouls. Gosh, WC Stacey (SWD) already modeled some fabulous costume ideas for you. Well here’s my deepest, darkest secret for only you guys…I am not that excited about the Great Pumpkin Day.

I love Fall with it’s turning leaves, apple cider and pumpkin pies. Halloween, however, fills me with dread. That day means scary masks, trick or treating in blustery Northern weather and gory Halloween movies.  If I do ever dress up for Halloween it’s usually things like angels, princesses, the occasional hippie chick and Strawberry Shortcake. Oh and not sexy versions, but non-threatening cute ones. Also, something usually bad happens in those costumes like the fateful year my sophmore year of college, when I landed face first in amud puddle wearing an angel costume. This is a cautionary tale of not drinking and trying to climb a fence while wearing heels in the rain. Mud just doesn’t come out of white, people!

You see I DO like supernatural  movies and television shows. but really only the romantic ones that are pretty much glorified soap operas with minimal gore. Just not scary, super gory ones like Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and Friday the 13th. Don’t even get me started on Saw and Hostel. Want to see a girl chanting, “Please make it stop” under a blanket. Well, that would be me on most Halloweens. 

Add in some zombies, oh I hate zombies, and see a new side of fear. AMC’s new zombie show, Walking Dead is going to do me in. How I miss you Don Draper and your Mad Men! I couldn’t even enjoy last night’s NBC’s Community, since they did a zombie spoof. (The Office, however, with it’s ‘Bill Compton’ Andy and ‘Sookie’ Meredith was all types of hilarious!)  It did, however, lead me to an important discovery…I really like vampire stuff, but aren’t they just really pretty zombies? Who drink blood, instead of munching on their victim’s brains? They are both the undead. So for this Halloween, instead of frightening you, dear readers, with ghastly images (I do not want THOSE on my harddrive) I will be showing you happy Halloween images. Enjoy! 



Aww...pretty zomb...vampire brothers. Warms the cold heart, don't you think?



Don’t Damon and Stefan Salvatore give you all types of warm fuzzies? Stefan in his lumberjack shirts and cartigans. Damon ripping out Uncle Mason’s heart. Wait… what… *sniff, sniff* Damon how could you!




Ohh…look it’s our buddy Sam!

This shirt is a cute, Halloween costume!


A puppy…wearing a Halloween costume!


Sam…don’t turn into this!
A kitten, too!


Sam will definitely not be turning into this!


 Isn’t it really all about the romance…
This is MY kind of Halloween movie!

 and this…

This is MY kind of supernatural show!


This is a supernatural show that while scary, a wimp like me can handle… 
Every show needs a ghost like Annie, a werewolf like George and, of course, a vampire like Mitchell


 Somebody I know really likes this…
Happy Halloween, WC Stacey! 

  Because I wrote this post…one more time…THIS…

This is a nice Halloween image.


 Have a wonderful Halloween!
Getting my blanket ready to hide under,
EC Stacey
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4 Responses to “A Pretty, Bouncy Happy Halloween”

  1. Ahh, EC, I am *DIED*!
    LMAO because I just watched last nights Vamp Di and this hit the nailon the head, “Stefan in his lumberjack shirts and cartigans”.
    I tea snort-laughed at “Sam” in the bee costume. (*side note, wearing my Sam shirt today to Snow Jr.s preschool carnival. Also when I dropped her off, there was a kid with a wolf mask and flannel shirt… ALcide? Def not Jake, he was wearing full length jeans, not jorts. I must take a pic later).
    So perfect, we are the yin and yang of Halloween. But I am with you on the horror, super gore, and zombies. Sacres the beejeezus out of me. I can’t even watch the opening credits to the Exorcist (the OLD one). And Ew, zombies. …and oddly enough they are interviewing “Rob Zombie” on the radio as I type.

    I saw “Bill” on the Office last night! I chortled!!

    And Thank you! *right clicks and saves Halloween Northman to new desktop picture*

  2. operarose Says:

    Hi Staceys! I followed a tweet to this post. I couldn’t agree with you more…Halloween is so not my holiday and my costumes are usually non-threatening versions of basically the same characters you said you dress up as, too.

    Most of all.. I am so with you on the Halloween movie choices. I’m all for Twilight and True Blood for the Halloween viewing repertoire.

    Nice choice of Twi-pics, by the way. Swoon!

  3. “Mud just doesn’t come out of white, people!”
    It would if it was True MUD 😉

    “Want to see a girl chanting, “Please make it stop” under a blanket. ” You intended to write a “twss” here, right? 😉

    “I really like vampire stuff, but aren’t they just really pretty zombies?”
    Absolutely NOT! Zombies has zero brains, whereas vampires are cunning, sexy things. That too is an important part. Zombies are usually 1) half-naked women or 2) fat awful looking men. As someone who prefers sexy men in 19th century dress or gray pea coats, zombie just doesn’t do it for me. Plus, killing a vampire is just way cooler than a zombie– one thrusting stake to the heart vs. shooting in the head (twice, always twice!)– no freaking contest!

    ps-thanks for the Ian. Mr. Seth is now calling him Smolderholder as well 😀 major win!

  4. Oh, and we watched Doctor Who season 2 “The Impossible Planet” and “The Satan Pit” after our Halloween party… now that’s some scary stuff! And some sexy times… It’s like Oh heeey meets Oh holy crow! Make it stop.

    (ps-were you quote the post-Volturi nom nom nomin’ scene where Bella’s all “Make it stop, make it stop” in her sleep? And I just missed it…)

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