I can’t help it…

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like a beacon ... Step into the light Carol Anne...

OK, this isn’t really Supe related (well it does involve time travel.. and that’s kind of supe-y) but I’m too depressed. I need to blog about it.  About 2 weeks ago, I read a tweet mentioning the series “Outlander”. Being as I had just finished some other series and was looking for a new one to start, I decided to check it out. EC was interested too, so we decided we’d read them at the same time, and blog/ discuss them. Maybe a chapter per week or so, since they were long. Invite any blog readers to join us.

*eyes going all kalediscope-y* FYI- Mackenzie

I struggled with the first three chapters, but then, oh then I fell (pun intended). I totally cheated, I couldn’t ration out a chapter a week. This stuff had me reading at a “Twilight” pace. There are even some similarites, I won’t go into by spoiling it. Seriously, I would step on Edward’s head to read more Jaime and it has made me say, “Eric Northman who?” When you have to look at #HotAlex and LTR Rob pics to get your mind off of a fictional literary crush, you know you’re in trouble.

It is now a week and a half later and I finished the book. EC has finished chapter 1. I think I’ll be reading it with her since I’m depressed and I miss these characters like I did with the Twilight ones. Thank goodness this series is twice as long as Twilight, and they don’t “Fade to Sad”.

"I make the Cullen crush a distant memory"

That pic-Some other manip’ers idea of young Jaime. I can’t say that I blame them.

Fading to “Dragonfly in Amber”

WC Stacey/ SWD

8 Responses to “I can’t help it…”

  1. Twice as long as Twilight? The first book is as long as the whole Twi series! (But in a good way).

    I read Outlander just as fast as Twi too. You are not alone!

  2. Good stuff! I started book 2. I’m about 3 pages in. Hmmmmmmm, I am not on board with this beginning. Mmmphm.

  3. Oh I know right, isn’t it great! I’ve spent the last year enjoying the whole entire juicy series. After Twilight’s teen angst I loved gettting my teeth into the drama and history and adventure and romance that Claire and Jamie share. Now I’m ready for Exile which was just released, it’s a graphic novel of Outlander told from Jamie’s point of view.

    And guess what? Diana Gabaldon’s blog entry for 10/2/2010 has a link to get Outlander FREE for Kindle. http://voyagesoftheartemis.blogspot.com/2010/10/free-outlanders.html
    Tell your friends!

    I already have the tree-books but now I can carry the E-books on my phone so when I need a little distraction I can choose between Edward Cullen (ahh, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen) & Jamie Fraser (James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser sounds magnificent!).

    And who else is so so concerned for young Jem and can’t wait to see how he’s going to get out of the deep dark …..?

    • west coast stacey here
      LOL- I’m asking for a kindle for Christmas for the same reason. Oh and to ease up on my wrists, those books are HEAVY!
      Just add book 4 of the sookie books in there too. Well, all the Sookie books, but you know, book 4 being the Leg Hitch of True Blood and all.

      I’m so glad to read the whole series is juicy! I can’t wait to read more, but I kind of just want to read this one again for now.
      …and so the new literary obsession (part 3) continues.

  4. Oooh…SWD. I think you’ve helped me find my next series to read. I’ve been drifting myself lately. Even re-read Harry Potter before watching movie #7 next month.

    *searches local library’s online catalog to see if they have Outlander*


  5. Midnight Cougar (MC) Says:

    SWD, I have read this series of books. I started reading Diana Gabaldon about 12 yrs ago. I fell in love with her writing b/c the books are so full of history, but I found each book harder to read than the previous one. There is just SO much history & so many references to the previous books, that I found it wasn’t always an easy read. Also, b/c I started reading them yrs ago, when she first started publishing them, I had to wait yrs between the release of each book; Gabaldon releases her books 2-4 yrs apart. It’s been a while since I’ve read anything by her, maybe I should haul them out & re-read. Enjoy: MC

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