Kiddie Meals… Supes for our Teacups

posted by west coast stacey/ swd

Two worlds I thought wouldn’t collide. Sexy vampires and children’s programming. But that is just what has been going on. Recently, Jackson Rathbone crooned a Birthday Wish to Dora the Explorer. Vampy drawl’ing Jasper on Dora… whaa?

EC: Which my kid went crazy for…well at least about Dora. Her birthday is a HUGE deal. Then I went crazy seeing my pretend little brother singing to a cartoon character. I mean I’ve done that before when watching Yo Gabba Gabba, when little Elijah Wood did his ‘dancy dance’, my inner fangirl came out and I jumped up screaming for that silly hobbit.

The makers of cartoons totally threw us mom’s a bone when Seasame Street gave us “True Mud”

EC: Darn it! I missed it! My kid “too big” for the Street! Ugh. That was pure greatness…did you SEE the little Sam with his teeny tiny Sam Shirt? I DIED! A muppet Layfette, too! I would love to see a sparkly Edward muppet, too.

Now HERE's where a Sparkly vampire belongs

Ohh…Sesame street Twilight spoof! Brillliant! That is the brillance of Sesame Street. Sure they won’t let Katy Perry flash her boobs at the preschool set. (Umm…Katy what exactly WERE you thinking with that outfit choice?) But, they will spoof True Blood and Mad Men. Is it bad that I wanted a muppet Don Draper to seduce the letter ‘A’?

WC: Maybe the letter Q… ’cause it has a nice tail.

EC: That’s a good one! I also want to see a Joan Muppet. Joan is cool.

WC: The Joan juggs ‘un grouch’ Oscar and turn Bert and Ernie straight.

EC: No doubt. I’ve heard they have magical powers

EC: I think we can help other actors in Supe shows and movies get connected with the kiddos early. Need to start the youth early with this genre. In an appropriate way. If not…it’s going to be a whole lot of iCarly and Ashley’s Jonas Brother. For instance… Rob Pattinson. Let’s just take out Elijah Wood of the Yo Gabba Gabba ‘dancey dance’, and insert Rob. The awkward brillance of this would both be a turn on and just plain hilarious!

There's a party in my...tummy?

WC/SWD: Oh Stace, Rob singing, “They’re’s a Party in My Tummy…” with Taylor Lautner and Boo Boo Stewart singing the carrots part of, “yummy so yummy”

Bill Nye and Ian teach kids, and moms, about chemistry... and Biology

Only Prada shoes in this neighborhood, Fred

EC: I can see Ian Somerhalder doing a environmental science show for the kids. Have you read his tweets? He brings up so many interesting environment issues to light that I am one part inspired and another slightly cranky part wants to throw my plastic water bottle at his head for making me feel guilty. (yes. I know he’s right)

Anyway, how about Ian and Bill Nye, the science guy do a show on the Planet Green channel that combines saving the environment and doing science experiments. They’ll be like the funny odd couple! I would definitely watch that show and I’m not good with scientific things as shown by my high school Chemistry grades. (not good, my friends, not good)

WC/SWD: Or Pam Ravensroft, aka Kristin Von Beaverhausen (I just always think of her name as Karen’s alias on “Will and Grace”, “Anastasia Beaverhausen”) going on Mr. Rogers. You know, becuase Pam has great shoes. She could offer some shoe tips for good ol’ sweater totin’ Rogers.

EC: I see Kellen and his abs on Veggie Tales. I wouldn’t watch it though. Those freaky little vegtables look at me with those gigantic eyes and judge me. True, they are a cartoon, but they judge. They really do.

Watch your hands pea pod, he’s a man of the Word
WC/ Swd: Yes! Those judging Veggie Tale eyes are like freakazoid minions of satan, kind of like those annoying “Love is…” kids, but in uber preach-y Veggie form.

Run from these lobotomized kids before they become...


2 Responses to “Kiddie Meals… Supes for our Teacups”

  1. True Muuud. OMG. Simmer down. I watched it twice for the nuances. Made me want to go home and pop in one of our muppet seasons. It even had the opening! haha
    EC, if you threw your water bottle at him, you’d be reusing it! That’s the third R of the mnemonic device! Suck it, Smolderholder! (yeah, not a joke, Ian. Let’s do this.) And Kellan’s love may be louder than his abs, but those veggie eyes are The Situation at hand. Yipes… reminds me of my middle school days at Baptist School. Shudder.

    ps-thank you for that meadow scene at the end of the post…

  2. That manip of Kellan Lutz is HILARIOUS!!! Too many comments…all very inappropriate. Is that a cucumber? Dying to comment rated R but can’t, en lieu of the childrens programming shows above. Need to respect!

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